11:56 AM, Monday, May 25th, 2009:
I feel like I could do a "randoms" entry every week these days. Just sooooooooooo much going on and I'm a big fan of "bang for your buck" so instead of several entries, randoms win:
1) Radio Gaygay
Ha. Radio Gaga... Damnit, now I wish I had done an entry just for this because that's a perfect title. So Ann is the queen of all things gay because of her role as LaVonda on "Sordid Lives". She sits in with Tony Sweet for his show on latalkradio.com and she invited me down to talk. However, there were no cameras allowed in the studio (as you can see at the beginning of the video - when I take it out and he says I can't). It has to be the most baffling video cock-block of my life considering my camera was allowed everywhere from CBS to WGN radio studios in Chicago. This is an internet radio station. Ha. But, where there are barriers there is art. And because of that, we get a really cool video:
 If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
These are all the random little videos I've taken on my pocket cam the last few weeks with the radio interview underneath. Strange and random. love it. Anyway - it was a fun show to sit-in on and let me assure you it wasn't Tony that nixed camera... apparently the guy that runs the station it is weirded out about it. Again, baffling for an internet radio station. But I'm thankful for the art it created. :-)
2) Speaking of gay...
Carrie Prejean (beauty queen against gay marriage) has every right to believe that and you all need to shut the fuck up already. You're making me crazy. It's a religious issue for her, and always will be. Not allowing it to be ok for others to believe in their own religious beliefs without persecution is kind of the bedrock of this country, no? And don't scream civil-liberties to me, that's decided by society collectively and that's why 5 states now allow gay marriage. Society is turning in our direction... actually, this is it's own entry. It just is. And it should come from someone who vehemently disagrees with Ms. Prejean to show the absolute hypocrisy of the progressive movement destroying her. I'm clueless as to why the only people I see defending her are those who agree with her. I'm doin' a full entry tomorrow to coincide with the California Supreme Court ruling. Grrrr.
3) Uhm, ouch.
When will this pattern end? Am I gonna really have to hurt myself before I become an adult and wear the proper clothing? Man, I'm scolding myself in 3rd person like I'm a father. Ha.
Since the beginning of time, I have done yardwork or some form of construction work "spontaneously". Meaning, I'm in my pajama bottoms, socks and nothing else - drinking coffee... and I decide it's time to move that tree limb that fell in the backyard. This is the same way I redid my bathroom. I was literally on the toilet and started rippin' off wallpaper and spent the rest of the evening re-doing the whole thing. Well in throwing the limb to the back of my yard I ripped a pretty good sized gash in my side, 'cause duh - I was practically naked. Fucking, moron. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's deep and purple and a constant stinging reminder of the fact that I need to grow up. However, I contend that that same spontanaity is why I'm going to Europe/Africa on Saturday...

4) Disgracebook
...except for the fact that none of you will probably ever know because my Facebook account has been disabled for the second time - and it may be gone forever. And in a million years you won't believe why: DELETING friend suggestions too fast. I kept gettingthe same 20 suggestions that I didn't want to add, so I kept deleting them over and over and over - and they kept coming back. So I decided to see just how freaking long it would take to finally clear my "suggest" box. I must have deleted 100 names in like 3 minutes. It never worked. The same names would just keep popping up and I finally gave up. Clicked on a button to go back to my profile and saw this:
No reason given whatsoever. After I got a non-descript warning a couple months ago I wrote to them. After weeks I finally got ahold of a human and I debated him ad nauseum because they never tell you the guidelines for "security reasons". I finally got him to say this:
"Please keep in mind that we do not set a specific limit on the amount of friend requests you can send in any one day. Rather, warnings and blocks are sent out based on a number of different factors (such as speed, time, and quantity). For this reason, we ask that you monitor the nature (i.e. the speed at which you send and reply to friend requests, how many requests you send in a certain amount of time, etc.) in which you use this feature, rather than attempting to abide by any specific numerical limits."
But remember, I wasn't adding ANYONE. I was DELETING all the suggestions because I was sick of them filling up the space in that section. Granted, I am fast on a computer - no doubt - but in a million years it never occured to me that their computer would pick up the speed at which I was DELETING and flag it for improper behavior. Nor did it ever warn me that I was doing anything too fast.
