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1:45 AM, Monday, January 1st, 2007:
As I was using my leaf-blower last week it occured to me that my life could change so drastically by this time next year that I will giggle at the thought of spending hours and hours of my day doing yardwork. I was actually really bummed. Honest to Shizzle...I was bummed out. I love the struggle. I love the sincerity of years 2002-2005. I love it, and it really does feel like a distant memory. I am on the ride of my life and it's taking me faaaaaaaaaar away from those years. Those years I hated while I was in them have now become this person I almost miss...
It's no longer who will I be when it happens, it's happening. I wrote about it in New York:  The Metamorphosis. I'm changed. I am now so confident and so strong that I feel I can't lose. I can never be that person I was before. It's not a facade, it's not the power of positive thinking...it's reality. I see the road ahead, and I'm making it mine. I walk different, I talk different, I interract different, I am on top of the world and believe wholeheartedly I can own it.
So my prediction for 2007, year eight of this Journey, is continuing success. Building, building and building. For the second time in my life I feel it could be gigantic. Even moreso than before as I lost Aspen at the end of 2001 and this time I'm flying high. At the very least I believe I will build on this partnership with The Early Show and parlay it into just about anything I can imagine, and at most? Whew. Development deals, sit-coms, some truly great things are teasing my heart on the horizon and I'm in such a great place to follow the tease. Because as I said before I went to NY in one of my favorite Journey songs on the site:  "No matter what the fate is, I'm alright." Getting to that position allows me to push more, risk more, dream more, jump further... the sky is finally the limit once again.
As has been tradition for 7 straight years I did my annual drunken video...and the end result? I am madly in love with Donna, Shizzle hurts on a level I've never known before, and I'm going to be famous. Pretty much in that order, so no big surprises really. As you may have gathered, I'm already a pretty open person (understatement of the year) so alcohol really just makes it quicker but it's a good test for me you know? It's like "So you think you've been honest all year? Let's see..." A couple years actually I re-watched the tape and was quite surprised, but this year was more of a celebration. The only thing that could even remotely be considered a revelation is just how certain I am that I'm going to have a successful sit-com pitch. I see it so clear. Wonderful feeling.
Do I have any reservations about 2007? Sure. I'm a realist at heart and will always look at every angle. Drives the positive thinkers out there crazy that I would even dare admit I can see things failing but as I've said for years in this journal, that's what makes me who I am. I see every angle. I see the pitfalls before they happen...so I can stop them. I prepare myself for every eventuality to allow myself the confidence to create the positive reality. I wholeheartedly believe only focusing on the positive outcome is the best way to set-up your own devastation. We're dealing with the industry of 1000 nos and 1 yes, it behooves you to understand that. So yes, I've thought about where I'll be mentally if at the end of these 13 weeks with CBS there is no more... and that's what's made me push everything as far as I can humanly take it. I can have no regrets when it's said and done. The thing that would kill me is thinking "what-if" once CBS is over. What won't kill me is if I pushed everything, pitched everything, made great episodes, impressed everyone involved and there's just no place for me. I can live with that...
...but it ain't happenin' folks. Trust me on this. Listen to the drunk man: I got my break, I was given the opportunity and I'm TAKING it. This will be the year of my life...AGAIN.