Entry #13
1:17 AM, January 27th, 2000:
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"Armed with 2 cokes and $4 he's off to brave Hollywood..."
Let the games begin... What a long 3 days it has been. Still don't feel as though I've done enough, but that's what tomorrow's for. Let me say a couple things first:
Now I started this whole journey/journal thing with one thought in mind: Show the road to success. Make a roadmap for others to follow. Success doesn't have to be such a great unknown. I'll make it known. No one can say: "Well, I don't know...LA's so big...and I don't know what's..." YES YOU DO. Go to 4tvs.com and click on JOURNEY. There it is. Giddy up.
Of course it's turned into somewhat of a motivation/inspiration thing for me. There's a whole lot of you out there that want to see this work BAAAD. So bad you keep me going. But the original idea behind all this was to show the road to success. Check out my last 3 days:
4tvs Promotions 2000
(actual visits in BOLD)
NBC STUDIOS - The Tonight Show – 3000 W. Alameda Ave., Burbank, CA 91523-0002
CONTACT: Kevin Eubanks (has promo 3) -****
1/24/00 11:45 AM – And so it starts. Starting at the top of course. As the story has been told many
times: 3 years ago I spoke with Kevin when I was producing for Steve Cannon. I told him
about this “a capella” thing I was doing, which ended up being hearing my thoughts, and he
was cool and said he would listen to it. Well now I have something a bit more unique, and I
hope he can do the same. Not sure what I’m expecting from him, but I have to believe if he
thinks it’s cool he can put it in the right hands. They signed me in as Adam from WTVN, and
then I had to get my package X-Rayed. And the guy said: “Sure I can send this up to him...”
I don’t know why, but that made me feel very cool. As I jumped back into my car I couldn’t
help but feel extremely confident. I’m in the right city, and I have the right act. Please GOD
let me hear from him. I will call in one week if I hear nothing.
1/31/00 2:30 PM -
UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: Universal: Citywalk - 100 Universal Center Plaza,
Building 5511 - 4 Universal City, CA 91608
CONTACT: In flux, call Entertainment building...(has promo 3) -818-622-3528
1/24/00 12:30 PM – Man, this was fun. I was walkin’ all over this place. No one knew where I needed
to be and finally someone got me to the right place. I handed the package to some chick, but
she said the person handling this area is in flux. In a week it will be a totally different person.
She just said to call the Entertainment office and they’ll direct me to whomever it is at that
moment. Alrighty... Oh, and the deal with this place is fairly simple. At the park they have
an outdoor street musician type thing. I thought that my act would go over well on the street
in a controlled atmosphere (somthing about setting all that equipment up on a real street just
makes me uneasy). This is a longshot, basically because it’s like a full-time gig, but it could
be pretty awesome. I’ll call back in a week.
1/31/00 11:00 AM -
AAAH! CAPELLA - 5907 Lankershim Blvd., NoHo Arts District, CA 91601
CONTACT: Debbie (male) (has promo 3) -818-509-6738
1/26/00 3:00 PM - shit my pants when I saw the name of this place. They MADE this mutha fucka for me.
I’m a bit concerned though. Man’s name is Debbie, and Tuesday is DRAGopolis night. But I don’t
give a shit, let me sing in front of an audience...He seemed very intereted and I will drop off a video
1/26/00 9:00 PM – Yeah, he punts & receives. Wears lipstick and a dress. But very nice. Cool place. Lotsa
shit everywhere...looks very experimental. Everything’s gonna be for free right now anyway.
We’ll see. I’ll give him a call Friday. He said he’d watch it tonight. Yeah right...
1/28/00 4:00 PM -
COMMON GROUNDS - 9250 Resheda Blvd., Northridge, CA 9****
CONTACT: Paul (has promo 3) -818-882-3666
1/26/00 7:30 PM - perfect place. nice little stage. I should be playing here in February. I’m supposed
to call Paul at like 9 AM. Whew. I’ll call his ass tomorrow to make sure he got the tape. 9
AM? Already gettin’ up at 7 to call Schoonerville. Man.... you know I fuckin’ LOVE it...
