1:00 PM, Monday, July 20th, 2009:
Alright - first things first: This is not my dog. LOL. This is a big entry, and it's kinda cute how the title has a double entendre, but make no mistake - this is not my dog. I ended up dog-sitting for a couple of days (more on that in a bit) and made a video:
Cute little bugger. Surprisingly playful and not annoying like most dogs I've hung out with that size. Although - it sure barks up a storm if it hears something. Scared the SHIT out of CeBe one time when she was sniffing her and she just decided to bark. LOL. Anyway - onto the meat:
Finally releasing the 2 big entries. First up:
The absolute emotional peak of the entire journey. The biggest break, the most clear moment of knowing "I'm getting my shot... the rest is gravy" I've ever had. And then the video. Wow. I'd post it here, but you really have to go through all of 895 to get it. Absolutely huge. A moment I never want to shortchange. I've never been prouder of this project than "895". And holy shit, Comedy Central, wow. Then the following entry:
...and a first look at the Paradigm Agency and an absolutely head-spinning entry. All of this then off to the rest of the world?!!? The craziest 48 hour period in my life. Bar none. And finally it's open...
...so why now? 'Cause it really is all happening. There's no reason to hide about it. Weller/Grossman and I are producing this show for Comedy Central - and it was Comedy Central's idea. Nothing more surreal than walking into that meeting and them knowing my shit already.
Now the next question has to be: SO WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!?! Well, contract stuff is happening and my agent just got back from a week long vacation today. Waiting to hear back from her at which point we will be able to sit down and look through everything with a fine-toothed comb. It's all about protecting my interests and this is actually the most important and crucial moment of this process. What we agree on now, follows us for the life of the show. I can't begin to express how appreciative I am that I have an agency of their stature looking out for my best interests. I'm fortunate beyond belief...
...in all levels. Don't for one second think the recent Donna surreality has me down. It doesn't. My heart goes out to her, my love for her has always extended well beyond her actions. There are no conditions on that love. She is in a really bad place and trying to do what she thinks is right to survive. I pray she finds her way, and I rest EASY knowing I did everything humanly possible - and truth be told? Went so beyond what most men would do? That I'm not sure I'm prouder of any period of my life as a friend/husband/man. That's why the entries about her are no longer going to be locked. I have every right to say what happened to me, and will no longer protect someone who slaps me in the face. I have to stand up for myself. But make no mistake, this isn't getting me down in the least. I don't focus on things I have no control over. Simple as that.
And finally on the little dog (whose name is Bella). Yes, I'm a bit of a sucker. A friend needed some help and I offered almost immediately without thinking twice. Which means... I had to guard this little bitch with the Heisman Trophy pose for a few days while CeBe tried to eat her. (sigh). I'd let her down and CeBe just followed her like crazy... obsessed with every movement. I mean think of it from her perspective. I just shaved her so horribly she looks like a friggin' LAMB - so she's already self-conscious, and then I bring in a CUTER dog? Yeah, she's eatin' that bitch. But what I initially thought was CeBe trying to bite her - was CeBe doing the same thing she does with Roxy when they play: biting the backs of her legs... but on Bella? How do you do that? It ended up being really cute because CeBe really was just trying to play, but was scared of hurting her. That all finally changed today and now they're running all over the house playing...
...but I still won't let them hang out unsupervised. And I'm sure Bella's mommy appreciates that. :-) Thankfully she's back tomorrow.
Alright - hopefully I have news on the first production meeting tomrrow. Giddy-up.
PS - the moon landing wasn't fake. fuck off.