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1:31 PM, Sunday, February 26th, 2006:
Of all the Japan entries from last year "Nine Randoms" is by far my favorite. That entry and video feels like Tokyo to me. A bunch of strange little memories somewhat ignoring the bigger picture.
And since my bigger picture right now (being a loan officer) is about as exciting as watching a tree grow, I thought I'd chime in on a few things in the same fashion. Lotsa fun shit going on in the world that I've been saving my pennies to add in at a later date. Apparently that date is February 26th.
1) Dick Cheney was inebriated when he shot that dude. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. The fact that he avoided the police that night, went to dinner and had cocktails instead of going to the hospital with the guy (presumably to have an alcohol alibi the next day), then admitted to "one beer" in the FOX interview when the other witnesses said only "Dr. Pepper" was served at lunch (LOL) paints a pretty obvious picture. The hospital thing is the clincher man. If you accidentally shot your 78 year old friend in THE FUCKING FACE while hunting, wouldn't you chill in the hospital with him for a bit? I mean GOD-DAAAAMN. Who goes to dinner after that? I wouldn't be able to eat for days. None of us would. So it's fairly apparent there was some other motive involved. But guess what…I don't give a fuck. News Flash: "Rich people get away with shit." Stop the presses: "Powerful people get away with shit." If Cheney wants to shoot a few more lawyers, that's FINE BY ME. And trust me, that dude is going to have a good quality of life for the rest of his days because of this. He was so well compensated after the incident that he held a press conference and APOLOGIZED TO CHENEY. Bwahahaha. But seriously, this shit just doesn't matter. This is Dick Fuckin' Cheney we're talkin' about, there are slightly more pressing issues.
2) Like these ports. Is this the final straw? Is this what finally makes people realize how inept the administration is? What's scary is that at BEST they're retarded monkeys who think it's reasonable to invade IRAQ, yet allow control of our ports to go to a country that funneled money to 9/11 terrorists and at WORST they know exactly what they're doing and have been in bed with the UAE for DECADES. It's like Iraq - do you really think they were that stupid? You really think they weren't planning on invading Iraq, but the OVERWHELMING evidence compelled them? Of course not. Their "stupidity" is their "out". I mean the next day the White House says Bush didn't know about the deal until it was done. Oh come on. Our biggest ally (UK) pulls off an 8 billion dollar deal with a country that funded 9/11 terrorists and you expect us to believe they didn't KNOW? Of course they knew. If you do your research, it's quite documented how many ties the Bush family has to the middle east. There's money ALL OVER their hands. Has been for decades. I'm just amazed that Bush would do something so blatant as to put a mirror up to that. Trust me, it'll only be a matter of weeks before someone points out the Bush family's ties with the middle east and how that has more to do with our security than once believed. This administration makes the CLINTONS look clean. I mean goddamn. At least when Bill shot you in the face you only needed a towel.
I deserve an award for that last sentence.
3) Traffic sucks. Traffic sucks bad.
That might as well be video. LOL. I have literally played my PSP while sitting on this ON-RAMP from the 10 to the 405. That on-ramp is 20-30 minutes. I shake my head even as I type those words yet I do it twice a day and in relatively good humor. The key is to just "let go". At least you're sitting down, and have a radio to play with…you know? It's also brilliant people watching time. And so many people are so RUSHED. Desperately trying to save 3 car lengths by changing lanes every other second. RELAX and laugh at everyone else. It does wonders for your soul.
4) The Loan Officer gig is going fine. Have a loan already in and 2 more really close. I'm noticing I'm strikingly "carefree" at work. So many people are just fuh-reaked when they don't have loans or if the ones they have go bad. I wear a tie everyday to work and play my little "role" skipping all the way. There's something about knowing that it isn't your LIFE that makes it like a big movie. I love it to death. I'm always thinking:  "If they only knew..." and a couple have caught on with my license plate. I just never want to bring it up, because the inevitable outcome when someone sees everything is: "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!". Then I have to make up some stupid excuse and...ugh. "I'm a loan officer today man, just let it be." ...and off I whistle...
5) So The Price Is Right starts at 10 AM, not 11 AM. (sigh). I totally missed taping the show Cassi and I were on a couple weeks ago. Luckily I was "setting up" to tape it directly into my camera 30 minutes early and realized my mistake 1/2 way through. Of course the first half had the two moments that rocked. One, where a guy near us was picked...and the part where Bob actually responded to me yelling from the crowd. GODDAMNIT. Cassi's grandmother may have it TIVO'd so there's still hope. Anyway - here's the two best shots I could conjure up:
Pathetic. I can't believe I screwed this up. Not like the other stills from earlier in the show would've been that much better but I really wanted Bob's response to me. Grrr.
6) I'm working on a protest song/video that may just make it into a national spotlight. I have the song done, but the video is gonna be a cartoon in "Jib-Jab" fashion and I'm having a friend do that part. That could take months. Suuuuuuuuuuuuucks. What I love so much about the things I do is it's IMMEDIATE. Write song, make video - publish to the world all in an HOUR. Even complicated stuff takes no more than a day or so. I may need to make a "Fake" video for it for the time being just to get it out while waiting on the cartoon. Or of course, I could make the cartoon. The thought of that is overwhelming as shit. I've done flash type stuff before with "Lock The Taskbar" and I know I could pull something off...but I want this to be PERFECT. As "simple" as the Jib-Jab shit looks, it's all really complicated layouts. The animation is simple, but the whole production is really, really well thought out. The song is too good to not have the animation on the same level. Time will tell.
7) I lost 20 pounds with the beloved BORG. Then of course I went back home and then to work. (sigh). How people workout with an LA commute and a full day of work is beyond me. I have been getting up early and can actually make it TO the exercise bike... at which point the ability to actually move the pedals escapes me. I guess I could get up a bit earlier still, eat somethin' and try to "Wake-up" a bit...but the hours in the day start to run out. I have to do it though. There's a solution somewhere to fit it all into the day. I even thought of setting my alarm for 5 AM, taking 2 ripped fuel, then going back to sleep until my body just said - LETS MOVE BITCH! Somethin' tells me that's not a good thing to do, but may be interesting to test...
8) So yesterday I finally got around to getting my new cell phone contract. I was on with Jess for the past 2 years, and it was up earlier this month. The only thing I wanted was "bluetooth". Being able to talk on the cell phone handsfree (and wireless) was just so inviting to me, I could barely contain myself. I was able to pull off a Razr for $149 instead of the normal $299 so I jumped at it. Amazingly the CHEAPEST bluetooth capable phone I could find was $119. CHRIST! And that's with a 2 year contract! Anyway, I'm rambling here. I finally got everything to work and was testing it out with Marty and I was sooooo giddy. And then it occurred to me where we've come as a society. I actually considered it a problem that although I could wirelessly talk to someone 2500 miles away, (anywhere in the world mind you) with my cell phone... I didn't like having to hold my HAND UP TO MY HEAD. THAT was an annoyance. So I had to upgrade. LOL. That's incredible to me. I can only imagine the horrific "inconveniences" of today that my grandkids will have to put up with. :-)
9) And finally, I'm still getting reaction to the backwards Kenny B-Day song. The overwhelming majority of you want to see the "forward" version. LOL. It actually is really funny and worthy of it's own video on the site. So I did it, showed Gary, who in turned showed it to his wife, who is now convinced I'm the fuckin' devil. This freaks her out to no end. LOL. Our greetings to each other when we meet for sushi are now "THUR-BBYE!" ;-) Good times.
Nine more randoms. Woot. Good title.