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10:05 PM, Saturday, April 29th, 2006:
My first bump! You know you're in a good mood when a scheduled appearence on a national television show gets bumped because of unforseen news stories...and you're totally OK with it because at least now you can write an entry explaining everything. I've literally had so much happen within 24 hour periods that not only couldn't I write about them in time, but I couldn't give each thing it's own entry. Thus the last entry (which will be my favorite for some time) turns into this weird juxtaposition in which shit was happening while I was trying to write about another big event. What a whirlwind.
So you all have to be asking - WHAT THE HELL!?! Didn't you just say you couldn't say yes?! What made you change your mind!??! Have you just given up on the talent show and become crazy activist man?!?!
Not exactly. Charlotte was finally able to speak with some people at the show and they said unequivocally that going on TV wouldn't hurt my chances in the least. In fact it could even be seen as a positive. That was pretty much all I needed. Unfortunately there are still no definites on if I'm in, as callbacks are still weeks away...but again as we know, they singled me out - did an interview, filmed a bit with me rollin' my TVs up to the desk, so I feel as good as I did back on the 9th. They have to do their job and keep some suspense, so I just gotta have faith. Cue George Michael song.
This was Thursday. I had taken the day off work simply because I was so fried that I needed a day and there was literally nothing I could do at work except start new loans, and I wasn't about to do that. It was so funny, as Charlotte was talking to me about the conversation with the producer, my little brain's synapses started to fire and I realized what she was saying: it's cool to go on MSNBC. That wasn't really why she even called - we were just being investigators so I had no idea this was what was gonna come of it. My synapses went to my legs and I just started to hop. I wanted to do the Olbermann show so bad and it was literally killing me that I had to stall. I hung up and let out a scuh-REAAAAAAAM. I then called the producer back and she said she would call me back in just a minute which set-up a lovely moment.
I'm a pacer on the phone anyway. Something about my mind racing that makes my legs race and I unknowingly start to pace. But with this? I was competitive pacing. Shizzle was runnin' behind me wondering what was gonna happen in the next room only to find I was gonna turn around and just go back. It was an awfully confusing time for the puppy. Finally, she called back.
Cassi captured the conversation.
She pre-interviewed me, let me know they found the song on a military site and thought they had something to do with it...then searched my name, found the site and voila. Told her how I wrote it, told her what 4tvs was... normal stuff. Afterwards she actually asked if they could interview me. I know it's just protocal and she was being polite but given...oh the last 6 1/2 years of this journey - it struck me as one of the top ten most ironic moments of my life. I said "yes". She said they wnated to interview me TOMORROW at 5:45 to which I replied... "OOOH, am I gonna be high on the countdown?!?!?" She giggled. She said they'd have someone pick me up and that one of 2 or 3 producers would give me a call during the day to confirm. And like that... it was over.
As you can see in the video (gotta love getting the moment on tape like that) it was so matter of fact and on the phone it was as if I was making plans to go to the movies the next day. Inside of course I freaked out. Called EVVVVVERYONE. Then, just when you think it can't get any better - she calls BACK and says: "We're gonna use your song as part of a segment on protest videos tonight" Again calm and collected I go:  "Oh great I'll check it out!". I then continue the calls. I think I used 450 minutes of cell time in a 24 hour period. As I'm typing to people online, and writing the last entry, Cass runs in to set the TiVo. Countdown starts and the teaser for "Let's Bomb Iran" comes on and they actually use the "Away Go the colored people" line. I hear this OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD from cassi who runs from the house into the studio. LOL. It was so awesome. I however, am totally cool. Albeit, the kind of cool you are when aliens land in your backyard and your mind just can't comprehend it, but still - totally cool. She stayed in here while they ran the bit and I was totally in awe. I expected 10-15 seconds of the chorus. I was wrong...
...they played the whole minute opening and a full chorus. The entire time I stared at the TV with my jaw dropped thinking: "OMG, when are they gonna pull away!?!" I was so amazed with everything they played. Of course the second it was over - the calls came a comin'. Strangely, the first guy that called me was the Justice Through Music guy!??! Strange huh? Just amazing. People were IM'ing me with basically the same reaction as me:  "I CANT BELIEVE THEY JUST PLAYED THE COLORED PEOPLE LINE".
