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<Originally written on pen & paper, transcribed on June 7th>

8:53 AM, Thursday, June 4th, 2009:

En Route to Masai Mara
I mentioned in the last entry that there probably could be a better place for this announcement... but as I write this on a notepad while bouncing around in a white van on my way to my first African Safari, I see I was wrong. The notepad seals it. To have journeyed beyond electricity is the essence of "jumping" and I believe I've finally convinced 2000 Adam to keep going. I am sooooooo glad I FINALLY get to explain this entire year to you all...
In late February, while suffering through "Inauguritis" and lack of adventure, I was doing more grunt work for The Journey in preperation for the 10 year anniversary (Youtubing every video, etc.) At the same time, the Filipino newspiece on The Journey made Entry #1 even more magical. As I gazed at it with a foreign tongue behind it, I imagined being able to talk to that Adam. What if I told him the entirety of the next 10 years? Would he still do it? What an incredible conversation that would be... and what, a great, movie. Because it's sooooo grey! You really think he'd choose to lose Jess? At that moment I was certain 2000 Adam would turn around and go back to Ohio. It really affected me. I mean I'm used to not being able to hide with The Journey -- but this was a whole new level. I'm writing this script in my head as 2010 Adam trying desperately to make 2000 Adam keep going... and failing. It ate at me. have I just rationalized failure? 2000 Adam certainly thinks so. 2000 Adam sees losing Jess, and still not really making it, and is mortified.
However, in my mind? The idea for the movie was just far too good to ignore the truth. So I was stuck with the possibility that 2000 Adam turns the fuck around. The only way I could possibly avoid that was to somehow impress him with the only year remaining. So now does the "Hail Mary" of Africa make sense? Absolute desperation. I kept thinking of the videos I would show 2000 Adam to make him keep going. It was a little crazy. And all because I was writing this movie script and hating the ending...
...and that one move of a ticket to Africa, lead to Weller/Grossman wanting my demo, lead to pitching to Comedy Central, and lead to the most extraordinary break of my life. And it was all done in an attempt to convince 2000 Adam to keep going. That is remarkable to me. Stunning. And that is why writing this out free hang on a notepad is perfect. That one act of insanity...saved The Journey.
So let me introduce the first trailer for The Journey: From 1 to 1000:
 If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
I'll be filming the new live-action elements in... well, now Comedy Central has made that a bit more difficult to determine. It was gonna be September & January, but it might have to be whenever I can. Marty & Jessica will be reprising their 2000 counterparts (calling all people with a cat that looks like J-Dog in the Columbus area) and this will be feature length (90 minutes). My plan is to premiere it in Columbus in an actual movie theater for Entry #1000, which should have landed on April Fools' Day, however recent events have kept me writing at such a pace that I'm actually a bit concerned. From this month which could top 20 entries, to the 4-Square Show to Comedy Central it's gonna be all I can do to pace it down for the Premiere April 1st. So funny considering a few months ago I was trying to create random content (ten 4-Square Shows) just to make it to to April 1st. Journey fortunes do turn on a dime. :-)
So there's the big announcement. I can really see this movie being one of the most touching stories I've ever told. I mean look at how I reacted telling Jess the Comedy Central news. Whew. This will be epic... and if done right, paired with the press from the 10 year anniversary on January 2nd, could be perfect timing.
2009. The year that saved The Journey.