2:43 PM Monday, April 15th, 2024:
Very few people get email notifications on a YouTube video they posted 18 years ago...
But of course, as Iran was bombing Israel, as certain cartoon I made nearly 2000 entries ago reared it's head again...
Yes, the video that gave me my first national exposure after 6 years of anonymity here in LA. Little did I know at the time that it would be but a drop in the bucket considering CBS and Living Room Live was around the corner. 2006 was an incredible year.

Even more incredible, is that this video is actually my first YouTube upload. Yes, I created and hosted 500 journey videos BEFORE YOUTUBE. I sound like the OLDEST FUCKER on the internet.
Anyway- in some ways Let's Bomb Iran has the longest legs of anything I ever did thanks to John McCain singing it at a campaign stop and Obama referencing it in a debate. Man, if you haven't seen The Journey Volume One... ya gotta.
Now of course, we may find ourselves in another skirmish though Biden is hardly a war hawk. Dude straight up said "WE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU ATTACKING IRAN" while also helpind defend Israel against the attacks. Pretty shrewd move honestly in a situation where there's no good answers. Our longtime ally seems to have lost their EVERY LOVING FUCKING MIND and it's hard not to see them as the enemy right now. The fuck were they thinking bombing that embassy?!?!?! They're really just TRYING to get us to join in WW3? The fuck? Goddamn I'm so tired of hearing about that strip of fucking land. It's complete insanity.
So in the new comments someone asked for an HD version and, well, I figured it was time to put the AI magicians to task and I must say? Totally impressed...
I could even tweak that a little more but there's really no need. Helluvan improvement over this:
Internet streaming has come a loooooooooong way.
So as much as I'd like to gain a few new viewers to this monstrosity of a project, uhm, please don't bomb Iran, Biden. It makes no sense. And I have no idea how you'd do it, but continuing to pull away from Israel's demands seems prudent as well.
What a mess.
Alright, Bally ROUND 3 is now TOMORROW!!!!! Let's do this!!!