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4:56 AM, Thursday, October 16th, 2008:
That was a nice cliffhanger for everyone, huh? Especially my mom. She has this incredible knack for only reading entries that will stress her out to no end. Saying I'm homeless was perfect for that. What, a, journey.
The day started at 2pm on train 1 of 2 going from Connecticut to Manhattan to get the keys for the apartment I was staying at the rest of the time. Incredibly, the casting director I spoke of (whose name will no longer be a mystery in a moment), was able to arrange for me to be able to stay in Mid-Town Manhattan at her father's apartment. I can still barely believe the generosity of this woman. Then 2 trains to Hempstead and a taxi to the debates, taxi back and 2 trains back to Manhattan. Had some time to kill before the late night train took off and called her back in LA to thank her once again for whatever it was that I must have done to receive this kindness. She then dropped a bomb on me:
"Are you a fan of the Sopranos?"
"Yeah I was on an episode!"
"My dad played Hesh"
I really, really need to watch my language when talking to professionals in the industry. LOL.

Hesh, not some dude who gets whacked in an episode - a guy who made it from pilot to finish and someone I really loved on that show. Strangely the show I did was his last show and the scene when I crossed in front of Tony (which was later cut) was the scene where Tony "finds out" Hesh's wife was dead. Another trip to New York, another series of meetings with CBS, another Sopranos connection (2006 was when I actually got to be on the show).

I had no idea until this moment that Laura Adler was Jerry Adler's daughter. Sometimes it pays to not be a google-stalker. :-) But I'm getting ahead of myself...
After 2 more trains and a subway... I finally get to the aprtment at 3:15. Had every bit of equipment with me and was ready to crash. I open the door, and it's chained from the inside. (sigh). I go back to the front desk somehow hoping it means anything but someone being there to which he replies "unless the dude jumped out the window, he's in there." He buzzes the room, I go back and knock on the door and the doorbell... nada. Call Laura back in LA, nothing. To explain better, Jerry actually lives in Connecticut and shares the apartment with another guy who was supposed to be gone Wednesday morning. Clearly - he wasn't. The guy at the front desk finally says: "Not to add insult to injury, but you can't stay here." Now 3:30 am, all trains back to Connecticut are no longer running... I gather all my shit and start - walking...
I wanted nothing more than to sit on a bench and just sleep for a bit, but with this much equipment? Stupid. I knew for safety reasons I had to keep moving. I start walking, start chafing, and start to actually get a little concerned. There isn't an all-night diner anywhere to be found in Midtown, I ask any friendly face I can find about a 24 hour diner - no one knows (or can speak english) and no cabs. How the fuck are there no cabs? Finally after nearly an hour of walking, I find a diner - for FUTURE REFERENCE: 55th just east of Lexington. Sweet, sweet jesus.
So I fill up on coffee, and start to put together the last entry on the debate as I literally enter the twilight zone. To this day, I haven't the slightest idea if the last entry even makes sense. Around 8am I start making calls and still nothing. Ugh. At 8:30 I start walking back hoping whomever is in there is A) Alive and B) Awake. I get there, he is - and he has no clue who the hell I am. Thankfully, he lets me come in, makes some calls for me, and everything gets worked out.
So what we're left with when the dust settles is Adam, drinking coffee from a Sopranos mug in Hesh's apartment loving every second of it. I didn't get too nosy but did spot some pics of Jerry on his message board with Michael Douglas, Al Gore and one shot from Jamie-Lynn Siegler's wedding. So cool. And the space in the apartment! This would be big in the worst parts of Manhattan, but in mid-town? Wow. Easily twice the size of the hotels I stayed in a block away for $700 a night when CBS would put me up. Just, awesome. This was a favor of unprecedented proportions for me and I haven't the slightest idea how I will repay it.
...and the man has horsehead salt and pepper shakers. LMAO. Now I don't know if this is a direct nod to The Godfather - but I'm going to believe it is. Yup, Hesh, the jewish gangster has a good sense of humor for sure. HAHAHA. <still shaking my head> How bizarre is this turn of events?
My sincere "awe" at the turns in my life is still refreshing. The fact that I can still get excited like little kid (or a swearing sailor) when things like this happen really are the key to allowing this to keep going. Is it more professional not to make a big deal out of it because he's just a fellow actor? Sure. But it isn't sincere. And if you can't be sincerely excited about the magic of this industry, it's time to leave. I am sitting in a magic place in a magic town and I'm excited about the meeting with CBS tomorrow. The parallels to the 2006 NY trip are now overwhelming and I'm giggly about it. Unprofessionally giggly.