ENTRY #163
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6:34 PM, Friday, December 28th, 2001:
So I'm going through my tapes and I come across something I never knew I had: video of the very first time 4tvs was ever turned on. Holy shit what a find. I sat in awe watching myself stumble through sets I had NEVER even SEEN before at the CD101 Big Room in May of 1999. It was such an amazing blast of nostalgia. It had been 2 1/2 years, and this was footage I had NEVER seen before. ABOT took this footage and edited my very first promo, so I had seen snippets - but to sit and watch an hour of raw tape of the very first time I ever SAW let alone performed a 4tvs set was so awesome. I soon became quite swept away thinking of all that 1999 was to 4tvs.
1999 was as pivitol a year as any I had up to that point, and it was soon overshadowed by the immense struggle that was 2000. After the video ended, I found HondaCX500 (the longest running late show fan along with JEFF123) onlin, and asked if he still had my final newsletters from 1999. Amazingly he did. This man backs up his backups...and THANK GOD. Because although they aren't as in depth as entries are now (that may be a good thing - LOL), they provide some insight to how 1999 felt. I then finally sat down and began working on an idea I had about a year ago: The Negative Entries.
The word "negative" doesn't denote that these are BAD entries, it simply means we're going backwards. "The Journey" STARTS in January 2000...but how did I come to move to LA? It alone is one dramatic story. Luckily - I did updates back then. Actually since December 1995 I've sent newsletters out to the fans of the Late Show. Yes, 6 YEARS ago I started all this. Anyway, what this allows me to do is to recreate those final months of 1999 into a "Journey" type format so you can peruse through those months as you have 2000, and 2001. This is quite a bit of work mind you, and the month of December took days to piece together - but it's done. Each entry has a video just like the other months and will meld in with the rest of "The Journey".
Of course the mother of all "negative entry" months is "November 1999". Holy shit. You think November/December 2001 was dramatic? Imagine one entry saying I was on the air full time in Ohio starting in a few weeks, then the NEXT ENTRY saying: "Nevermind, I'm moving to LA". Goddamn the crossroads in my life are extraordinary. My life could be SOOOOO different right now. Anyway, November 1999 will be done in a few weeks, and the same with the rest of the year up to May 1999: The very first perormance.
This is all extremely exciting to me, as I feel like I'm adding yet another layer of life to 4tvs that was almost lost forever. And truly - it's all Stephen Barnes (HondaCX500) who is making this possible. Him backing up my newsletters for YEARS is the only evidence left that I ever wrote these things. I never kept those emails. Yes, Anal Adam who documents and preserves every second of his life - discarded everything I wrote to the supporters in 1999. I do have a personal journal I kept documenting the promotions I did for 4tvs, but it's some pretty dry reading. I may piece a few things together to create some early entries in June when the whole Champps debacle occured. It's really a shitload of work to put all of this information into the format of "The Journey" but in the long run - it's priceless.
Also, you'll be able to peruse all 9 entries and videos in December '99 in a matter of minutes. My idea of an entry in '99 ain't what it is now. LOL. Quick and to the point (I know, I know - that's a HINT), so check it out when you've got a moment. I really can't believe it's taken me 2 years to decide to do this. Ahh well, better late than never. Oh and the keen eye, will notice I've taken down the mp3 of the infamous "shawshank" quote - and put the entire movie clip in. MUCH better...
In 2001 news, that show I was supposed to have - well apparently it wasn't this week. Or that's about all Charlotte and I can gather. Spanky won't return any calls or give us any information. They were supposed to meet yesterday and that got bumped to this weekend. DUDE : "JUST TELL US WHEN IT IS ALREADY!" LOL. Anyway, should know more by this weekend, but obviously it's taking place in January.
J-Dog is livin' large still in his heated one-bedoom apartment all by himself. LOL. I'm convinced he did all of this just to get his own pad. He is livin' it UP DAWG! That rec room is HIS. I'll be playing with him by the pool and when he's sick of me he just runs back in his room - jumps on the couch as if to say: "Outta my way bitch, this is MY HOUSE." It's classic. What a life.
Alright, expect the year-end video and entry on Monday. And just to give you an idea of what to expect... checkout last year's.
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