4:30 PM, Thursday, July 16th, 2009:
It's astonishing... ('cause I use amazing and unbelieveable far too often). It's astonishing that through everything she still had someone who was her biggest champion. Who loved her completely and accepted all of her issues and faults and simply wanted to see her succeed. Someone who kept entries locked so as to protect her from her own actions and continued to write loving songs as she went down her path alone. So it makes perfect sense to treat that person like a criminal.
in no uncertain terms, do not call or write me or my family ever again. your messages (both) will be instantly deleted. this is the third time i am asking (either directly or through someone else). if you have questions about the divorce, there are resources online or you can call the superior court of la. i paid $350 to file the case. you have to pay $350 (or i believe you can look into a waiver for people who are unemployed) to respond either by mail or at the courthouse within 30 days. consider this my last correspondence.
I post this for one reason. You ever hear some guy talk about his ex and say something like: "Dude, I totally didn't do anything - and she just went off." And you nod your head, but in the back of it you're thinking:  "There's always another side of the story..." Well suddenly I'm that dude, and I swear to Shizzle this is a complete 180 and the timeline I laid out two entries ago is dead-on. This is beyond bizarre. Her mom and dad even wrote back to me "A lovely surprise to hear from you.... lots of love!" Bizarrrrrrrrrre. Even for Donna, this is as out-of-character as her having a lawyer write her email. She's certainly learning to be an American! HAAAAAAA. What a story...
...and thankfully? I'm in the middle of Disneyland and I'm hearing about a thunderstorm on the MOON. It just doesn't come close to affecting me. Too happy riding the rides at the moment and my heart really does go out to her because if she treats someone as unconditionally loving as me like this? Her road is never gonna even out. You are the company you keep. Simple as that. And what a bizarre end to what was a beautiful success story in my mind. As Cameron once said in 2003, I'm done...
...and I'm also done protecting her. Now, I won't bad mouth her, and I'll always care deeply for her - but I'm sure as fuck not going to continue to cover-up what happened when we were together anymore. I kept that HGTV entry locked ALLLLLLLLLLL this time because it was just soooooooo damning to her character... but no longer. You bitches gotta READ that shit. And then you gotta watch that show again (right here) and feel that same punch in your stomach when Josh comes on the screen that I did. This is movie shit. It's as surreal a subplot as there has ever been in The Journey and I'm as "jaw-dropped" as you all are reading it. I feel like a reporter right now flying over the keyboard 'cause shit's movin' so fast.
But you can't beat the timing. It's as if The Journey Gods were like:  "Alright, we need to completely clear up every loose end before this all hits..." and BLAMMO. At ths point? Who am I to question how this is all coming down. I'm floating downstream and watching the river bend ahead of me. So you just lay back and enjoy the ride.
I'm gonna make a bunch of frozen mixed drinks tonight and laugh at the dog. Anyone wanna come?