7:23 AM, Wednesday, April 9th, 2014:
These days can't all be like this. They just can't. I'm so exhausted and my brain actually hurts. Like a stress headache that won't go away. Actually though, for the first time typing this at 7:24am - it feels ok. Maybe I got some good sleep last night. Then again, the stress of the day hasn't started either. LOL.
Yesterday, oh my jesus yesterday. Where do I start? I finally finalized things late Monday night (could more shit have happened on April 7th? Jeeeeezus) to go see a car in the Redlands that Bob and I were fairly certain was a fair price. $15k down from $16,900. It ran great, had issues we would have to fix inside, but at the end of the day I'd hit my $20k mark for the car.
So at 9:45am I started the drive. Nearly 100 "California" Miles away with FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS IN MY POCKET. Like, that might sound cool, and for a second it is indeed fun, but then it's just stress. Anything can go wrong when you drive that far away - I am alone, I have a ridiculous amount of cash on me... and I finally get there...
And the car, had been painted, RED.
He did a good job getting most of it off (said it took him over 50 HOURS) but as anyone knows when you strip paint without taking everything apart, you get red in the cracks, crevices, around bolts... it's nearly impossible to get it all off... which isn't that big of an issue when you're REPAINTING IT, but Deloreans are stainless steel... that's the whole point of them. To boot? You can't very easily PAINT stainless steel, so the process they had to use back in the day to get paint to stick to it makes it even MORE difficult to remove. Of course the guy acted like all the cracks and bolts, etc. were no big deal, it comes right off. I was on the phone with Bob of course to which he replied:  "If that was true, he would've done it already." Duh. But the question here was was it worth it. He said it added a couple weeks and certainly some more money because they had to take so much apart and stripping some of those areas may not work. He couldn't assure me that he could get all of that red out from every single bolt, etc. He said he knew of the car when it was all red and the owner was trying to sell it for years. This dude bought it 6 weeks ago, thought he could fix it up enough and turnaround to sell it. Bob finally said if it's mechanically BADASS, try to talk him to $12k. The guy came back out, I said "let's take it for a spin around the block" and he said "no."
The car doesn't have tags, so he won't drive it. He'll turn it on and let it idle. I wish you could've seen the look I gave him. IT'S A CAR DUDE. I have to see it drive. I don't have to be the one driving it, but it does have to be driven. I just shook his hand and walked away. I mean are you fucking serious? Clearly there were other issues and even knowing how much time and money it was gonna cost to deal with the red paint (which he conveniently left out of his pictures on the ad) I was still gonna buy it and then THAT? Duuuuuuuuuude. Whaaaaaaaat a dick. For reference, here's the ad:
Unreal. For those who want to feel the pain with me as I excitedly drive there and then see that... of course there's video...
What a scam... and I was still gonna buy it.. UGGGGGGGH.
So I get back and it's an all-day stress fest of DeLoreans all over the country that I now have to buy BLIND. One comes up in Alvin, TX (of all places, where Andrew's Movie Theater is) Bob talks him down from $16k to $14k but it doesn't fucking run at all. It looks nice, but it is a risk. It could only cost around $5-7k to fix everything... or it could be a total wreck. It was garage kept for 20 years and never run. Ugh. However, since it IS in Alvin, Andrew said he'd go up and at least say hi to the guy. I mean, the issue beyond the car is I'm wiring $14k to an account with no real assurances. I have a picture of his license, it matches his address on his mail and there's a pic of the title, etc. Sounds nice on the phone... but goddamnit this is crazy. LOL. So as of this moment typing I'm wiring him the money this afternoon after Andrew meets him...
...in that time however there's a completely pimped out DeLorean in Memphis for $22k that Bob desperately wants me to buy because he won't have to do any work to it. LOL. At least he's honest. Ha. It seems a little too good to be true but they finally responded and want to call today... around the time I'm wiring the money to Alvin. Ugggggggggh. So more stress as I try to keep the Alvin guy from getting an offer above $14k and seeing if Bob can get the Memphis dude down to $20k.
I just want this phase to be over. I know it has only been what, 2 days? LMAO. Is that possible? Monday and Tuesday - Jesus. This could go on for weeks. And that 4 week clock starts when Bob GETS the car. Uggggggggh. Here's hopin' everything works out today. I have a feeling it's gonna be the Alvin car in the end. $7k range is a lot... I have to believe we'll be able to get it running for under that and as beautiful as the Memphis car is? It's almost TOO beautiful. Like, I would buy it just like that. It seems almost painful to take a car that well kept and drill holes into it and make it a prop. In fact I'm stunned he's offering it for that low. I've seen cars like that go for $30,000+.
Time will tell.