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12:01 AM, Monday, March 5th, 2007:
Amazingly, here we are. Could there be a more ambitious webisode out there? Whew. I'm beat.
Since I devoted an entire entry already to the Price is Right section of the episode I'm only gonna focus on what went down last Thursday. By all means however, if you haven't at least skimmed Entry #613 - "The Coolest Day of my Life", do yourself a favor and stop reading. It's wondrous.
Let's also just get all Egos related things out of the way while we're at. Heh. Gary did his best to steal the show with his Jesse Jackson impersonation which actually turned out funnier than I thought it would. For everyone else it was a race to get to the Price is Right set and after 6 weeks of foreshadowing, I think everyone was ready. I know I was. Now, onto what obviously made this just an incredible day...
We all knew exactly what this was... a party. Everyone knew about "Up & Adam" and I do mean everyone. The whole newsroom. There was this incredible excitement in the air like we had all been part of something that lead to an explosion. We were doing this final little webisode out of the love of hanging out - but all we wanted to do was talk about what was happening and just how I could get everyone there involved somehow.
I've truly never felt a bigger high. I'm sure there will be many more, but it's as I've been explaining in all of these locked entries for nearly a month now. This validates everything. This makes The Journey REAL. It makes my career path INSPIRATIONAL. It validates what I've been trying to do since I had the idea of 4tvs in 1998. I could barely contain my excitement the entire day.
And of course my dad was there and part of this last show. Thrill of a lifetime to have my father see me onset, be part of it, and just feel that energy! We've both waited for this moment for so long. And of course his part is funny as hell. Nothing like one more slap in the face for 'ol Adam before it's all said and done. Shit, he's getting his own late night talk show so I think he'll live. ;-)
I felt bad that I didn't give my dad more time with his lines though. I forget that my method isn't everyone's method. I could've easily printed him up something the night before - but just handed him some stuff in the morning and it took him some time as you saw in the last entry. Heh. I never rehearse those lines because in all honesty it's funny as hell when you screw up - and I'm laid back enough to roll with it. I think my dad was getting kinda nervous that he was wasting time...sheeeeeit. All the time in the world pops.
We decided against painting his hair brown like mine, but looking back - it would've been funnier...
...as it is, I'm pretty sure people will know we're related. Whaddya think? :-)
After we were done with the shoot, Simon was able to get a big ass allowance for lunch and we were going to go to the Ivey. After much discussion we ended up going to Morton's and by we I mean just about everyone within earshot. LOL. Jump on the bandwagon folks!
Jim had been gone the past couple of weeks so this was the first time he had a chance to talk to me. He was so congratulatory. He was like a little kid. How much you gonna make!!!! LOL. I hear ya man. I'll know more in TWO days man - it's killin' me.
The meal was spectacular. Probably 12 people there by the end, can't even fathom the bill. I didn't say a whole lot honestly. I was just soaking it in. Thinking of 2000, thinking of the choices I made... that lead to a free meal at a swanky Beverly Hills restaurant for all these people. :-)
The editing of course was a nightmare as my laptop is slowly dying (let it snow, let it snow, let it snow - heh sorry). Even with having the Price is right bit completed, it took a long time. But whatever. It's done, uploaded - and I, AM, DONE! If there even is a next one for me, I won't be editing. I finally think I've earned the ability to walk in, do my part, and walk out. Something I've never been able to do in my entire life. So wonderful. So I leave you with a shot of us all happy about a season well done:
Nah, there's no way I can leave it that mushy. This is still an Egos production afterall...
That's more like it. Thanks for everything guys. That stupid little webisode that no one even understood when we started has now turned into it's own late night show. Goddamn, I can barely wait to see what the next friggin' ENTRY IS!