11:55 PM, Thursday, September 1st, 2005:
Angry yet?
I see a family: Husband, wife and 4 year old boy out for a day in the park. The kid falls down a small set of concrete steps and cuts open his head pretty severely. The parents go into overdrive. They instinctually know what to do. The dad takes off his shirt to provide pressure on the cut as they race towards the car. Dad hands the kid to the mother in the backseat and they take off. They know the route to get to the hospital, the mother knows to restrain the kid and keep pressure on the wound no matter how much he kicks and screams. When they get to the emergency room the leadership goes up a notch. Nurses and doctors appropriately restraining the kid, communicating like a well-oiled machine. There is no hesitation, they know what has to be done and do it. Though it's commonplace to them, their reactions literally save the kid's life. One has to wonder what would happen if those involved didn't take control, didn't make those crucial decisions in an emergency that need to be made.
Well, don't have to wonder now.
The situation in New Orleans right now is so inexcusable that I'm having trouble sitting down. I keep hitting news websites watching updates and I get angrier and angrier. 48 hours ago, this was "Darwin's Finest Hour", but now it's a whole different story. Let me explain that better.
We knew the storm was gonna be really bad, yet so many people stayed. Granted, some were incapable of leaving, but a good many were just stupid. Nature has a way of weeding those people out in times of survival, and as sad as it is - nothin' you can do about it. That was Monday. Everything prior to Monday is absolutely the fault of the government in Louisiana (Democrat btw) - the aftermath however…
FEMA should've been there in DROVES by Tuesday morning, getting those people supplies, food, and MOST IMPORTANTLY transportation OUT. As looting started Tuesday and into Wednesday - every available national guardsmen from all over the country should've turned the big easy into a police state. 100,000 troops should cover that city and take control. Cruise ships, battle ships, and every possible floating device should've been ordered to line-up in the gulf to rescue thousands stranded. Evacuate IMMEDIATELY. Not soon, TUESDAY. You can have all that there in less than 24 hours, but it takes a strong leader with the foresight to know what to do in an emergency to take control. Why is it the end of the day on THURSDAY with tens of thousands sitting in feces dying?
What angers me - is this isn't like ALIENS just landed all of the sudden. How long have we known about this? I realize the president has been golfing for 5 weeks, but still - other people in our government had to expect the worst, the hurricane stretched from CUBA TO LOUSIANA for cryin' out loud. Someone's hand had to be sitting on a button in case all hell broke loose. But now that it has… what's the wait? That's where I'm angry - fine we weren't prepared, it was ten times worse than we even thought on Monday - but now? WHAT THE HELL? Why is Bush reacting like this is an everyday natural disaster? "Water and food is coming…" ?!?!!? Your people are dying in toxic water every minute - TAKE OVER THE CITY AND GET, THEM OUT. Why don't you treat New Orleans like Fallujah you stupid son of a bitch. Where's your cowboy swagger now? Do they need to wear towels on their HEADS for you to pay attention to them?
And if one more person says to me "but they're shooting at the rescue planes"…a couple dumbfucks with rifles shouldn't stop our ARMY from doing what needs to be done. Bottom line - if you treat them like animals, they will act like animals. They're watching their family members literally DIE in their wheelchairs - they're losing their shit. They are being IGNORED. They finally make it to dry land on an overpass and there's no direction. No one to point them to help because there is no help. The older residents are literally laying down and PASSING AWAY from lack of food and support.
And Bush has the audacity to tell us to give money for help? Oh fuck me you idiot. We pay you billions in tax revenue to keep us safe. Billions. You then squander it on Iraq, and when a legitimate disaster strikes, you need more money? How 'bout you bring home the troops so they can actually help our country where it's NEEDED? Imagine the lives you could save in one phone call if you used our might to save people in the US instead of spreading "Freedom Hate" in the middle east. Or how 'bout that phone call to your oil company buddies? Have them cease their profits for maybe a WEEK and donate to the effort? I'll pay the $3.50 a gallon - just use the money RESPONSIBLY.
AHHHHHHHHH. It's almost too much man. I just shake my head over and over. This is such a worse-case scenario for a country at war. When we're already spread so thin, when we're spending billions that we don't have, we're literally at our weakest point. Understand why so many are angry about why we went into Iraq? Everyone who acts like it's some bleeding-heart liberal response to any war just don't GET it. THIS is why war has to be taken SERIOUSLY. It has to be a last resort to a clear and present danger. Not a pre-emptive fictional war. All reasons to go have been proven false and now we're stuck. People dying there, now people dying here - you think Al-Queda isn't salivating right now? Any inkling how unsafe we are as a country? And what about best-case scenarios? We're looking at $4 a gallon within a WEEK at the pumps. How soon before people can't afford to go to work? You tell me a guy making $5 an hour can afford filling up for $60? We're in an absolute tailspin and does anyone reading believe we have a leader that knows how to pull us out?
Christ there's more people dying while waiting for help at the Superdome. I have to stop watching all this shit for awhile…
PS - here's an mp3 version of the song. Pass it on. The man speaking is the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin. Needless to say, he's not too happy either.
You're leaderless, hopeless, no one will find you,
Scream all you can, wave your hands, we'll wave back and chide you,
We'll watch you cry, watch you die, we're more inclined to WAIT,
Welcome to your leaderless state,
Keep in mind, at this time, help's in fallujah,
Saving THEM, helping THEM, you don't mind that do ya?
You know they really need us there, spreading our freedom HATE,
Welcome to your leaderless state,
So wade in all the toxic crack, we won't send a boat.
You're much too poor, much too black, you don't even vote.
Darwin meant to hold you back, we won't interfere with FATE.
Welcome to your leaderless state...