12:09 PM, Saturday, May 9th, 2009:
I'm tellin' you man, this shit just does not happen during the down times. Even though nothing in the past couple of weeks prompted this, it still feels like this unbelieveable momentum where more than anything I give you at home fun shit to look at. :-)
A friend of Linda's works with a production company that is doing a primetime special for ABC and at the last second (seriously hours before) they needed background... though it would cost me quite a bit in lost work, she seemed pretty desperate and I figured I'd help. Again, take out this site? Not happening. Looking at celebrities is actually somewhat aggrivating because there's such a big part of me that's goin' "gonna be me, gonna be me, gonna be me" and soon I just wanna expolode. However, the challenge of getting off some video in a room full of people looking at you without anyone noticing? That shit is awesome. I succeeded in getting Christian (Rosario Dawson had already left):
As well, I stood in for Christian while they lit the shot and grabbed a few frames of that:
And you can see the entire 20 second process in this entry's video:
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
As is usually the case when you see celebrities in person is that they're bone skinny. Rosario in fact may actually be a lot skinnier than the last thing I saw her in (Clerks 2) because she just looked way, too, thin. Christian is just rail thin as well. Amazingly it wasn't until I was looking at him that I remembered a story I hadn't thought of in over a decade...
WTVN Entry #69, from September 1996, includes a show where I interviewed a producer at the station, Ethan Weiss. Ethan worked on Saturday Night Live for a couple of years basically doing grunt work - but one week in particular he was assigned one thing: Make sure Farley and Slater get to the show on time. Chris and Christian were really good friends which was quite a concern when they even booked Christian as the host. Ethan said Lorne Michaels pulled him aside mid-week when it was already clear they were blowing off rehearsals to get high, and asked him to stay with them the entire time and make sure they don't get in too much trouble. What ended up happening was all three of them stayed up for 2 straight days speedballing and doing crystal meth in limos and clubs, etc.... but they made it on time. And considering? They both performed incredibly. He said they seemed tired but you'd never know they hadn't slept and were completely strung out. Even crazier, when Ethan told this story, Farley had died 10 months before. It was just an amazing peek into celebrity that kinda shocked me - as he pretty much admitted, at his job, that he did copious amounts of drugs just a few years earlier. Your employer has to love that. Wow, come to think of it - 2 months later he was fired when the show he worked on was cancelled. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.
ANYWAY... Christian looked incredibly healthy, fit and most assuredly clean. Other than his hairline, dawg looked younger than me. And the weight thing is certainly a good wake up call for me. As I've said several times over the years, even the ugly people are skinny. I mean, unless you're the really funny fat guy... you have to be skinny or you will lose opportunities. Period. And amazingly, I have 15-20 pounds I can lose right now. People look at me and think I'm crazy when I say that, but when I was 15-20 pounds lighter - they didn't think I looked too skinny. Sucks, but I'm prepared. One thing about quitting my job is that I will be able to focus on being in the best shape of my life (again). I overheard someone talking to an up-and-coming actor once and he said point blank: "If you can only afford acting classes or a gym membership, choose the gym membership." And if you're a real actor and that line really pisses you off I suggest you really make your own movies and star in them. Of course, you could just run to the acting class. :-)
Really no gossip to report (except for the massive druguse in the 90s - LMAO), both Christian and Rosario were funny, cordial and the shoot was pretty simple. It's going to air May 29th at 9pm on ABC and I'm sure I'll find a way to upload it as a send-off before the gigantic trip coming up in June.
Alright nose-mole, it's time. Off with your head.