9:29 AM, Friday, March 1st, 2024:
So here's the good news: looks like "Where You Once Belonged" a FLAT documentary will be released this year. The long delayed project clearly now has the narrative established (which is most certainly NOT the narrative that started the whole project - but that's par for the course with my docs) and this song will play a big part in why there was such a shift. This song that I actually released TWO YEARS ago...
...which effectively BROKE the project. I don't actually want to get into too much of WHY it broke the project... you can read about the meaning of the song in the entry from 2022 - but suffice to say... a couple months later when I was supposed to be writing the album? I bought the VR180 camera. And the rest as they say... is history. It's pretty clear that where I once belonged was intercepted yet again by an attraction to doing something never-been-done before. Back then it was 4tvs. Today it's VR180. You really can't go home again sometimes.

But in order to tell that story I do in fact have to at least attempt to produce a song, even if it's as elementary a production as this. But that's kind of the truth about songs within The Journey: they're snapshots of fleeting emotions and producing the snapshots is almost alike photoshopping an old picture. You have to be careful or it no longer feels the same. It's different than normal pop production. Something I still honest-to-goodness know is in me, but damnit if I'm not enamored with being the first to tell so many of these life stories in this new format. And if losing the Super Bowl hasn't ripped that feeling from me? I don't know what will.
So I leave you with a nice video that's really cool in VR180.
I gotta say... I'm very lucky I can make something like that in like... an hour. Video and all. That is one of those talents that actually doesn't need recgnition to feel good. It's pure communication, it feels good to complete and hitting upload sends it into the ether of time. Maybe it touches a handful of people and they remember that feeling... maybe it gets lost forever in a sea of entries no one will ever have the time or reason to experience. But that's art. Sometimes you just have to get it out and move on.