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4:28 PM, Sunday, April 9th, 2006:
I swear to you, there was nothing I wanted more last night than to just relax. Then spend a lazy Sunday watchin' the Masters after one of THE most stressful weeks in recent memory. That was until I happened to click on msnbc.com and see this:
Coercive Diplomacy. That's a cute term.
I knew then, that my Sunday would be spent frantically trying to finish this cartoon that most likely even now that it's done...is already out of date. Man, I just want to RELAX already. Yesterday was SOOO huge, it has only just begun to sink in, and I can't begin to tell you how little I wanted to work on this. And GodddddddddddDAMN what a huge pain in the ass it is to try and compete with the Bush Admnistration's thirst for war. Especially when Iran is acting just as "Cowboy Macho" as we usually do. Can we please get some women in power already? We may still be a year away from actual war, but I can see us firin' off a few pre-liminary missiles ANYTIME. And the moment a bomb is dropped in that country, this entire project is completely worthless.
So another day goes into the "Adam has a hyper-active productive gland' category and the cartoon comes in at a whopping 3:08. I was able to connect the two previous parts and finish it off relatively quickly. I did the connecting piece soon after the last entry (which involved Sheehan) and today spend finishing it off. So...how did it turn out?
I see the burn-out in my choices on some parts, but really just lacked the resources to get all the "pictures" I would need to animate it correctly. For being "Google-strapped", I'm very proud of it. What I wouldn't give however for a guy in a suit that I could take 2 dozen pictures of in a studio and then cut all up. My suit doesn't look presidential at all, so I really had little choice. If I had to do it over, I'm pretty sure that would be my first step. I spent more goddamn hours looking for arms and hands in specific positions than I care to admit.
Oh and SPEAKING OF WASTING MY GODDAMN TIME...lol you guys should get a kick out of this picture:
Guess what THAT is. THAT...is a box I unpacked in my trailer when clearing everything out to rebuild 4tvs. And in THAT BOX is the board game RISK. The board game that I spent FRIGGIN DAYS googling, retouching, and recreating because I didn't have the game to take a picture of. I even mentioned it in the last entry that I could "go out and buy it", but thought I could recreate it easier. Little did I know it was BEHIND ME IN MY TRAILER NOT THAT I'M AT ALL FRUSTRATED BY THAT. AHHHHH.
Now of course I'm just glad it's over - and I start thinking of how to get this puppy in the right hands. Biggest problem right now has been proper compression. I want to compress it to Divx, which I've been FLOORED at how incredible the quality is for the size. A 50 minute show (not that I would ever download a video of the Sopranos) is only 350 MB and it's nearly DVD quality. That's 7 MB a minute. So I'm ready to do it, but can't figure out which program I need. So the version you guys are seeing, although TWICE the bitrate of all my normal site videos, it's still crappy for distribution on a larger scale.
Then of course you have the copyright issues. Jib-Jab dealt with it with "This Land" and hell, they even re-recorded the song. So I've decided to forgo doing anything with it monetarily for now and simply try to get it some infamy and popularity on the net. In the future I can always get a quick group of musicians in here and do a "live" background recording of the music as you can barely hear it anyway. I'd also need to change the incidental music as well as it's the theme to Hogan's Heroes. It fit so perfectly that I'd rather have a cool finished piece than make money off of it.
But for now, I'm done thinking about it. It's done, and now it's just a matter of getting the compression right - and then making LetsBombIran.com a stop for anyone lookin' for something different. That or I could just post that video every single place I can possibly imagine and just say: screw it it's public domain...
...but that's a whoooooooooole 'nother entry. The final entry. Coming whenever the hell I feel like it.