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11:13 PM, Saturday, January 20th, 2007:
For longtime readers, this will be the most surreal entry you've ever read. Guaranteed.

I could start this entry like the old Adam (circa anytime before September 2006) by saying I may never live a cooler day than I did on Thursday. That I'm savoring every moment, every picture, every second of video footage because it may never happen again, but the truth is - I no longer believe that. I'm still savoring every moment but it's because I'm having the absolute time of my life and can't help but giggle at the surreal audacity of seeing this character I've read about for 7 years on my computer screen mixed with television history. That man sitting in the audience up there knows damn well what he's on the verge of, and he's enjoying every second of it.

So as I mentioned in the previous entry I was shooting all day Thursday on The Price is Right set for a section of the final episode of "Living Room Live". Basically Adam throws to The Egos and they're not there because they're busy goofing off where they're not supposed to be. A rather ironic "Art imitating life" moment considering Kenny's birthday video this year.
So Thursday we shot both the Week 7 show, and this piece for one loooooooooong 12 hour day. Long only if you decide to measure it by time. This was by far the coolest thing I've ever felt. Being on the set is cool. Being able to play with the wheel and hang out on contestant's row is cooler. Getting video and pictures of it all, even cooler. But letting it sink in that you somehow made all the right choices in your life to get you to a place where you're shooting your own short film on the most famous game show in the world as 5 different characters? Surreal. Even greater was that everyone was having fun. I mean some of 'em tried to act like it was no big deal but at the end of the day everyone wanted to spin that wheel and everyone wanted some pictures.
It has to do with the fact that for everyone under 50, this is nostalgia. We all only watched this when we were kids. Other than the taping I went to last year, I hadn't seen a full show in nearly 2 decades. It's what you do when you're home sick from school. And that's what it is for EVERYONE. And other than the fact that it's a bit smaller than you'd expect, it's so burned in our brains as past that it's like re-living your childhood in high-definition. In a word, it's wonderful.

LOL - it's like walkin' into 1977.
Ya know, I gotta say...I'm literally stuck with dozens of pictures and really only one sentence, "holy balls this is cool", to stretch out for the entire entry. But these pictures are just so priceless, so I guess, uhm "Holy balls this next pic is cool too":
That's so pimp.
Most intriguing to you at home has to be all the stuff you never see on TV. The back of the wheel or the little arrow that tells people which way to go when they win. Those lights come on too to say who bid correctly...

...it's just crazy isn't it? How did I end up here again? Oh yeah, I just asked? Huh? I mean this and "The Sopranos" all in 3 months? Journey Gods must feel baaaaaad about 2002-2005. LOL. They're workin' overtime.

Now I'm not gonna give away too much of the script but suffice to say, I couldn't have every member of the group do everything. It would've been a 30 minute bit. So I had to break 'em up and let 'em all touch a piece of Price is Right history. Of course G and the wheel was a no brainer. Take a gander at what will be framed and hanging in my office very soon:

You know what using the set really does? More than anything? It officially makes these characters. They now have that quasi-real cartoon feel to them because they're standing in such a cartoon atmosphere.

When people see this bit they will have no problem accepting that these are legitimate characters that would be in a sit-com. It looks right. It's not a stretch anymore. This adds legitimacy to the concept like nothing else.
And when you take that in...and really think about it - you see the next step. It all starts to play out for you like you're in the middle of a success story as opposed to the end. In reality, ever success in your life could be the pinnacle, but with this? You just have this overwhelming feeling of:  this is just the beginning. The right people will see this, and it won't end here. No way.

Seriously, when the folks at CBS see this bit? They're gonna flip out. This is not what they expected from a little webisode. And honestly? Neither did I. As I'm writing this and looking at these pictures...I have to admit that I'm a little overwhelmed. I don't look out of place, I don't look out of my league, I seem to know exactly what to do next and... I do it. Surreal huh?
I guess what I'm really saying is that I'm proud of myself. I really do read this journal like an outsider and I look at this guy as an old friend who I'm just so proud of for pulling it off.

I guess it helps that I'm a character in most of these shots... but really I'm a fan of this story and it's with the utmost joy that I write these entries. Whew, to say the least...
Anyway, the shoot went beautifully. No one touched the cameras the whole day, so the split screens will all work perfect. As you can see I took stills from the broadcast so we could nail each shot...

...and amazingly we came up with 6 cameras so everything is covered. What's nice is that the lighting is so good that even the consumer-grade cameras look AMAZING. The key is always lighting.

Well, this has to be a record for pictures in an entry huh? I actually have about 500, but that's kinda overkill. I will however leave you with one more picture that encompasses the entire day. The coolest day of my life, and career-wise just groundbreaking. This adds so much credibility to my characters I can't even begin to express it. This video will change everything. Makes ya just wanna jump for joy...

Wow huh? Don't ask me how I jumped that high. That looks so damn photoshopped. And although I'm slightly embarrassed by my flab I must admit it's kind of endearing on Spencer. Not good for G, but for Spence it makes him a bit more cuddly. Of course it's kind of difficult to make one guy buff and one guy not. Wow, that just doesn't look like me at all. Crazy.
Well, enjoy the trailer ...which to date is the coolest video I've ever made. The Egos are officially alive as of now. Those shots at the end are just jaw-dropping.
...when will my jaw ever close?