1/27/00 9:00 AM -
COBALT CAFE - 22047 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 9****
CONTACT: ??? (no promo package) -818-348-3789
1/26/00 7:45 PM - CLOSED. The fuck? I couldn’t see any hours, but it’s 8! Maybe they close early
on the weekends. Shit, and I thought I was being all SMART waiting until the nighttime. I’ll
call tomorrow and see what time they open.
1/27/00 12:00 PM -
LULU’S BEEHIVE - 13203 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 9****
CONTACT: Lulu (no promo package) -818-986-2233 (booking line) --> 310-207-7226
1/26/00 8:15 PM - Little place, but it could work. I gave the lady a tape, but I need to call that line and
explain that I can just sing. I don’t have to do the comedy shit. I gotta make TWO tapes.
One for singing and one for comedy..hell and one mixed. I got the mixed alright, but I need to
differentiate. I’ll call tomorrow...
1/27/00 11:30 AM -
HA HA! CAFE - 5010 Lankershim Blvd., NoHo Arts District, CA 91601
CONTACT: Jack or Buddy (has promo 3) -818-508-4995 (F) 762-0941
1/26/00 9:00 PM – On my way to AAAH! Capella, I see this joint and stop. Guy says your a comedian?
Then come in and watch the show. Waved the fee for Jess and I ($14). So I dropped off my
tape at AAAH! Capella and watched the 3 hour show. Only white dawgs in the place. Still
had fun though. I hope they let me do my show though. Hell if they give me like a week or so,
I could make a black set. Rhythm Set, some jokes. Who knows. They do fuckin’ karaoke for
christ’s sake. Tonight was ll comedy, and some good ones too. Anyway, I’m giving Jack or
Buddy a call...I’ll try Friday. See if they like the tape. We will see...
1/28/00 4:00 PM -
THE LAUGH FACTORY - 8001 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90046-2401
CONTACT: NO clue (has promo 3) -323-656-1336 (213?)
1/24/00 2:00 PM – Wow, THE Laugh Factory. This is obviously a bit out of my league right now, but
it gets my name out. I don’t even have the right package. A tape and a sheet of paper. No
glossies, no AGENT - and the tape isn’t all comedy. But it gives me a reason to call. And
that’s always good. Even if the guy laughs at me and asks me what the hell I’m doing, it’s a
direction. So much of this is going to be listening to others and following leads and taking
advice. This was kind of cool, I rang a doorbell and they had a camera on me. I said I had a
tape to drop off, and some chick came to the door and took my tape. Said “thank you” and
there you go. How strange. Like EVERYONE does it this way. Ok... I’ll call in a week.
1/31/00 4:00 PM -
THE COMEDY STORE - 8433 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90046-2401
CONTACT: NO clue (has promo 3) -323-656-6225 (323-650-6268)
1/24/00 2:15 PM – Wow, THE Comedy Store. Next to THE Whiskey. This certainly is Sunset Strip.
Gave my tape to a guy in the back who said he could help me. Now that I think of it, it
could’ve been another comedian trying to sabotage me. EVERYTHING was closed, so there
was no one I could talk to. I will call back in a week.
1/31/00 4:00 PM -
THE BAR WITH NO NAME - 8001 Olive, Burbank, CA 9****
CONTACT: Mike (no package) -310-610-0783
1/24/00 12:00 PM – Nice little place right next to NBC. Has a little stage and they do karaokee. Saw a
sign that said “For booking bands call Mike & leave message” So there ya go. Decided I’ll
call before I leave something. The clientel was wrong for my show, but it was also noon on a
Monday. Hopefully Mike will give me a better feel for things. I’ll call tomorrow.
1/25/00 1:30 PM - Left a message telling him what was up. I guess now we just wait. I’ll try back in two
1/27/00 1:00 PM -
SCHOONERVILLE - 8901-03 De Soto Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91304
CONTACT: Tony Rico (has promo 3) -818-718-1404
1/24/00 3:30 PM – My neighborhoond bar. Right on my street. Who knows, could be a gig there
somewhere. Dropped off a package, and the bartender said the owner was in from 7-7:30 AM
every morning. (whew)...I’ll see if he calls me tomorrow or the next day, if not, I’ll call
Thursday morning at 7 AM.