So now, a few days before my trip to Europe/Africa - 3000 friends built up over a years worth of work is gone. Journey group? Gone. Several of my overseas contacts for a trip I'm taking in 5 days? Unreachable. This is bordering on class-action lawsuit. I mean, yay me for actually finding a glitch in their system that sees "fast-deleting" as some sort of improper behavior -- give me a fucking award or something -- but give me my account back. It's been 48 hours now, and no word. The timing simply couldn't be worse. Comedy Central -- Europe -- Africa in days? Unbelieveable. Oh and speaking of Africa...
5) Are you CRAZY?
I must be. 'Cause when I tell people I'm going to Africa they look at me like I happened to mention my upcoming trip to the molten center of the earth. Was I supposed to be scared of this trip and didn't know? 'Cause, shit - maybe I will be now? LOL. I spend so much time within the walls of this "Journey" that I must lose touch with reality 'cause anyone who responds to me online is really just happy they get to watch me do all the crazy shit. People that I actually see and touch everyday tend to have a different reaction. One of absolute shock and veiled horror. I mean, I guess we'll find out once I'm there - but I'm not going to a warzone. Maybe it's just the whole "national-geographic" mentality where things that are a world away don't touch or affect people so the thought of actually ENTERING that world is a mind-meld for them. Well, if I can bring some realness to the atrocities over there so be it. God I wish there was a way I could be building some houses over there or something. It looks like Linda and I won't be making any money on the journalist side of things, so it would've been cool to have a humanitarian thingee lined up. We'll see. It'll be an adventure either way.
6) The "Good" Shot
Finally Cleveland has a good shot to remember. After watching them be the foil to my beloved Jordan all those years, Friday night LeBron hit one of the best shots I've seen in years. At the moment, only Horry's shot against the Kings in 2002 is in the same realm for the overall "steal" factor in a big game. Cleveland's entire series was done and in 1 second it was suddenly anyone's game. I know they lost last night but if they win tomorrow they have home-court for the rest of the series. But man, Orlando really is outplaying them. What an incredible freaking playoffs this year. Don't you just love the fact that I'm gonna be in some hut in Africa during the fucking Finals next week? (sigh).
7) The other Journey
I know after the last entry it might be hard for you to believe that I don't mention my romantic life that much, but it really is true. The only reason Ann is even mentioned is that it has turned into a life-changing story that neither of us will soon forget. Not to say there aren't other women in my life that have that same potential, but I make a concerted effort not to bring them up unless the story is just too amazing to let go. For example, two women you're seeing ending up in the same room for an eyebrow waxing appointment on Christmas Eve? You mention that. That is one of the most incredible stories I've ever told on this site and it clearly has a place. Saturday night doesn't fall into the amazing category, but it's worth a Randoms for sure. Girl on Facebook has VIP tickets to a show at the Hollywood Improv and asks if I want to go. We had IM'd before and I actually mentioned to her, half-jokingly, that she came across completely batshit crazy. Which I have to say, is really really hard to do on an instant message. She played it off, and I hadn't spoken to her enough to get a good read. But hey a free show and I liked the comedian (Billy Barr). So I get there at 7 and call her to let her know I was gonna be on the patio next-door watching the Laker game, and it seems she's running late. An hour late. <rolling eyes> whatever. So when she arrives we sit down to eat and over the course of 30 minutes I heard more celebrity name drops than the front page of TMZ. Difference? She got the names wrong. To date, probably the funniest, most "LA" moment of my life. Hearing someone talk about how they almost got a part in the "Robert Williams" movie, Nine Months, will continue to make me laugh when I'm 80... guaranteed. There were several others and I just smiled and nodded my head. However, I did call her out when she said "Beau Bridges" was her agent 15 years ago (and she corrected it with another name). Unfortunatley, it went from amusing to exhausting when she responded to my CBS/Up & Adam story by saying I wasn't good "talk show host" material because I didn't have the ability to bring people into the conversation (from the woman who dominated 85% of it to that point) and I was too self-centered. My initial reaction was actually pretty interested 'cause I felt that she may have seen some things and had an outside perspective. And hey, like I can really defend the "self-centered" jab when it comes to The Journey. LMAO. But then she dropped this litte doozy: she had never seen anything I had ever done. Never clicked any of the links I gave her... and made this assessment simply from that night. I'll let Cameron provide my facial reaction to this statement:
