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9:22 PM, Tuesday, September 29th, 2009:
The echoes of The Comedy Store were in the air...
...and as I walked out of the theater I felt the greatest feeling ever: this is mine for the taking. I don't have to stay in NY for a month and beg the suits for an opportunity. I don't have to use "the buzz" from the show to scheme other avenues. I don't have to compete with the people running the stage to be seen. I don't have to worry about other acts taking the air out of the room before I come on, and I don't have to worry about the right people showing up to see the show. This is a show they wanted, they gave me the space, they are supplying me with a crew and they are taping it. On top of that? The crew, and all those involved, want me to succeed. They want to do tech rehearsals, they want to get light cues right, they want the sound to be perfect, the entire night will revolve around that one taping, and making sure everything runs as smooth as possible. And I quote: "We want to make you look good."
It's really unlike any situation I've been in. In LA, you're begging for time. Begging for space, begging for everything. You're begging friends to help you if you even DO get in to do your show and you're just another headache to those running it. You pay out the nose just for the privilege of playing certain venues and most likely, the important people you needed to show up? Never do. And tech rehearsals? Sound checks? Ask Adam Darling how that worked for him at the Key Club in March (Entry #863). So to have a situation where the "suits" themselves set this up? They're paying the crew to make you look better? They're giving you every opportunity to succeed? Absolutely unlike anything I've ever been involved in. This is literally mine for the taking.
Quick Aside: Please realize that my LA based crew at CBS that worked on The Egos with me were awesome. However, this is unlike that situation because we're not creating it in a TOTAL VACUUM. Comedy Central WANTS this to work. The "suits" are walking in there looking for any reason to greenlight this show. Completely different energy to say the least.

And I almost named this entry "Competence Personified" because the guy running the stage, Paul Stein, straight-up knows his shit. You could also tell he was used to telling talent things, and not being listened to. So to put his mind at ease, I just asked him "what does talent do that makes you crazy, and how can I avoid that." He seemed to enjoy that green light. LOL. I'm sure he rarely hears that question, and it's a great insight. This guy has been running the stage for 7 years. Imagine what he's seen. Imagine the idiots he's seen blow this opportunity? He has so much knowledge, and I don't want to know the positive stuff. I want to gain as much knowledge from the plethora of acts that have stumbled and why they did...

...which is why I get annoyed when people say you shouldn't "focus on the negative". Bullshit. I focus on everything - ESPECIALLY the negative. Trying to figure out all the ways things can fail doesn't make you fail, it makes you aware. Used to drive Donna crazy 'cause nearly every situation at CBS that was positive, I only rejoiced for about 5 seconds... 'cause I was already onto the next step trying to scheme a way higher, and running through the downfalls of taking the risks. I don't mean to preach, or tell people how to run their lives, but I can say with the utmost certainty that blind optimism in this business will kick, your, ass. I mean, ya gotta be able to jump, but you need to look at what you're jumpin' into... not just pray it's a cushion and close your eyes. 'Cause it may be a really hard surface, but if you just LOOK at it - you may be able to wear the appropriate shoes. And after 10 years? You just may have all the pieces to the parachute to allow a friggin' skydive to be successful.
I am ahead of myself, I am overly confident right now. I know that. But the truth is, I have never in my life failed to live up to expectations when given the opportunity. In fact, I feel I've surpassed them all. So you must understand, that after seeing the space today, realizing the support system behind me, and knowing the type of acts Comedy Central is used to seeing in this space? Whew. It's mine for the taking. I don't mean the other acts are bad at all! Let me rephrase that... shit I should totally rewrite that. The other acts tend to require a bit more imagination to see how it translates to television. Meaning, they show all their skits, and maybe one of the people in the skit stands out... and they go on to other things, etc. My show IS the tv show. Comedy Central already saw all my bits, liked them, and wanted to see the SHOW. So they gave me this taping. So what they will see will be completely fleshed out, timed out, and written as a pilot to go straight-to-air. Complete with the opening credit sequence, commercial breaks, etc. My expectations are absolutely to have each and every person at Comedy Central come up to me and shake my hand while shaking their heads 'cause they had no idea it was gonna be so fleshed out.
...and although that is an inordinate amount of pressure to put on yourself, it's nothing compared to the pressure of trying to make the initial opportunity happen. To me, the hard part is over.
Now we have fun. Two Egos pre-production shooting dates set: October 25th and November 1st. Can't wait to see my friends again...