8:36 PM, Saturday, May 30th, 2009:

Could there be a better sendoff? If there is do any of you doubt that I'll experience it in the near future? Can you imagine had they not rescheduled? Wow. I'm sitting in LAX waiting for my flight to Boston (and onto London) and it's still barely registering what the last 48 hours have held. From Comedy Central to the last day at work to Paradigm to Europe/Africa how can you possibly process it all? The sights and sounds have been incredible - and none moreso than this:

Shutting down Windows

Shutting down my computer at work for the last time. I don't even want to step foot in the building again. I mean, I'm sure I will - but it just represents soooooooo much frustration and I even hesitate putting this image in an entry I'll reread later. LOL.

I walked out of the building for the last time singing "Float Downstream" absolutely on top of the world. It's like every moment in my life is one-upping the one previous. To have quit my job a month before, and then get The Comedy Central show the day before my last day!? And then have to leave EARLY on my last day to meet with my new agent at Paradigm? It's a fairy tale.

Walking from work

Oh and speaking of Paradigm. Look at this:

Paradigm Fountain

This has to be one of the most lavish places I've ever seen. This is in the middle of Beverly Hills and the building starts at the left and as you can see it wraps all the way to the back. I've just never seen anything like it. I mean, I shit myself when I walked into Management 360 last year, but this is ridiculous. Just to the left is the entrance:

Front of Paradigm

It's a shame they spelled Paradise wrong. And then you walk into even more surreality as you actually belong there. You're not delivering food, you're seeing your agent. Someone who works for you. Laura took me to meet with her sister and she just sat there giggling at me. As I’m sure any of you would be doing too. She’s gotten to know me pretty well the past couple of months and the shift in fortunes is just ridiculous. All you can do is giggle…

…unless of course you are her sister, Alisa, and then you’re ALLLLL business. It’s kinda spooky how some people just clearly have command before a word is uttered. Though I swear to Shizzle this nonchalantness is making me nuts. I mean, that’s what I want of course – surround me with me people that have done this 1000 times over emotionally puppy-dawg-pee-yourself reactionaries like me any day – but it’s such an eye-opener how boring this seems to them. But what’s nice is by the end of the meeting, I have that same calm assertiveness because it all just rubs off. This is some serious shit. This has a lot more to do with protecting my creations than it does with money. We’re actually gonna need to bring in a lawyer as well just to be safe. For example, I wanted to do a tour of 4tvs if this took off – but guess who will own the rights to those characters? See, all that shit has to be worked out. It becomes really really complicated and I have never felt more comfortable with someone’s competency in my life.

(sigh) We can’t have a freaking elephant in an ENTRY. You know, I want to stay positive here, but it’s simply not the truth. I’m sitting here describing OPPOSITES of Charlotte and I have to broach this topic one, final, time. When I walked out of that meeting with Comedy Central (after it was properly translated to me) the final sections of grey in my relationship with Charlotte finally turned black. They were damn close when we had the meeting earlier this month, but in true Charlotte fashion she was STILL able to plant enough doubt in my head (how are they gonna greenlight a pilot without a script and bible) that I wondered if it was Weller/Grossman who were the inept ones, and not her. That ended Thursday. She was not only an inept manager; her m.o. is making the client feel inadequate to cover her flaws. That’s not my truth, it’s the truth. After 8 years, I can say that without hesitation. Even with the outrageous amount of content I have, she still told me I needed to write more, produce more, etc. or she couldn’t help me. There is no doubt now she just didn’t have the contacts to help and instead of being decent and admitting that – she continued to beat at my psyche even this month. I really did believe for a moment that she was right and we had no business going to Comedy Central.

And the kicker?!?!? That meeting was to try and salvage a relationship! Even on a working level! I still value her professional opinion, I would want her involved in some way (just not the negotiating side after the CBS debacle) but I needed her to admit some fault. She never budged. And when Weller/Grossman asked me if I had anyone I wanted to write with? I paused for a second, and just shook my head no. Sad to me. I love bringing along those that have supported me. You think Tyson isn’t gonna be the make-up guy on this pilot? SHEEEEEIT. You think I’m not gonna do all I can to help any of my friends if I have the power? Of course I am. And I’m gonna rest easy because I did everything I could to include Charlotte and on each and every level she hurt me. And that’s what I’m still angry about and will be for awhile. You hurt me Charlotte. You not only wasted my time, but you battered me. But you know what? I am literally 5,000 times stronger because of it. And thank the FUCK Christ she didn’t get me anything during CBS ‘cause guess who would’ve been the one negotiating THAT deal into the ground? How terrifying is that thought. How lucky am I to be at Paradigm?

Oh and speaking of which – there was no grand signing yesterday because I have more people to meet. Paradigm works a bit differently – you have several agents working for you and covering different sections of your career. It’s a whole team effort. I would be meeting with everyone next week if I weren’t going to Europe/Africa – but it’s a foregone conclusion. Even “Uber-conscious of the other shoe” Adam knows this isn’t falling through. No, Alisa is indeed my agent – and I will be signing with them when I get back.

Alright – I’m on the plane and very tired. Expect an entry from Abbey Road on Monday! And to May ’09; congratulations on being the greatest month in the history of The Journey. Good luck keeping that moniker even after June.


PS –

oh shit I totally forgot about the video. I was on ABC last night on the “unbroke” special. That thing with Christian Slater and Rosario Dawson that I did a few weeks ago. Strangely I shot it the day after the Weller/Grossman meeting and it aired the day after the Comedy Central meeting. Everything just seems fated. Ugh, I had to say that didn’t I. It isn’t lost on me that a poetic ending to The Journey is finally making it and then dying overseas. I mean, it would suck all sorts of ass –but it would be an extraordinary ending. I am twisted as fuck. I’m so used to seeing my life as a story, it doesn’t occur to me to not say things like that. Heh. See you in June.