1/27/00 7:15 AM -
PATRICK TALENT AGENCY - 11333 Moore Park St. #509, Taluca Lake, CA, 91602
CONTACT: Andrea Patrick (has promo 3) -818-761-0607
1/25/00 3:30 PM – Left a voicemail. Will call back in 2 days.
1/25/00 3:45 PM - I guess not, she called me back! Wow. Talked to me for about 10 minutes. Asked me
about my background, and absolutely LOVED the idea of 4tvs. I cannot tell you how nice it was to
speak with someone. She even said: “Yeah, most places will say send an 8x10 and resume, and then
you’ll never hear from them again” She talked about trade shows and all sorts of things to help
“supplement my income”. Hmmm...what income? Anyway, I’ll be hand delivering a package
tomorrow. I can’t tell you how kick-ass it was to actually speak to someone. I have a great feeling
about this.
1/26/00 12:45 PM - Dropped it off. It was a P.O. Box, so I realize this chick works out of her
home...I’m also going online and sending her a link to my resume. I’m realizing that my
background in writing commercials might be very invaluable...I’ll call her in two days if I
don’t hear from her first.
1/28/00 11:00 AM -
RAEVEN PRODUCTIONS INC. - 14930 Ventura Blvd. Suite 210, Sherman Oaks - 91403
CONTACT: Jeff Costel (has promo 3) -818-990-9797
1/25/00 3:30 PM – Explained the act and she said to send tape. I’ll drop one off tomorrow.
1/26/00 1:00 PM - All black. I wish I’d put Superstition in my promo. Damnit. Chaka Kahn pictures
EVERWHERE. DAMN. I can’t imagine they’ll be able to help me. But maybe I’ll be their
token white boy. I don’t care. Just call my ass back. I’ll call in a week.
2/2/00 11:00 AM -
SCOTT STANDER & ASSOC. - 13701 Riverside Dr. -Suite 101, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
CONTACT: Scott Stander (has promo 3) -818-905-7000
1/25/00 3:45 PM – Was told to send in tape. The normal 3-4 week wait. I was able to explain the act, so it
may be worth it. I’ll drive a tape out there tomorrow.
1/26/00 1:00 PM - This place had a nice little suite. Crowded and busy. Small, but they seemed very
overworked. It’ll probably be awhile until I hear from them. Since I was able to hand it
DIRECTLY to the guy, I’ll give them 2 weeks until I start buggin’ them.
2/9/00 11:00 AM -
SILVERLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT - 15490 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 9****
CONTACT: Heidi Robart or JJ Hadley (no promo package) -818-981-4400
1/25/00 3:45 PM – Explained act and she said she would have Heidi or JJ contact me. I’ll call in 2 days if I
don’t hear from them.
1/27/00 11:00 AM -
CONTACT: Lionel Ames (no promo package) -818-985-0010
1/25/00 3:15 PM – Lionel was on the other line. Left name and number and was told he’d return the call. I
will call back on Thursday if I do not hear from him.
1/27/00 11:00 AM -
CC TALENT - 1600 Ventura Blvd. (Enc. ?)
CONTACT: NO idea (no promo package) -818-905-1265
1/25/00 3:30 PM – Lady took my name and number. Said someone will call me back. I’ll try back in 2 days.
1/27/00 11:00 AM -
CONTACT: Victor Dana? (no promo package) -818-985-1428
1/25/00 3:30 PM – Left a voicemail. Will call back in 2 days.
1/27/00 11:00 AM -
MARC PRAISSER & ASSOCIATES - 14144 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks CA, 9****
CONTACT: Marc Praisser? (no promo package) -818-907-7900
1/25/00 3:30 PM – Left a voicemail. Will call back in 2 days.
1/27/00 11:00 AM -
THE PRODUCTION AGENCY - 4226 Tujunga Ave. Studio City, CA 9****
CONTACT: NO idea (no promo package) -818-752-8018
1/25/00 3:30 PM – Left a voicemail. Will call back in 2 days.
