7:15 PM, Wednesday, February 25th, 2009:
The entire Journey is now on YouTube.
Why, you might ask, would I go through so much trouble to put old videos up on the site? Simply to make it easier for people to experience The Journey... backwards.
See, I have this delusional concept that at some point there will be more interest in The Journey than there was in real-time. Of course in order to make that possible, I have to make it feasible for someone to go through The Journey very simply. Downloading big videos and having them be compatible with every computer is not simple. Having the video embedded right there on the page and have almost universal compatablity? Simple.
Yeah, simple for you maybe. For me?
1) Load the video from tape to computer
2) Compress the file
3) Upload to Youtube
4) Name, tag and link to the entry on YouTube
5) Embed the movie on the entry page
6) Add timestamp links at the top and bottom of each entry.
Now multiply that by 600 since I didn't start embedding YouTube entries in real-time until July 2007. Oh and add in all the errors and normal computer issues AND throw in the Warner Music Group tiff with YouTube that's currently pissing off the entire community which made me have to redo 10 videos. It equals a monstrous task that I am finally done with.
To be honest, I haven't the slightest idea where to start - but I have to share a few gems that are now available to stream to your brain sans struggle. These are all lightening fast videos:
This has been alluded to dozens of times throughout The Journey... it should make a bit more sense now.
First actual laugh-out-loud moment of The Journey to me. (see, sometimes I spell it out)
First video work I ever did in 2000 for Hollywood Screentest.com.
Opening of "Movie Minded", the show I did for Hollywood Screentest.com.
Dave Foley doing an incredibly cool ad-libbed video to The Journey supporters from the set of "The Tick".
Hanging Bob protest during the 2000 election. Ha.
The Comedy Store reaction in 2001 that still gives me chills...
Reactions to OSU winning the Championship in 2003. Classic, classic stuff. I was on tspeakerphone with my dad and the rest of my family the entire game.
An incredibly precious "Christmas Card" from 2003.
Roxy, seemingly on purpose, kicking me in the nuts as I start my annual drinking video for the start of 2004. If that wasn't an omen, I don't know what is...
Me finally getting my huge ass 4tvs.com sign on national television. LOL. I love this.
Me singing the Quiznos song with my busted nail. This is the funniest video on The Journey and NO ONE will ever CLICK IT! Yes, it's gross, but watch it with your eyes closed. Jess is hilarious in this.
First video that ever made me cry while editing it. I was turning the garage into a guesthouse to live in 'cause Jess and I were getting divorced and I had to rent out the house. Shizzle was with me every step of the way, and when I was done I set up the camera. The music tied it all together and the emotion of the split absolutely walloped me. The Journey became more than a site after this video.
I absolutely adore this video to pieces. I miss Shizzle.
Remember the Gay Pornstar I was gonna testify against? This is why he was mad at me. So, FREAKING, FUNNY.
Everyone's favorite Kenny birthday song. By far. :) The following month I play the video forwards so you can see how incredibly bizarrre I really am...
NEIN. Nein? How was "Nein" never on YouTube before this!??! Great bit.
Winning the first round of Living Room Live. I threw the egg, and it didn't land on my face. :-)
Watch this before it's taken down. Secret illegal footage from the bada bing on the last season of The Sopranos. Craziest entry ever.
I could clearly do this forever. But instead of that, I'll leave you with what has to be the coolest link ever:
Super-Search Function
From this page, you can now type in any key word and find The Journey video instantly. Every Kenny birthday song? Kenny. Every Shizzle video? Shizzle. That one video where I was naked... when was that? "naked". Done. Finally a search function for all those people who have followed this for next to a decade - but could never, ever, ever find those videos again - because they were trapped in the beheamoth that was "The Journey". No longer. giddy-up.
I figure for the next couple of months I will provide a new and a retro video just to give everyone a glimpse into the past. And seriously, if you have one of those desk jobs with random free time, the story does kinda grab you in places. I'll devote an entry to the most receent person to attempt the whole thing from 1-860 as I have a ton of questions for her, and I'm sure she has quite a few for me. I cannot imagine what it all must feel like when you can go through it so fast.
Anyway, I leave you with a commercial I made nearly 15 years ago for my college tape, Tomorrow, my 2nd quarter at Otterbein. Fellow high school peeps will recognize a fellow classmate and by all means if anyone knows any of the other people in this - I'd love to put the appropriate tags on YouTube.
I was gonna get into a big thing about Warner Music Group but it's too good to get buried. So I'll save it for next month. Now, as promised, starting tomorrow I will release 3 very special entries which will allow many of you to experience something you've never before been able to experience over the net. Can't wait.