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5:36 PM, Thrusday, January 5th, 2006:
It was 5 years ago today, that the great diet invention of the 21st century first appeared in a tiny apartment kitchen in Sherman Oaks, California. And now, it returns. Yes, the RETURN OF THE:
MMMMMMMMMMMMM. Rice, chicken, vegetables and low-cal gravy. Nothin' says "I'm not hungry", like good ol' BORG. Why BORG? Well I always chart my workout and diet and it stood for "bowl of rice with gravy (low cal)" and would be followed with a dash for chicken and vegetables. So, BORG-CV was a common thing you'd see. Over time... you got BORG.
For the newcomers to The Journey, they may not know of what transpired 5 years ago, may I show this goofy ass collection of pictures:
I lost a stoooopid amount of weight (1/4 of my body) doing something startlingly simple: Eating less, moving more. I rode a exercise bike every day for 30 minutes and ate 2-3 bowls of BORG... in 3 months I lost 50 pounds and have kept most of it off for 5 years...
...after 2005 however, I am inching dangerously close to my "pre-BORG" days and have finally had enough. In this entry I pretty much have a blue-print for how to lose it, and also a very cool little video. Now I'm following my own advice for the first time in 5 years.
Now that's not to say I haven't tried various workout routines since way back then... it's just literally the hardest thing in the world for me because I literally have to treat my issues with food like alcoholism. I am not exagerrating. If I have 1 donut... I have 11 donuts. I overeat like someone 3 times my size. I have absolutely NO meter in my head that says full. I can routinely eat 2 double cheeseburgers and a super-sized fry...and after I'm done eating my mind wants the whole thing over again - and could eat the whole thing over again. It's been a lifetime problem and will be for the rest of my life.
So I have to be a drill seargent. I have to eat the same thing at every meal, measured out and exacting. I have to workout EVERY day - first thing in the morning....and there's no wiggle-room. If I've done really good I can't go have some pizza...I will literally fall off the wagon. My body goes into this craving that you can't imagine. It's just the way it is man. Sucks, but then again I could be a coal miner's family member (sigh).
I doubt anyone on the East Coast has a clue how horrendous those "three hours" were late Tuesday night. It was easily the most heart-wrenching thing, I have ever witnessed on television. Yes, that includes 9/11. 9/11 was obviously a bigger deal, but what happened Tuesday night was so horrific for those people... wow. If you don't know...
Explosion in a mine - 13 miners trapped, feared dead. For about 38 hours no sign of life...and then 1 body is found. However, it's found in a mining car, but the other 12 miners took their food and supplies and walked from that place giving everybody hope that they may have survived the explosion and barracaded themselves somewhere. Then at 11:45 PM, the un-fucking-thinkable happened, family members ran up to Anderson Cooper on CNN and said they're alive!!! The command center just told them that they found all 12 alive. It was jubilation. What most of you may have missed however, was those 3 hours of coverage.
For 3 hours we got every family member, kids of the miners, people singin', tears of joy - it was incredible. It was so addicting to watch the joy in these people's faces. At one point I started to question this: "1 dead, 12 alive... what's the ratio for a bittersweet tone? Is it 2/11? 3/10? 4/9?" - but it was amazing the other 12 survived. So many little kids saying:  "I knew daddy was OK...I believed in the Lord, mircales happen..." FOR THREEEEEEEEE hours. Now one guy was rushed to the hospital and in serious condition, so it was still tenuous for him but the rest of the families were giving interviews and just jumping up and down...
...and then at 2:47 AM EST a lady runs up to Anderson Cooper and says... "The Command Center just came in and said the guy in the hospital was the only survivor - they're all dead - there was a miscommunication." Literally never been more shocked. She had to have been wrong. She had to have misheard, and then she said they were fighting in the church and Anderson says: "Yeah, I can hear the fighting in the background"...and I knew it was true. Once the families ran out of the church and you heard their side the anger... it felt like Katrina all over again. This absolute ANGER at people in charge for being FUCKING RETARDED. The next 90 minutes were just so horrible...seriously if you all missed this and only saw it on recaps:  be glad. To watch the whole thing all night was just gut-wrenching.
The president of the mine finally said that it was a rescue worker that called the family and started the whole chain of events - but the command center knew the mistake 20 minutes later and they decided to hold out until they had a FULL count. FOR THREE HOURS. He will be fired. He can say it wasn't him all he wants but even if you don't have a full body count you GO TO THE FAMILIES AND SAY "HEYYYYYYy we still don't know their full conditions...HAAAAAAAAANG ON." Man, does it seem that those in charge in the past 5 years have just become ten times more inept? Like - Rudy Gulianni was the last guy that you saw step-up in a bad situation and do what needed to be done. Bush started to...and then decided the Taliban was in Iraq - lol. What a mess.
Anyway - so I've now publically said I'm starting this workout/diet regiment so expect a good 30 pounds to be gone in 6 weeks. I know that sounds a bit presumptive but when I put my mind to it... I can do anything. I have a lot to get back together both physically and mentally...and this is the start.