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11:27 PM, Thursday, November 27th, 2008:
I have plenty to be thankful for, but zzzzzzzz what fun is that. I've decided to use this day as a list of "Future Thank-Yous" to someone I've struggled my entire life to find.
Thank you for understanding support. What it means to give it, receive it and how necessary it is even if you're not in the mood.
Thank you for having the strength to do anything and never saying "can't". You may need help, you may need time, but you know damn well you're capable and you will make it happen.
Thank you for believing the same about me. :-)
Thank you for having absolutely no problem doing anything I need because it's not only expected that I will return that favor - but it's almost a race to see who can do it first. Beware, I like winning. :-)
Thank you for believing in "coincidence". Sometimes, shit happens and it wasn't because of something you did. Along those lines...
Thank you for not believing you control every single thing that happens to you. How people have taken the simple truth that a good attitude can help you see opportunities in front of you and romanticised it to the point of total control over every variable is exhausting. Life throws you curveballs that you can learn how to hit, and sometimes you can spot them before they're thrown, but you're not the pitcher.
Thank you for not speaking to me in proverbs like I just did to you. That shit makes me crazy, and although that was a good one - I've said nothing new. Which is why that shit is annoying. Kinda like...
Thank you for not quoting quotes to me.
Thank you for realizing life isn't that hard. It's actually really fun.
Thank you for proving to me that intelligence doesn't have to mean over-analyzing away happiness.
Thank you for being down to earth. Moreso...
Thank you for realizing that had I not lived the life I had I would never appreciate that aspect in you like I do.
Thank you for making ME feel like the dreamer again. I should be the maximum level of head in the clouds allowed.

Thank you for realizing I knew you existed and that I really am thanking our future memories in this song no mattter how silly that seems years from now.
Thank you for kissing me even after CeBe has. :-)

Thank you for suspending disbelief long enough to hear my story.
Thank you for still having your doubts, giving me enough rope to hang myself, but then letting me use that rope as a lasso on YOU 'cause I actually was telling the truth. :-)
Thank you for respecting me.
Thank you for knowing I am always on your side even when I disagree with you.
Thank you for rereading that and letting that sink in.
Thank you for voting for Obama.
Thank you for laughing at that.
Thank you for being inspired by Michelle Obama as a mother as much as a Harvard/Princeton grad and high-powered executive.
Thank you for being my teammate.
Thank you for expecting me to be a good man, a good lover and a best friend. That order may change depending on your mood. :-)
Thank you for not being mean or cruel to me... ever. There is never an excuse for it.
Thank you for understanding that a little boy wrote that last one and he will never go away.
OK.... so this is awkward. Kinda want to end this now. Seems like I was just having a very personal conversation with someone and then shook my head and all of you were behind us listening. Alright. Uhm. SO THANKSGIVING:
As if she hadn't done enough already, Laura invited me to Thanksgiving and I'm not sure I've ever been more thankful for a surrogate family in my life. And it really did feel like family 'cause although I didn't know anyone but Laura, her husband Mike and her father Jerry, they had all heard about the "all-night lock out" story from NY last month which was quite the hit. It was awesome 'cause this lady say: "You stayed at my house last month..." and the guy behind me goes: "Adam gets around apparently..." and I was very, very confused. Ended up it was Jerry's wife Joan who then proceeded to laugh with me about what happened and offer hugs of apology. It was great. I'm pretty sure I smiled from ear to ear the entire night.
And OK, some of it had to do with hangin' out with a Soprano.
I'm such an incredible dork but there's a few of you out there (ahem, Jess) who knows EXACTLY what I felt like. You just kinda want to giggle a bunch 'cause - there he is. I can't lie, I was running through scenes in my head half the night. He mentioned HBO giving him the new boxed set and that he was excited because he actually hadn't watched that many episodes which really made me feel like a geek. I think I've watched the entire run 4 seperate times. When he mentioned that I actually said: "Yeah, it's a really good show you should watch those..." Ha. I'm telling Hesh to watch the Sopranos. Love it. We also both have projectors/screens in our homes and he too was bummed to find out the DVD set wasn't in high-def. Come on HBO. We're pissed. Let's go already.
There were two head shaking moments however. One, was about Laura's nephew Joe (both seen to your right). Jerry and Joan were able to come out a little early to see him in "Company" which Laura has been raving about ever since. It was very cool remembering my own leads in high school and I pointed out that we had nearly the same shirt on. And then it hit me. I got the shirt in 1991. He was born in 1993. I remember decades ago having an older relative say: "I have shirts older than you..." and I'm now that guy. And I'm actually wearing the shirt. LOL. I had to let that sink in for a moment.
Not as crazy however as Jerry talking about the show he's on now, Rescue Me, after mentioning the Sopranos boxset... and having the other teenager in the room go: "Wow you're on Rescue Me?!?!"... 'cause she didn't know The Sopranos. (sigh) It's like finding out McCartney was in a band before WINGS. You just have to cringe for a bit. That was probably the best analogy of 2008 thank-you-very-much. :-) And man, what have you done for me lately right? Christ.
Anyway, it was a blast and I'm barely out of my coma long enough to put this entry up and fall into coma part 2. BTW, I said I wasn't going to mention this but I have to: it was the best food I have ever tasted in my entire life. Best Turkey, best prime rib (not even close) - apparently Duck fat was the secret? The guy who cooked the majority of it runs 47 restaurants or some shit and owns Houston's in NY and LA? I just couldn't believe how good everything tasted - and I was hesitant to say it because of my proud Greek family's cooking (which is spectacular) but this was... I'm so sorry, but it was better than anything I've ever tasted. Seriously, I will probably never taste food that good for the rest of my life. And Jerry's sweet potatoes with maple syrup or molasses or... goddamn. I cannot believe how good it was. So Happy Turkey Day, and thank you Laura beyond today, for simply believing in me. I'll prove you right.

PS - one more cute shot of the pup:

Happy Thanksgiving.