7:33 AM, Saturday, April 13th, 2024:
So this is tricky. Well first, the good news: Bally responded, setting up a meeting for next week. Whew.
Tricky part? It took me finally just looking up emails and contacting people directly which is somewhat frowned upon as you're going up the chain of command. However, the issue here is: the NHL and NBA seasons are ENDING. It had been 4 weeks since our meeting and no one was following-up and I couldn't even get a NO. I knew the people in the last meeting were thrilled and while of course, things get busy... 4 weeks is rough. Hats off to RocketReach for getting me the contacts I needed and, well - almost immediately everything was set. The last entry (locked for now) was a new low. Watching all of these positive leads just disappear is harrowing. I've dealt with every possible rejection and it would've been a true first to have two sets of meetings at this company that were absolutely perfect and then a complete ghost. So, whew - haven't lost my mind. Hopefully we set something in stone next week and we can get goin'.
Alright - so today's video was from a shoot I did last week with the much maligned Cybertruck... turned into an empathetic producer gut punch as the dude failed to mention IT WAS RED. Man... ten years ago this month... that goddamned red delorean!!! Shit I just remembered that!
What a fucking scammer. Got angry just reading that again 10 years later. LOL.
But yeah the producer was most certainly seeing red and I really felt for her. But in VR? You still get to sit inside a Cybertruck, so that's cool.
Oh and YouTubeVR is now 8k... which means you don't need to mess with MetaTV or DeoVR anymore because of quality. In fact, YouTubeVR is a touch better than both. DeoVR has been messing with colorspace settings and, well, Meta is just a mess. Not sure that will ever change. What an unbelievable opportunity they have that they're letting slip through their fingers...