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2:24 PM, Saturday, April 8th, 2006:
Whoever guessed 509 in the Journey Pool...they win.
In struggling how to start this, I decided to go back to the only entry that even comes close: Entry #151 - "Incomprehensible" about The Comedy Store, and to my surprise that first paragraph nails it:
"Nearly every personal thought revolves around a self awareness of my position in life. Whenever I have a moment to myself, or am spacing off - I step back and look at where I am in my career, and if I'm doing everything I can to further it. Is this strange? Does anyone else do this? This isn't just an everyday thing, this is a constant throughout the day sort've thing. And the reason that I just realized this? The results of these thoughts is now incomprehensible. I simply do not believe what's happening. I can't believe what happened last night, I can't believe what happened today, and I can't believe what's happening in general. The story I'm about to tell is truly a head shaker. For personal reasons, I'm just gonna write every goddamn thing I can remember last night so I don't forget it. This will be long-winded and may not be horribly cohesive, but I'll try my best. I do not want to forget these feelings."
Sometimes the situations are just so huge, you can't comprehend it all. So writing an entry in this state, is really, really you just jump in with both feet and write it chronologically and see what happens. So here we go...
Paddy and I got there around 9 AM and decided to just unload right there on the sidewalk before the line got any friggin' longer. As we started to unload a guy told us to use the loading dock around back. That brings us to the only picture that I was able to take the entire time. As a reporter for this site, I apologize:
Yup, Paddy hitting the intercom for them to let us in. The guy came out, took all my info and away we went. Amazingly, I found a place to park WITH my trailer, and didn't have to pay (or worry about the fact I didn't have a FUGGIN lock with me for it - brilliant Adam).
We rolled into the hotel and were pointed to the ballroom and were basically the only ones there. I started filling out paperwork and within minutes they said: "You're next...let's go"
Jesus. So I'm rushing through my questionnaire, finish it off and the towers were already onstage thanks to Paddy (and a PA who came THIS FRIGGIN' CLOSE to knockin' the whole tower over). I walk in (the little "America's Got Talent" backdrop is up just like on Idol) and the judges are like:  "LETS GO, WE GOTTA MOVE - give us 30 seconds of your best stuff." So I'm pluggin' shit in like a wildman and I said:  "Sorry, I thought I'd have a minute to set this all up before I rolled it up here..." They were cool, but it was apparent on DAY 3 of their LA auditions, they had been through this before.
Then, what has to be the "holy shit" moment of this whole thing... I go to give audio to the sound guy and he says:
"No, 1/4 inch..."
"But what type of cable is it..."
I think about another way to say 1/4 inch to him, but could only come up with a SLOWER pronounciation of:  "Uhm, quarter..inch" What the hell else do you call a 1/4 inch cable?!?
He then asks how long, and I said I had about 15-20 feet.
"That's not enough"
?? He seemed offended I even needed it but they made it very clear - they could provide the PA for the - damn, wtf?!
The reason I bring this up is because, guess what I did yesterday? I spent the day re-cabling the audio through my mixer so I could actually sing through my TVs with the Trinitrons going through the TVs. IN the normal act, the TVs are jus tmonitors - no sound. It took lik 4 hours just to get that all working. It really was a last second thing, but literally - had I not done that, no audition. None. There would have been no sound for the TVs. That's how close I was to blowing the whole thing. Whew.
Last thing before I started I asked them about "Trinitrons" and they said, yeah - that's gonna hurt you. So I took off "Trinitrons" and put my 4tvs sign on there instead. They kept asking - "So what do we call this then?" Like.. they wanted a replacement name RIGHT THEN. The guys goes "Adam & 4tvs"... I said that was cool and that I'd give them a real boyband name later if need be. (More on that in the next entry).
Somehow, everything worked. The little pieces that run the 4tvs all lined up - got it going in RECORD time. In my life I've never set-up this fast. No level checks, no mic-checks. NOTHIN'. They made it very clear that time was CRUCIAL and I jumped right in. Now I know they said 30 seconds, and my little bit is over 2 minutes, but I had to believe that if I could just make it to the breakdown where G takes off his hat (at 45 seconds) - then I was home free.
Luckily - they got it. They laughed at the right places, I actually ad-libbed the lines to fit the situation, and I was able to get through it all with no technical problems. There was a guy taping it (probably for later viewing, I handed them a DVD and as part of the factory line... out I went. We started to roll everything else and the judges said...
...nothing. There was no "congrats you're on to the next round" Nothin'. They were pleasant. They seemed positive, but there wasn't really closure to the whole thing. They said something along the lines of "We have your phone number..." And, well - yeah. There ya go. I didn't have a lot of time to think about it, actually writing it now is the only time I have, because I was busy getting the stuff out of the room before the next act came in. Once I got out of the door, a guy pulled me aside and said:  "They want to interview you." So Paddy and I put our stuff against the wall and waited. It struck me as odd only because they had everything else so well choreographed, but there was no post-audition interview area. I was slightly confused.
