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3:42 PM, Monday, May 8th, 2006:

Could it really be 7 years. Astonishing. Yes, 7 years ago today, I wrote a little page for this website about the very first show at the CD101 Big Room. 7 Years later it is "Countdown Entry #50" chronicling the move to LA. What a long project this has been...
Introducing 50 entries, 50 videos (the majority of which have never been seen on this site) that cover 4tvs in 1999. Culminated from my promotions log (84 pages by the end) I kept trying to get 4tvs off the ground, emails to the Late Show fans and show descriptions I posted on the site. You may remember me starting some of this from 2001 when I talked of the "Negative Entries". At the time I had pieced together December '99 and first wrote about the project on the site, but was never able to devote the time to it that it needed. It is a monstrous amount of work, which is funny because - it's already written. Heh. Who knew?
On paper it looks like you could very easily recreate the story in "Journey Format" with such an abundance of information. The entire last sentence is true except the easy part. Since my promotions log was sectioned off by each venue I was attacking, making one entry required going to every single section and reading up on it. You re-read hundreds of mini-stories of dealing with bar-owners, and start to remember the flow of it, then match it up with the other venues by date, then you cut and paste all that into an entry.
Then of course you have the actual show dates which can account for several entries, and of course the emails. What you end up with, after weeks of agonizing trips down memory lane, is an awesome story. I'd say it's actually better in many respects than 2000. What's funny is, you can do the whole year in an hour. LOL. My idea of an entry in 1999 is pretty humorous. The videos are also usually 30 seconds or under.
What stuck out more than anything was a series of entries at the beginning of November that are enough to make your heart stop. You think this month has been up and down? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Try this:
1) Being on the verge of moving to Vegas, then getting an offer for a full-time "Late Show" at CD101
2) Accepting the position, making the official announcement.
3) Next entry LEAVING CD101 (I later admitted I was fired) and writing that I'm going to LA.
4) After 2 months, finally put together a video editing computer that works that allows me to even CREATE 4tvs sets after ABOT dropped out. This is the only thing that kept us alive in LA.
5) Next entry having my fuckin trailer stolen.


EXHAAAAALE. Talk about fuckin' with your emotions man. It's why I STILL contend that I'm not bi-polar, EVERYONE AROUND ME is. LOL.
It really is enjoyable to go back and watch those videos and see the struggle 4tvs was in Columbus. After every entry you find yourself going: "They're just bars in Columbus Adam, you'll move on"...of course at the time I had no choice but to play their game. Man some of those owners were characters. I think I would still spit on Flaherty if I ever saw him again. FUCKER. Sorry. Anyway, no one is happier than Moose boy. He's gonna be so excited goin' through all that. Those were the days for us. All those different venues, setting up. I can't believe it's been so long. Cassi was thir-fuckin-teen. Whew. Enough of that shit...
So please take a moment and skim through it. They really are tiny little entries, and some of the videos are a riot. I'm using the first one in December 1999 for this entry's video. It's the top left TV from the "Day in the Life" set during the "Foot on the Gas" song. I thought it was a funny parody of the Alanis Morisette video to actually get out and run alongside the car during the song in one of the TVs. By this point in the video I had already run for the beginning of the song and was out of breath (and it was cooooooooold). I laugh everytime I see this thing. HAHAHA
God I miss those days. Had we any idea what would've happened, could we have possibly kept going?