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12:01 AM, Monday, July 9th, 2007:
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Where's our Spencer?
Welcome to Week 3 ALREADY!!
It really doesn't seem possible that I've already produced 3 of these - but there it is. And of course I didn't take long to mess with the habits you're all accustomed to. Now Cameron's in Spencer's spot - Spencer's missing, Gary's the main suspect. Yes - we now start the first of several long-running gags that weave in and out of these episodes like a long serial that only people who've watched everyone will get. Yes, that alienates damn near everyone - but I enjoy it. :-)
Before I jump in - I must tell you, Donna has a set of ovaries on her huh? She snapped this picture of the CBS studios on the lot and even though the same shot is clearly visible from the street, I got reamed by a certain Carter McSnazzypants in what may be in the top ten funniest stories ever on this site (Entry #583) for videotaping MYSELF in my OWN CAR on this same lot. She snapped it and I looked at her like she was a crazy woman. Alas, still no Carter. Whatever happened to him man? Too bad too - what I would have given for him to catch her. Ha!
Anyway - nice shot, and that's where I work. Good times.

...and this is now The Egos new home this summer. You may remember a few green screen shots from here last season. If we were lucky last season we were able to pull this room off as opposed to the crew lounge. We've been able to secure it now for the whole summer providing we start early enough. It's indeed a very posh room - and it's also a very filled room. With fancy editing and a lot of moving we're able to make it look spacious and wide open. It's nothing of the sort - but we find ways to make it work.

Thanks of course to this man, Hunter Bloch. He's back on the job along with newcomer Kenny the soundman. Dig the new dude - he's as anal about his job as I am about mine. We'll get along juuuuuuuuuuuuust fine. ;-) And as you can see we do still need the newsroom for for Adam's shot but we make sure to do it nice and early as to not mess with anyone's bih-niss after 9 AM.
That's just how we roll on the Egos set: Considerately...
Man do shots of monitors on the set ever stop being cool? I always think that's the coolest thing ever because you're seeing 2 perspectives at once. I'm a bit of a geek that way...
And there's poor Adam. In what to date might be my favorite Egos moment - Cam is on the phone with Adam making fun of how many times he's been married while Gary and Dewey giggle. It's the most ridiculous suspension of disbelief for me since The Price is Right Bit. At no point during those 20 seconds does it even occur to you that all 4 people are the same person. It's one of those moments that works frighteningly well - and quite amazing considering Spencer isn't among them.

..and of course - Where's Spence?!?! Nothing I like more than the serial aspects of these shorts. 5 minutes is hardly enough time to have fun with situational comedies - so it's nice to have themes that run 3 or 4 shows. When it's all said and done - it really does string together into fully rounded stories. And just so you knew I wasn't trying to make an easy week for post-production, I made Cameron take his place. No skimpin' here.

But this day will be fondly remembered as the day Lucille Ball came screeching into our lives threatening to ruin takes until we just unplugged the speakers. Strangest thing ever - apparently someone left something on in the theater booth...
...and out of nowhere this high pitched sound came bleeding through - ridiculously loud for a good 60 seconds (commonly known as a minute to humans) and then disappeared. Followed by a CBS broadcast of I Love Lucy. So I'd be doin' my lines and hear Ricky's conga drums. Kinda cool actually - since that's where it all started. Over 50 years ago, at CBS, at Television City - the origination of the 3 Camera Sit-com.
...and so it goes. Another fun week, another good episode - and closer and closer to... something. I'm no longer as sure of anything as I may have been a few months ago - but I still know the product is good. No one's doing it and I'm creating content weekly that I'm ridiculously proud of. The people that really matter in this industry will see that. Of that I have no doubt. It's value in this talentless world of Reality TV will shine through.
Just keep on keepin' on...