After about 10 minutes I went back up to the lady I knew from before and said: "Do you know what I do next?" She looked as if she was searching for an answer when I said: "They mentioned an interview" and she goes:  "OH! OK! Then stay here! The camera crew will be right down." And that was the moment I knew that this was not the norm for all the auditioners. Only certain people get interveiwed. It still didn't really hit me though...
...then the crew came down and the director guy took over. I realized right away what was happening: They were making the "package" to run on the show. He had me set up a shot with my TVs in front of the line of people to do the interview. It was as if I was going in right then. Said a few quick sound bites and then the cameraman goes: "This is so funny, we gotta have him push a tower up to the registration desk like he's registering the band."
So they moved the line back, and had me cut in front to "re-enact" my registration for the show. As I got in position and waited for my cue to start walking up it hit me. It was the craziest moment of "self-awareness" I've ever had. That was the moment I knew, that millions of people were gonna see 4tvs. They were setting up specific package shots to tell my story to the audience, even going so far as making the gag of having me push my towers up to the desk, like I'm registering the band as well. To everyone who has followed this incredible journey for nearly 7 years, you can all exhale.
After the shot was done, we shook hands, and that was it. Amazingly, from the time we pulled the trailer in, to the time we pulled it OUT, Paddy and I were there for less than an hour. No lines, nothing. It was so lucky and so perfect. Before I left I talked to the lady one more time and asked when the next phase was happening and she said:  "Once we get off the road, so call me in May".
That's right folks. A MONTH. But actually, I need that month. Because what lies ahead is going to take every bit of ingenuity I have to pull off. To put it simply:  I now have to be able to be all 5 Trinitrons... in one day. In order to pull this show off and keep it fresh weekly, I have to be able to make a new show almost immediately. I can't use ANY of the footage I already have. I can't even PRE-MAKE new bits, because it will make no contextual sense. At all. So whereas most contestents during the shows long run will be fuckin' around in LA in the week in between shows, my ass will have to be building sets, writing it, timing it, filming it, editing it, and then practicing it. A routine that usually takes a month of obsession... done in a week. I have to make every moment I'm on TV make the audience go: "HOW the HELL did he do that in a WEEK". I need to make half of them BELIEVE it's not me in those TVs. LOL. And as well, I need a whole new set-up, because these bulky ass TVs are dying quickly - and to put it mildly, it just looks ghetto. This is national television, and this shit won't fly.
Whew. This is so much to digest. Oooh, a couple points I missed:
-During the interview, I called Marty on my headset and didn't say a word. I let him listen to the whole thing. It lasted for like 2 minutes and then went dead. Poor marty. It's so funny because - he believed I was just about to go on, so he thought he missed the audition. He must've been a crazy man. LOL.
-Also during the interview, the guy was trying to get the soundbite of why I thought I was going to win, and I was being all...well ME about it, and saying:  "Well, I think I have a unique act...etc". And he just stops me and says: "No, why are you the best" Implying to just cut to the chase. LOL. So I went into "Live Adam" mode and said something to the effect:  "I know I'm the biggest talent, I don't know about these guys (shrugging my shoulders and looking at the TVs) but I know I do..."
...of course the TVs weren't in the shot, the whole line of people behind me were. LOL. That's right, it will look on TV like I just slammed everyone in the line. Greaaaaaaaaaat. LOL. But, the director laughed and he got what he wanted.
I realized later that from now on, when the glasses are on - act like "Live Adam" - an asshole. Act like the TVs are real people, act like they're in the TVs because I want them there. When I take the glasses off however, I can be me and talk about the act as if it's not make believe.
So I called everyone I could think of and spent the better part of the day re-describing what I just wrote. I finally had a moment to sit for a second and I remembered the song: "From Me". There's a line in there, from late 2002:
"Will I ever top the store, that can't be it...there must be more"
I decided to watch that video and see if there was a way to incorporate it into a new video for this entry. However, I was not ready for how hard the song would hit me. Watch it, and listen close to the words. To those of you who have followed this whole thing since the beginning, this will probably hit all of you pretty hard.
By the time I got to the Comedy Store line, I lost it man. I can FEEL that guy on the screen. The year he had been through was devastating. He was singing to a future friend/manager who hopefully saw a path he didn't and he was begging not to be hurt again the way he was with Charlotte. He had every bit of doubt in the WORLD about himself...yet he still believed that it just COULDN'T be it. There had to be more...
Watching that now, knowing that today WAS more...and that it was even BIGGER than the BIGGEST moment that guy had ever had at The Comedy Store - brought me to tears instantly. You just want to grab through the screen and say: "IT'S OK MAN!! DON'T WORRY!" But you know you can't...and you know that he's gonna go through even harder years, and harder moments and sacrifice EVEN MORE until one day. One day he will get an email (from Charlotte of all people), and in an instant at 10 AM on a Saturday morning, he will eclipse every moment in the 7 years 4tvs has been in existence. Watching that depressing song today, of all days, is one of the most emotional moments of my life. But I did it. Today, I did it.
I topped the store.