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10:18 PM, Saturday, May 17th, 2008:
I just can't help it. I know I've been out of work forever, my career is completely in the shitter - and I'm about to tell you news from someone still at CBS that is exactly the type of thing I shouldn't care about, but as I said before: I just can't help it. Living Room Live 4 will have to wait (yes, I'm still desperately trying to knock on the symbolic doors of rooms I friggin' owned last year) because I am going to the Paramount Lot tomorrow in Hollywood to see an advance screening of Indiana Jones 4. My response to Jim's email is as follows:
I can't help it man. There's certain portions of your childhood that you simply cannot escape. In the Gifted & Talented program in 4th Grade I made a book called "Adamana Jones" complete with a hardbound cover and everything. Jesus Gifted & Talented, how fucked is that for the other kids? It was like 10 of us. Just occured to me how un-PC that was. LOL.
So while buggin' Jim about getting the new Crooked X package off the ground I threw out the fact that Sunday was the big Indy 4 screening in LA as it premieres in France at Cannes tomorrow (comes out the 22nd) and I just had to ask. I mean, Indiana Jones was actually cooler to me than Star Wars. Amazingly the guest he was taking couldn't go, and voila 16 hours after my email he responds with the good news. Holy. Shit. And honestly, I don't care how shitty the movie is. If they play the music and he wears the hat? I'm good...
...well that's not completely true - when I first heard of the film my instinct was utter fear. Like, the man is older than Connery was in the last one, and with the CG effects of today... goddamn - this is a horrible idea. I've lightened up my expectations enough now that I'm cool either way. I actually fall into the "like Shia" club (some people can't stand Mr. LaBeouf) so he probably won't annoy me - and I just pray Spielberg has enough influence over Lucas to not make it a green-screen fest... but either way, I'm going to enjoy it - and on the Paramount lot! As one of the first to see it! Yeee-Ha.
So to celebrate I of course dress up and go run around on the roof of my garage. I am in my 30s right? I swear if I don't have a kid soon so he can do this shit and not me I'm gonna break my back. It was good fun though, my neighbor did indeed come out of his house at the end of the video and I ducked to hide because I felt like a complete idiot. But man - you see that title, a tree.... it's the real thing man. I'm goddamn Adamana Jones. Being a nerd about this shit is so fun I can't even tell you. What's great is without the need to have a video with this entry that never would've happened. The Journey literally keeps you 9 years old if you let it. ;-)
Alright, I know, I know - I left you all with a helluva cliff-hanger, it's been a week and I've said nothing. It's on purpose. I've been trying desperately to just shut the fuck up, and let things be. Time has a way of unraveling everything and I just don't have the heart to post another "high" only to have the rug pulled out from under me. And not because it's embarrassing, but because all you have to do is go back and reread that shit. LOL. I have no problem having egg on my face - but repeating shit? Drives me crazy. So I'm just gonna give it a little more time. By month's end it'll probably be time to spill the beans, but for now just know Donna's doin' fine and we are taking things one day at a time. My heart is as assumed way past my head, but even that seems to be proven wrong as each day passes. So I'm just letting go for a bit and acting like a 9 year old again.
I may or may not throw up a review tomorrow. I've seen movies on the actual movie studio's lot before so it's not as jizzy as The Sopranos or some shit, but it'll still be cool. Strangely I saw "Titan A.E." back in the summer of 2000 on the Fox set with Eric Moro, the Movie Minded producer... wrote about it here. Great early entry actually with a YouTube link and everything. Anyway - strange because he's gonna be at the screening tomorrow. 8 years almost to the day. Surreal.
Dun da dun daaa! Dun da daaa!