Ha. Her response to this face was:  "Ooh I hit a nerve." Girl, I got here at 7-0-0. You got here at 7-5-3. Calling me self-centered may be the most glaring example of projection in an interpersonal relationship (however short) I've ever seen. I don't mind her not seeing my stuff, but for the love of fucktards why would you guestimate a critiwue? Oh but it continued... Since she had never seen anything (and describing 4tvs or The Egos over dinner is an exercise in futility) she proceeded to teach me the mechanics of being on-stage and doing comedy (she's an aspiring comedian). About how you're supposed to dress, hold the mic, include "k" sounds... it was as if she had read the "dummies manual to stand-up. And I really hate to be a prick here, but I've always found that the people that obsess over those angles of art and performance aren't artists; they're con-artists. They're trying to succeed at an artform that isn't truly in them - so they belabor the mechanics ad nauseum. They take classes, hire coaches and turn into manufactured robots. I'm not saying your attire or how you carry yourself isn't important (hell I did an entry during the 4tvs years about how much a mic stand changed the show), but they're finishing touches, not foundations. Now I haven't seen her onstage so I can't presume she doesn't have a rock-solid foundation, but after sitting through the comedians while she pointed out their "mechanics" DURING the show - I'm pretty sure I have more than enough info. You don't talk during someone else's set, period. We were 2 feet from the stage to boot. Christ. Oh and Bill Burr is funny as fuck. Had a great time and am honestly incredibly thankful to this girl for offering the ticket. I certainly won't forget it. :-)
8) Truth or Consequences?
A political-junkie friend of mine admitted he was really pissed that Obama was siding with the Bush Administration on several points (Plame, war tribunals, etc.). His reason was that it was validating Bush. Everybody... step back please. This is the same as slammin' Prejean - you guys are missing the entire point. You're replacing one agenda with another and "the truth" is what's being lost. But maybe that IS the point for the left-wing? Do those that hated the Bush Administration want the truth? Or do they want consequences for his actions no matter what? If you really want the truth, then you have to accept that we may have been wrong on some things. I mean it got to the point with the Bush Administration that when the man PET A TURKEY he was slammed. Then Obama comes in, he pets a turkey the same way and the left-wingers lose their MINDS. WHAT THE FAAAAAAACK!?!? Why is he doing it like BUSH!!??! If Obama looks at a situation, and he tells me that in this case - he agrees with the previous administration? That's fine with me. You really think him not releasing those prisoner photos is part of some cover-up to make Bush look good? They will come out eventually, but he determined it wasn't safe to release them now. I think that's fair. We don't have access to what he has access to. And I have yet to see him not deal with a situation with intelligence, patience and extreme pragmatism. That's what a leader is. A leader isn't someone who simply agrees with your agenda and will push it through with eyes wide shut. And I think that's what the left thought they were getting: THEIR version of the Bush Administration. Now I expected the Republicans to act like this, but not the Democrats. It's why I can never side with these parties... ever. Listen, I still root for Obama to do what I want. You know how I feel about the war and the torture issue, and I'll be incredibly disappointed if someone isn't held accountable for those crimes, but I'm also well aware of how volatile the situation is and how important the safety of this country is. This shit isn't black and white - and the extreme wings of the party NEVER, SEE, GREY. Ugh.
9) Chronic Elation
I am happier than I've ever been in my life. I don't type that lightly. I'm not HIGHER than I've ever been in my life, but I have been racking my brain for a time when I felt more centered, more focused - and straight up more happy... and it's just not coming to me. Potential is sooooooooooooo intoxicating and this month has been so reminiscent of February 2007 where I knew I had "Up & Adam" and every day was simply perfect. But even that was scattered with Donna and drama. Donna's name rhymes with Drama. Ha. Anyway, I feel spectacular. I have so much positivity around me, it's like a cocoon. All that's left now is waiting for the butterfly.
Here's to Thursday at 4pm. Giddy-up.