4:26 PM, Sunday, March 8th, 2009:
Rock & Roll Randoms. Hell. Yes. Let's Go...
1) P.I.M.P.
Modded bus that acts like a dressing room when you're not the "headliner"...
It's all such a rouse. I am not smooth. I'm a complete dork and one still out of thousands on my video camera came up suave. I am however, smart enough to choose that still and act like it's as cool as I always am. Except, shit, I kinda messed that part up. :-)
2) Killer Video:
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter) click the "HD" button (you may need to let it load)
Adam ended up buying the DVD of the show so I didn't even need to use my "secret" footage (no filming was allowed). However, I had to include it because I put the camera on a speaker and it reverberated with the bass line which looked sooooooooo cool.

Unfortunately the sound was distorted (actually the least of the issues) but for a demo reel for Adam - there's some good stuff for sure. And yes, several people came up afterwards asking: "Are you really the first video blogger?". If you notice in the video, the bass player does the same thing right there on stage. It's a combination of both wonder... but a tiny part of, wait - what is a video blog again? LOL.


3) Flat Key Club

Felt so bad for Adam. He puts this band together, works with everyone - specifically comes over to help me with some parts since I missed the 2nd practice... tries to add in extra vocals etc. to make it perfect... and it's all nearly worthless. No soundcheck... barely even a line-check. They actually had the guy doing background vocals louder than Adam. You can hear it in the video. It's ridiculous.

That's the problem with playing big clubs in LA - they have 4 bands opening (we were right before Marcy Playground) to squeeze as much money out of each band, get as many opportunites to sell a DVD of the performance that caring about the actual music becomes back burner. And you'd better sell your 100 tickets at $15 a pop for the opportunity to say you played the Key Club. Ugh.

4) Summoning '79

Alright, gotta give Adam some shit for this. :-) So Adam will be the first to admit he's not a piano player. Because of this, some of his keyboard parts are very... 4th grade recital. But to stay true to the songs I wanted to play them exactly like the mp3. Which meant 2 note chords and 1 note melodies. What I was NOT prepared for was the in-the-middle-of-the-song / swing-the-camera-over / throw-the-spotlight-on / announcement of: "And here's Adam Kontras!"...

...as I show my mad skills playing something I could literally play when I was 3. Exhibit A:
It was one of the more embarrassing moments I can remember onstage. LOL. I remember thinking:  "Adam, you really didn't just throw the stage to me when I'm playing 3 fingers."
Ha, that picture is classic. That's pre-school, 1979/1980. Hell a crossover ... THAT was more complex than what he decided to spotlight at that moment. So funny.
But again, it's the reason you really need to practice before you go onstage. 'Cause if he had pulled that shit in practice I'd have been like: "No dawg... I am NOT playing this, you gotta let me rewrite it if you're putting a spotlight on me." But hey, I am the first vlogger. (sigh)
5) Are you Marcy?
In looking for the bathroom I came across the employee bathroom which had a numbered padlock on it. The lead singer of Marcy Playground (John Wozniak) and I tried desperately to remember the code (he knew it, I did not). He knew it was some combination of 9,3 and 0... but it was 4 digits. We were failures. As was I, because I didn't even know who he was until I saw him onstage later... singing. He was very cool though - and happy to jump up and push buttons with me to no avail.
6) Better than I remembered...
Wow, "The Woz" can really, really sing. I had no idea how spot-on his voice was. Never flat, never wavers - just pitch-perfect and really unique. Sex and Candy (which I secretly got video of, next entry) really didn't show off his singing voice at all. How annoying must that be? You're a lead singer of a band and the song where you barely sing becomes maaaaaaaaasssive. Meh, there are worse lots in life. That one song has them still headlining 12 years later. Oh, and I really dig 3 piece bands. Just so clean. If everyone sings, you can create the world.
7) Dumb Bull & Vodka
If there's an age minimum for alcohol, I think there needs to be an age maximum for energy drinks. I will volunteer 33 right now. It's why I'm decidedly NOT pimp in that first bus picture. I'm cracking open a super huge MONSTER energy drink which I proceed to down... and then chase it with a Red Bull & Vodka. I was up until 6, fucking, 30 this morning. AND I FELT GREAT!!!!!!!!!! (sigh). Just stupid. I was kinda sleepy when I got there... and they were FREE. Such a bad combination. I can rationalize just about everything if it's free. And it's funny - it's not the price as much as the feeling of "wasting" something if I don't use what's given to me. Like some sort of "Depression-Era" psychology (should come in handy this year) I've always had. My soul ACHES if I waste something. I have never not either finished my plate or took the food home... in my life. I mean, in, my, life. Wasting food is to my body what to normal people... well, putting your entire life online must feel like. LOL. And it all comes full circle doesn't it?
8) Kat Williams goes to Mel's
After the show we went to Mel's Diner (a place I walked to after The Comedy Store in 2001, but turned around 'cause it was so packed) and Kat Williams (comedian) walked in. Adam and his girlfriend were pretty stoked. I assumed Kat did the same as I and just came down (certainly didn't walk) after his gig at The Comedy Store. Instant flashbacks of Eddie Griffin's piece on me (they look incredibly similar sometimes) and that buzz of "making it". What a pure, genuinely euphoric feeling that night was. And what's funny is you remember things like "Kat Williams" walking into the restaurant after more than anything. Like when Larry King walked by after I was told I got "Up & Adam" at the Beverly Wilshire. I wonder if Adam (Darling) has feelings like that about the cool things in his career? Hmmmm...
9) Hong Kong Song
So the drummer for the gig and I were talking about some of the coolest gigs. He did a year in Hong Kong, all expenses paid and great money playing at some ritzy hotel. People, in a heartbeat. In, a, heartbeat I would do that shit. Can you IMAGINE The Journey entries? Seriously - if anyone knows of any international agents (Japan/China) please, please email me. I would absolutely put the live Egos show back together if there was a way to do a month overseas or more. The crazy thing is, even 10 years later... 4tvs is still completely cutting edge. No one is doing anything remotely that intricate and I'd have to think the right hotel/bar/nightclub would go gaga over that considering the american angle. GODDAMN I need someone with connections.
Wow, 9 randoms just like the original. :-) Fun night. I'm pretty beat. I have a really cool entry tomorrow. Can't wait to share it...