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4:44 PM, Thursday, April 6th, 2006:
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Sleep for 90 minutes.
Stare at clock for 90 more.
Repeat 3 times.
Wake up more dazed and confused than you were the night before.
Go to work, stare at computer screen, run around the building buzzing about the possibilities.
Begin writing an entry because you're worthless at anything else.
Welcome to my life. The concern is not that I have to put up with this until Saturday, the concern is that I have a very real possibility of dealing with this for months.
I have "Devil's Advocated" this scenario in my head every second of the day since it came about, and there's no denying it: this is the moment that all 6 years has lead to. The fact that my job is driving me nuts right now (thus the locked entry)? Part of the plan. The fact that I had packed everything up in July and given up on 4tvs all together only to have this show make me rebuild it? Part of the plan. The fact that this show is the ONLY avenue that 4tvs fits in? Part of the plan. The fact that I was at peace with nothing coming of 4tvs and found more creativity in music, creating, and just BEING...and THEN this hits? Part of the plan. I am literally in the middle of a movie script and no amount of rationalizing changes that. The feeling is overwhelming, and all my neurotic and over-analytical ways can't undo it. It's here. Now, how do I attack it, and blow everyone the fuck out of the water…start with the Rules of the Game:
Dear Future Star!
Welcome to the first open call for "AMERICA'S GOT TALENT", scheduled to premiere this summer on NBC-TV, primetime! You have the chance to win the recently announced $1 Million first prize, the largest sum ever offered on a talent show! This is to confirm we look forward to seeing you at our open call auditions for the hottest new variety show ever in America on Saturday, April 8, 2006 at:
711 S. Hope St. (South of Wilshire)
Los Angeles, CA 90017
In Simon's own words "this is the show I've always wanted to make."
Your talents and ambitions are held in high regard by our entire team. We will work hard along side of you to make sure we showcase your talent in the best way possible. Below are some very important details concerning the audition process. Please read this letter in its entirety to ensure you are fully prepared for your audition:
1. Do not be intimidated by the massive amounts of people you may see in line. We
will get to everyone. Pre-registered talent, such as yourselves, will be seen before
any of those who are not on the list.
2. Parking is $5.00 down the street, $10.00 self park at the hotel, and a special rate
of $14.00 for valet.
3. Doors are scheduled to open at 10 a.m. As a member of the Pre-registered list,
please arrive at whatever time is convenient to your schedule. There will be staff
and signage to ensure you're in the right place.
4. If you have props, equipment, etc, bring a friend who can help you. There will be
room for you to leave your things while your friend stands guard, so you can
check in. Check in first; then go back to your car and unload.
5. Please be dressed in as much of your costume as possible when you arrive to the
hotel. This includes hair, make-up, and clothes, as there will be limited bathroom
space to change.
6. All talent will be wrist banded. If we call your number, and you did not hear it
please see a staff member. We will get you in as soon as possible.
7. Prepare approximately 3 minutes of your hottest material. We plan on seeing a
lot of people so you need to get to the point in a short amount of time. We may
ask you to perform an additional number, so be prepared with any music, props,
equipment, etc. For our singers, you can sing acapella or with a CD to
accompany you. It is your choice!
8. Feel free to leave the talent director any supporting materials you have, such as a
VHS video or DVD. Materials will not be returned, and we have the right to use
them if you sign the appearance release.
9. Do not be intimidated by the paperwork you need to complete. There is a lot of
legal jargon in there. We will have an attorney on call to clarify any of your
questions. The common fear people have is that WE WANT TO OWN YOUR
ACT! This is not true; we are just licensing the rights from you while you are
involved in the competition. That's it. Another worry is that you cannot work
and earn a living while you're involved in our competition. This is also an
incorrect assumption. We know you have trade shows booked, local TV, state
fairs, etc. We just don't want to see you perform on a competitive show while
you're competing in our show. (i.e. Kelly Clarkson showing up on every show
before she wins)
10. We ask that your act be self-contained. Bring all your props and equipment that
you will need. The only thing we will provide is a sound system to plug in your
amps. We will also have some microphones and a CD player.
11. We are operating 3 audition rooms simultaneously to speed up the process.
12. Please do not ask our staff to be in your act. They are there to help you get to
where you need to be. If you need someone to participate in your act, bring that
person with you.
