Entry #2010
8:44 AM - March 4th, 2020
Oh for fuck's sake. Now, I am 44. So I am NOT retirement age. Let me repeat that. You start getting your AARP shit at 49 so when you're 50 you can REAP THE BENEFITS of being old. (sigh).
I have FIVE YEARS until that. However, I do have a Delorean Time Machine and, well, people that were 15 when that movie came out? They turn 50 this year. It has happened. We've entered that phase of 80s nostalgia.

Fun.  Funny. I mean what else can you do? I don't really mind growing old to be honest. I've done so much. I've lived so many lives. So many more to live. I feel like I'm doing life right and age really is a celebration.

My body hurting all the time sucks, but I'm used to it at this point.
Man, AARP. My dad had just turned 49 when I started The Journey. I remember him being annoyed at getting the mail and seeing the AARP stuff. In fact, wow, I think it was part of what we talked about the DAY I left January 2nd, 2000. Crazy. Here we are.