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10:45 PM, Friday, September 26th, 2008:
I knew, if I waited - that this "Journey Series" would be a 10 parter. :) Just took 2 years.
Oh my freaking tap-dancing christ how cool was that shit. Not 2 seconds after Obama mentioned McCain singing my song (the full chronology in the video to the right) did my cell go off with multiple calls - and the winner of first to whip out my digits is Jessica by about 20 seconds. :) Cousin Jimmy was a close second.
I have to rewatch this - it's absolutely a "pinch me" moment.
In fact it actually did take me a second because it's all been spread out over years. My first reaction was - "duh, we all remember Mccain singing that..." because it's certainly part of MY past. But then you wait a couple moments and remember - oh yeah, I created that piece of household vernacular with my cartoon that got so popular in a year that a certain candidate alluded to it to his own detriment (or so I thought at the time). That moment which ended up getting even more press for McCain now ends up being referenced by Obama during a freaking presidential debate and literally means I am cemented not only into pop-culture history, but political history. It's a tiny flag, no doubt - but it's my flag, it's my piece and I couldn't be more proud and excited if I tried. Holy Balls.
Not to get all "See, your ideas can become anything if you put your mind to it" - but you have to realize how random this was. From the first Let's Bomb Iran entry 300 entries ago:
The story behind the song is really funny. I touched on it in the entry about going back to Columbus. I was getting a cold and was feeling "drunk" because my body was going through the ensuing war inside my body. It lead to me dreaming up the "NEIN" bit, and as well - this song. The song however happened on the plane, and wouldn't you know all I had to write on was the barf bag. God that rules. I took a picture of it on the plane (much to the chagrin of the flight attendant who informed me I would not being doing that again - LOL).
What was funny, was it occurred to me while I was writing the lyrics: "BOMB BOMB BOMB, BOMB BOMB IRAN" - that I was probably risking a serious in-flight situation had anyone seen what I was writing. LOL. And of course, you kind of have to sing what you're writing while you're writing it… so here I am sitting on a plane writing and singing BOMB over and over. Brilliant Adam. You're way too tan to be pullin' that shit. LOL.
And instead of waiting until one of my animator friends could take time away from his job to help me make it, I just put my nose to the grindstone and went through the hell that is animation to pull it off. Absolutely incredible and will be one of my proudest accomplishments for the rest of my life. Extraordinary.
Not more extraordinary than Palin's answer to Katie Couric about the Alaska/Russia connection. That had to be the moment I knew, without a doubt, that the tables had turned. I believed it when McCain had his "worst week ever" but when that absolute NIMWIT defended her foreign policy credentials by explaining that Putin FLIES OVER HER FUCKING STATE when he LEAVES RUSSIA... People, come on. Like let's all stop fuckin' around here. I seriously expect Ashton Kutcher to jump out at the VP debate next week and yell "You've been Punk'd."
For the love of fucktards this is a farce of astronomical proportions. Enough. Enough. Enough. This can never ever happen. Matt Damon wasn't trying to be funny when he called this a bad Disney movie. He was dead-serious. This is reality-television gone REALLY bad. People in this country who have fallen for Palin are watching this election like it's fucking Dancing with the Stars. EEEEEEEE-NUFFFFFF.
Ahem. Sorry. This shit makes me crazy. I have held back soooooooo much as I could write a political entry DAILY, but this is The Journey and I'm really trying to stay focused.
...but as long as we're on the subject...
You tellin' me if Obama was a white guy named Edwards (well, bad example)... uhm Johnson (heh now that's an innuendo) FUCK - if Obama was a white guy with a normal name that we'd even have a race? How much worse can McCain look? How many more gaffes can he make? How much more intelligent and full of common sense can Obama possibly be? Is there a more shining example of leadership, cool during chaos or overall sense of command over the issues (no matter what side of the fence you're on) in a generation? He rocked that debate on every level and all that's left is racism. Are we to that point in the evolution of our society where we can get past that... that's all that's left.
Time will tell. But right now it's tellin' me the time has come...
...and Obama knows my cartoon.
...and I'm gonna be at the last debate.
Halleleujah. Holy ball sweat.