13. There will be a wooden dance floor set up one room and carpet in the other
14. Please fill out the paperwork in as much detail as you can. We will handle the
music clearance, so it is imperative that we know what music you use.
15. If you are selected to a call back, we will take care of those expenses. We will
pay for the hotel, provide food, and your ground transportation.
16. There is no fire allowed in the hotel. Therefore, if you have fire in your act, bring
a VHS or DVD that shows that portion of your act.
17. Large, dangerous animals are also not allowed in the hotel. Bring a VHS or DVD
of your act that contains that portion. You also need to provide the proper
immunization paperwork for your animals. If any animals are used in your act,
please contact Cher or Bobby in the office to receive the paperwork needed.
18. Furthermore, if you are performing a dangerous act, either in person or on
VHS/DVD, please contact Cher or Bobby in the office to receive the paperwork
19. The ceiling height of the ballroom at the Sheraton is 16 feet.
20. This is open to all ages. It is no longer necessary for someone over the age of 18
to perform with minors. Please be aware, if you are under the age of 18, a parent
or legal guardian must sign your application and release papers.
21. Feel free to tell us about any other talented friends you have.
22. Do not worry if you're in a union. Since this is a talent competition and you are
not "work for hire." Our auditions are open to everyone!
23. A photo ID is required in order to audition.
24. Candidates must be either a U.S. citizen, legal permanent resident of the U.S., or
possess a current legal visa allowing you to seek employment freely in the U.S.
On behalf of our entire talent team, Becky, Elyse, Stephanie, Teddy, Marina, Ann,
Netalee, Cher and Bobby, GOOD LUCK!!!!!
Whew. Lotsa stuff. #21 was strange to me. It seems like a trick, like they know no one is going to do it - so if you actually do you win a prize or something. Who's gonna kill themselves in line all day, get to the audition and then start advertising someone ELSE? Weird.
First and foremost, nothing is what it seems on face value. I've read the "rules" 20 times, and no matter how good my act fits, these shows always throw things for a loop. Simon Cowell also did "American Inventor" and I remember specifically that one of the inventions/products was so polished already…they turned her down. I'm sure she was REAAAL happy she decided to show them that final packaging huh? Had she looked less professional…she would've been in. They in essence said: "What do you need us for?". They want to discover new talent, not market already polished talent. This could be my downfall. Not because I've already been discovered (that's a laugh) but because if they see a complete and finished product in front of them, they may again be left with a feeling of "What do you need us for?". Then again, I assume they're gonna be seeing jugglers and fire throwers and shit (they mention trade shows in Rule #9, hell those guys are incredibly polished) so I can't imagine they're looking for a "Clay Aiken" that they can mold…
…but they may be. You know? There's always a catch to these shows. They have to make it interesting for the viewer. They can't have the talent do the same thing every week and just vote. On Idol they have "theme" nights where you have to adapt to a different singing genre… they may do that with this too. So I really need to let the judges know, that I can make a new show every week. Gimme a week, I'll give you an entirely new comedy/singing act. Which means, yup - wigs, make-up... and new TVs. The whirlwind that may start after Saturday is hard to imagine...
...but lord knows I've tried every second of the day.
PS - just as I go to upload this, I get an email from Gary. He heard back from the Lions Gate guy. Here's the emails:
hey ****
just a reminder about my guy adam kontras' Katrina song "Leaderless State"....any word about who/how to contact Michael Moore's camp for his upcoming movie? this song would work great somewhere in that film. did you watch the video? Thanks!
Here's the video: /media/journey/yearsix/453.wmv
Here's just the mp3:
And here's the entry he wrote that night tying it allllllllllllll together:
btw...adam's entire "journey" (ie: him moving to LA from Ohio to make it in show biz) is documented on this site. the WHOLE past 6 years!!'s really mind blowing. he's a talented and funny guy...and a good it's incredibly interesting. It's like a real live version of The Truman story. ...anyway....enjoy
Very cool of Gary, he didn't have to add all that. The response:
I did watch it - very super swell - I forwarded it to our acquisition people who dealt with Mr Moore and have not heard back - I will follow up tomorrow
Great, more to wait for with anxious breath holding for the next several days. Good thing I have nothing else going on like that.