It was insane. Of course sunuvabitch - although I want to make the entry and call people and write... I have to emceeing the spelling bee thing. DAH!!!! So I scurry off to do that. It was pretty cool actually, I had a blast and was in the mood of all moods boy. There was an after party but all I could think of doing was running out and calling my dad who was watching a re-run of the show at midnight EST. We were both speechless. Speechless for a Kontras man however means we just talk for 2 hours about how speechless we are. LOL. It was that moment man... that "This is it" moment. I had that moment with The Comedy Store and I wondered if I'd ever feel it again and within 3 weeks I feel it twice. This time however it was even bigger because MORE was on the horizon. We just sat there talking about the past 6 years and how you just never could have dreamed this would be how things would start to break. I could've talked with him for hours. I finally put my finger on what it is:
The Journey for any artist is literally a series of shit on your shoulders that you hold up. It gets heavier over time. It got so heavy last year that I had to put it down and just decompress. Workout my shoulders a bit more. When America's Got Talent hit I had to make that choice to pick it all back up and put years of crap on my shoulders again. I hesitated for a second, but knew it was the right thing to do. When the audition worked out a little hole in the big barrel of crap actually opened up and my load lightened. Several years just seeped out. I think all of 2002 and a little of 2003 in the period of one day just vanished. I stood up a little straighter. Then this moment? Even more. Years and years of struggle start to slowly lower on your scale of "stuff that matters" and the relief is amazing. That's what this phone call was. Talking about what I was gonna say on the show, what it all meant - how it was all going to play. Just realizing that I was now a voice that represented more's awesome.
See, that's all media is. It tracks feelings and trends - and one subject equals thousands. It's unfair, and certainly inexact, but it's the truth. So to explain the story of the artistic movement towards protest I, alone, represented every single artist that wasn't yet "mainstream". In one clip, in one song. Then they went on to talk about Neil Young, Pink the dixie chicks...and of course talk about the people that won't speak out. That feeling is awesome and I just could not wait to talk about it the next day.
Sleeping was actually pretty good. I was very tired, and honestly because I felt good about America's Got talent, and obviously good about MSNBC...I was totally not antsy. Antsy comes from not knowing. Big-time. I gave my best to the talent show and they made it clear that any "anti-american" vibe from an appearence on MSNBC wouldn't hurt me in the I was just chilled. Watched the end of the Clippers game (Holy shit if the Lakers play the Clippers in the 2nd round!!!!) and had no problem falling asleep. However, when my eyes opened at 4:45 AM...I started going over what was about to happen and well... yeah - that was the end of my 4 hour sleep. LOL. This is the first time I've ever been interviewed on national television so I'm obviously curious as to how it will play out, but it isn't nervousness - this is where my talk radio experience is gonna help me soooooooooooo much. I have NO problem sitting and talking about topics without rehearsing. In fact I actually prefer it. Charlotte was quizzin me on what I was gonna say and although I really did have to go right then, there's nothing to quiz. I know a couple points I want to get across - but she's gotta understand that this was my job for 5 years. This is the easy part. This is the fun part. My biggest concern? Is wiping that shit eating grin off my face when they first cut to me. Like, I'm so goddamn happy I can't contain myself. I mean - I love his show. It's a show I actually watch and I think he's awesome... just - WOW.
So all day I just played questions in my mind, talked to myself...and just enjoyed the hype of it all. I was so happy. Every now and then I'd also realize there's the talent show to look forward to... WOW. Just a wonderful day for me. Of course I couldn't call anyone as I had literally 7 minutes left on my plan until the weekend started and was constantly monitoring it on the verizon website. LOL. I watched Bush's press conference (where I must say, he actually came off incredibly well) and thought to myself: "I may be able to use something here when I'm on later..." It was just surreal. Of course not long after that I got the call from the producer that they had to cancel my bit because just too many news stories were coming in. I later saw that Rush Limbaugh was arrested and the Iranian president said another "fuck off" to the world... I understood. I asked when we'd reschedule and she said: Well Amy called you so expect to hear from her next week. I was in such a happy mood it barely phased me. But I did of course over-analyze things....
On they now had the previous day's "protest songs" bit up they had cut out my part at the beginning. Were there complaints about the "colored people" line? Were they just being nice and letting me down easy? Jesus, why do I have to treat everything like an S.A.T. math problem? I always do this. Come up with every possible scenario trying to be a step-ahead of the game. Adam, calm down. Megga-dittos got fuckin' arrested for drugs AGAIN - it's an unexpected new spot on the got bumped. THEY CALLED YOU DUDE. You'll be fine. But it doesn't hurt to play conspiracy theorist every now and then. ;-)
So I tried to call everyone I could to let them know it was bumped. God that sucks. I've heard of people on the Tonight Show or David Letterman that are actually IN the greenroom and get bumped because someone talks too long. Imagine THAT. Ha! Everyone was so giddy anyway that we just laughed and looked forward to next week. And honestly, and I'm not trying to sugar-coat it, it's good to space it out. Seriously back-to-back exposure has a little less bang for the buck than seperate weeks.
And of course, it allowed me to write this entry. This entry was gonna be the whole event of being on TV mixed with all this - and it's just too much. This is a special entry. I'm so glad it's on tape. I know it sounds strange but I see the guy on the screen, Adam, as much like a character as you all do. In real-time I don't obviously, but when I edit it all down and compress the video and upload it....then watch it after rereading the entry? I am sooooo happy for that guy. Because I've watched him go through hell for so long...and he deserves these moments. It literally feels like a completely different person.
Way to go man. You really do deserve it. And to think, the moments that are coming...
...I'll save that for another entry.