1/27/00 11:00 AM -
CONTACT: NO idea (no promo package) -818-907-9645
1/25/00 3:45 PM – Left a voicemail. Will call back in 2 days
1/27/00 11:00 AM -
CONTACT: NO idea (no promo package) -818-727-1300
1/25/00 4:00 PM – Left a voicemail. Will call back in 2 days
1/27/00 11:00 AM -
CONTACT: NO idea (no promo package) -818-980-0023
1/25/00 3:30 PM – Left a voicemail. Will call back in 2 days
1/27/00 11:00 AM -
CONTACT: NO idea (no promo package) -818-787-6436
1/25/00 3:30 PM – Left a voicemail. Will call back in 2 days
1/27/00 11:00 AM -
OMNIPOP INC. - 10700 Ventura Blvd. Studio City CA, 9****
CONTACT: NO idea (no promo package) -818-980-9267
1/25/00 3:30 PM – Called and he said they represented COMEDIANS! I need to get them a tape, but I need
to make a straight COMEDY tape. I’ll work on this for awhile. Let’s see where I am in a week.
2/1/00 3:00 PM -
CAREER ARTISTS INT. AGENCY- 11030 Ventura Blvd., Studio City CA, 9****
CONTACT: NO idea (no promo package) -818-980-1315
1/25/00 3:30 PM – Left a voicemail. Will call back in 2 days
1/26/00 10:00 AM - I’m not used to this. She called back! They only do writers. I was about to erase it when
I thought...nah, I may want to hang on to this one. We’ll see what it could do down the road.
...and I don't feel like I did enough because I watched RUDY one hour instead of working on my tape. Oh and can you believe the 2 guys from SWINGERS are in that movie! DAMN that dawg lost some weight...ANYWAY.
Now those entries up there? Those are only the good ones. I called ( I counted): 122 Agencies in the 818 Area code alone. (that's about 2 blocks for those of you in Columbus)... The majority were for actors and voice-over work. I drove over 200 miles in 3 days. And I'm still scheming. For those of you who cared to read this far...THIS is how you do it. You live those 3 days...for 3 years. Every day man. You don't sleep without dreaming up new ways to make it work. You don't watch TV without LEARNING from it. You live it. Burned out? Fuck that. Can't stand the heat get OUT THE CITY. People keep telling me I'm gonna get burned out. They don't get it:
4tvs has been in my head EVERY NIGHT since November 3rd, 1998. Every night. Every hour at work, I was thinking about it. And now look where I am. I'm on the verge. I'm in THE city. Are you shitting me? Burned out? Not a chance. You're gonna have to KICK me out.
I love the guy who's like: Well see, I've got to do some other things, so I don't get burned out on my career. THIS ISN'T ACCOUNTING. If you are a singer, a musician, anyone in the entertainment field. YOU BURN with that desire. Every morning now, I get UP. READY. I can't sleep 'cause my mind was going so fast. You have to feel that, or stay home. Don't come all the way out here. No. You will not make it. You'll make it at Sam Ash, but you won't make it in this industry.
So again, I do this for those of you out there who have that dream. Follow my journey for a little bit. Watch how it goes. And write me goddamnit. Throw your reactions out. Use your head. Tell me what you feel.
Man, where the hell's this coming from? I'll tell you where it's coming from. I got home tonight, and I was bummed because I didn't go to 2 coffee shops I planned on because the manager at the HA HA cafe asked me to watch the show as his guest. He was just cool for some reason. But I got home and was upset because I didn't do enough. So then I look over my past 3 days and I'm blown away. Man I've worked my ass off, and I'm still buggin'. THAT'S why I will make this work. And everyone reading it after this entry knows that. They're not reading some whiny bitch who can't get a break. They're watching someone DO it. From the beginning. I hope you're as excited as I am. What a great adventure we're all goin' on.
Now please don't mistake this for everything's peachy out here. I could spin dogshit into VEAL for all you, but it's still dogshit. No, what's happening is in the last three days I've
The second I said to myself: "Fuck it. I'm not getting a job. I am pushing this act until it works..." All was fine. Yeah proverbial financial SHIZNIT may hit the fan in about 5 months, but I will NOT focus on that now.
Hmm, I just reread all that. It sounds like I'm pretty confident.
I'm a damn good bullshitter when I need to be.
Jess & Adam
master video file never saved :-(