10:50 AM, Friday, February 17th, 2023:
Craziest 24 hours. I'm hyper-aware that for many people, it seems totally reasonable that I wrote this, that I feel this and it's me. In reality, it's an exagerrated version of me culled from my past to complete a task. I don't personally view Jordan as my hero anymore. I am not moved because he is 60. Sounds about right, really. I'm so busy looking forward and The Journey allows me to cement my past SO WELL, that going back into 1995, while seemingly on-point for Jordan obsessed Adam Kontras? Just isn't true. The truth? My friend who works at AARP asked if anyone had an essay on Michael Jordan ready-to-go. This was Wednesday night. I was watching the Lakers game (DAMN that new group looks AMAZING) and texted him about Meeting Michael and said I could very easily pull off 500-800 words about that day and make it fit with the whole "old age" angle of AARP.
Got up yesterday, took me about 45 minutes, and I sent it off. They loved it, cleaned it up a bit, and voila: it's their front page story yesterday and today.
It should be noted, the writers don't write the headline. That's reserved for the editors at large and, well, good headline. Funny.
But the actual truth is I've been a fan of LeBron for a long time now and I've been giggling at how Jordan has kept his name in the news the past month while LeBron breaks the scoring record. The whole ESPN 2/3/23 day thing was especially egregious. And helluva time to throw out the 10 million dollar donation... LOL. Dude, I love Michael to death and that fucker is paying attention. He's competitive and is honest to fuck probably still thinks he can add to a team. At 60. Anyway, here's the article...
I feel the need to let people know: these entries? Aren't me writing. They're me throwing up words as fast as fucking possible to capture a feeling that I can later read and relate to. If I actually need to write? I can write. I just never really need to. So I'm aware that people reading that must think it's in a completely different voice and well it kind of is... but it's me. I'm in there. Their only edits were, like, Amazon links and punctuation and shit. But reading that now, then coming back to this seems like two completely different people to me.  LOL. No, one just tried to focus, and the other is trying to get this done as fast as possible while also making sure I remember all the feels and shit.

But yeah it was honestly the fastest turnaround I've ever seen. It was up within hours after I submitted it with very little editing and all the paperwork filled out and executed. Boom. Couldn't believe how easy it was. Couldn't believe how much money I made. It's funny even my friend was laughing at that ratio. Like, dude you made $1000 in less than an hour. To which I replied "Well, 25 years and an hour". It's not like you can just make that shit up.

And MAN! What a nice way to advertise Meeting Michael! Really need to do more of that. And then the next realization... do I attempt to actually write? My man at the site said my voice was perfect for them which might be the most bittersweet news I've heard. You're perfect for the retirement community! (sigh) But I mean, Gen X? OK. I can handle that. I mean, look at my backyard. The stories... maybe I could do video essays? I guess I am kind of tailor made for telling those stories. That's what really hit me when I saw it on the AARP site. Thus, the video...
I'm old. I'm ok with that, though... but I am. I mean 3 years ago AARP took my damn picture for their instagram because of the time machine (last entry before COVID btw) and I was a bit ahead of the curve there at 44. I turn 48 this year and, yeah I'm pushing 50. I accept that. And that's honestly who you want to represent a generation: the youngest among them. I guess GenX is 1965-1980. So I'm not even the youngest, but at 1975 I am on the second half for sure.
Who knows. This is a lot to take. I would never have written an entry about Jordan or my age or any of this shit in this of ALL years... when I'm pushing this future technology that won't even be truly viable until I'm pushing 60. I'm in THAT mode. I feel like I did during 4tvs. I feel like 1999. It's crazy. THAT is what I would pitch to AARP: for Gen X to continue being technologically driven like we were before. We were the first generation to show OUR parents the new gadgets and now we're showing OUR kids. Don't let that go. That's what drove us. That's what defined us. Don't get all fuddy duddy because your back hurts: keep pushing.
We ain't dead yet.