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2:00 PM, Thursday, April 19th, 2007:
John, John, John... if you have any aspiration to be president of the United States, it's probably wise not to sing:  "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.". Take it from a guy who gets weekly death threats because people erroneously think my song was pro-war. What on earth were you thinking man? There was no doubt that I threw my chances to be president out the window when I made that cartoon, and I have a feeling you just did the same thing.
Well, as I've said to several people over the past year - the lifespan of "Let's Bomb Iran" is sure to extend somehow in this political season. After the first wave of press last year, I knew there was no way of escaping it with the threat of Iran looming ever stronger. The democrats getting the house and senate in November will most likely keep anything from actually happening until at least 2009 - but there will be talk of it ad nauseum until then. I am surprised however that a candidate would even dream of actually singing that line in front of that crowd. He made a fatal flaw - he played to the crowd and not to the cameras. THe crowd was very pro-war and he did the right thing... if HE WAS A COMEDIAN. He played to the strengths of the crowd, read them correctly, and made a joke. Unfortunately he's not running for president of that particular town hall in South Carolina. This will bite him in the ass.
What will bite ME in the ass however is that I lost letsbombiran.com a few weeks back and foxnews already linked to it in their story about Mccain. (sigh). I never got the renew email and someone took the name, took my pictures, lyrics and other videos I did and put up some google ads to make some $$ off it. Smart move for that guy I guess, but I'm stuck writing to every news outlet telling them to not link to that site. I also am unnerved about having someone control a domain that is seemingly run by me. It fooled foxnews (not that that's saying a whole lot, I know), and can be trouble down the line. We'll see what happens.
And as was the case last year, it looks like the end of April, beginning of May is gonna be another "Competitive Pacing" period. If McCain gets a lot of heat about this, you'll see "Let's Bomb Iran" a bunch on the news networks - that interview with Olbermann may happen a year late. Ya never know. Ideally I would have my next cartoon ready to go, but there's just no way I can pull that off now. Nor do I really have the desire to do more animation. It's so tedius... actually...
Here's what I'll do - I'll put it out there. You guys have fun with it:
MP3 - The Bible Told Me So
I looked in my daily planner and it told me what to do,
We'll call it war on terror then we'll pull a switcheroo (WW3),
Holy War starts with Iraq and then Jesus will come back,
That's the way it goes The Bible Told Me So...
The Bible Told Me So, The Bible Told Me So,
We don't need to prove a reason 'cause The Bible Told Me So...
The U.N. had their opinion but I really didn't care,
I just disregarded them 'cause Jesus wasn't there,
They can't tell me what to do, 'cause I believe in you,
War's the way to go, The Bible Told Me So...
The Bible Told Me So, The Bible Told Me So,
Welcome to the Apocalypse The Bible Told Me So...
It's OK to torture prisoners if they're loyal to Allah,
Compared to Judgement day that AbuGrhaib is Shangri-La,
Human Rights can be ignored, if Jesus is your lord,
That's all you need to know, The Bible Told Me So...
The Bible Told Me So, The Bible Told Me So,
You can torture sinners The Bible Told Me So...
It's OK to tap your phone calls when you're workin' for the Lord,
Who cares about a warrant when you've got Jesus Christ on-board?
So we'll snoop from coast to coast 'cause I know the holy ghost,
He's the head honcho The Bible Told Me So...
The Bible Told Me So, The Bible Told Me So,
It's OK to listen in The Bible Told Me So...
I believe in Jesus and he tells me where to go,
So everything I do is right, The Bible Told Me So...
Calling all animators, calling all animators - there is a KILLER cartoon sitting here. The music is done, I actually have an outline completely done - just need the manpower.
So we'll see where this takes me. Greg just let me know they played the song on the Ed Schultz show. Hitting radio again! Ha. This is a fun diversion.