12:01 AM, Sunday, December 25th, 2022:
Can you believe it! The final single digits of the Kontras Klan!! Oooh, that K-alliteration does NOT look good. Moving on...
 Happy birthday dude!
Whutup Cambone,
Alright lemme see what I wrote last year and how that has changed...oh DAMN that was right before the big cancellation. Same shit happen this year too... glad we didn't try THAT again. Might've scarred you fuckers for life. LOL.

So turning 9 is quite similar to turning 8... here's what I love the most (and what will also have to be recalibrated every year of your life): your heart is on your sleeve and is figuratively thrown at anyone who will listen. In fact, it's almost like you're me at 25, stuck in a 9 year old's body. Watching you at Hanukkah dinner telling jokes to Zach's girlfriend was amazing. Like, you were Seinfeld and it was going to work. Where you get that confidence is beyond me but it's super-valuable. I did NOT have that shit at 9... barely had it at 19. If you can withstand the coming letdowns and failures and maintain that confidence? The world is yours. I couldn't until my mid-30s. And shit, I couldn't really do it too well before mama... at all.

But as I wrote before, the balance will need to be recalibrated constantly. I think I've said "READ THE ROOM" to you weekly for the past year. Knowing when it's "joking time" and "shut the fuck up" time is hard. It's hard as an adult, of course it's hard as a 9 year old. But after watching you navigate things at school (man you're knocking that out this year) and with Vienna, the pieces are all there for you to live an amazing life. Not to put any pressure on you, but you have that in you... it's a matter of when to play and hold your cards. Like singing at the top of your lungs when seconds earlier Vienna and mama were in tears because they were stressed about something. Not sure what the word is for knowing that doesn't work... but you don't have that word in your vocabulary yet. LMFAO. Holy shit dude... it's comical how bad you are at, well, reading the room. It will come.
I hope. God I hope. Because the teen years are comin' and I can tell you this: you knowing when to back off? Oh jesuslovingfuck that's gonna be necessary. We're both gonna be hiding in this studio a LOT if you can't figure that out. Think through THEIR EYES at all times. Man - I keep using these vague words like I'm not talking SPECIFICALLY about Talya and Vienna and the year 2026. But oh Cam, I need you to learn when to fold those damn cards... you've got a little time, but in reality you don't. Ya gotta cool it on annoying your sister, man. Oh fuck. You have no idea what's comin'. The annoying brother thing isn't cute now, but it's gonna be EXPLOSIVELY not cool in a couple years. Oh goodness.... like it's really hitting me how this is gonna be tough. I really need to finish the attic room this year don't I.

Ok, that was me kinda freaking out. I love you dude! You're extremely funny and the more I think of it, you have actually tempered your "annoyances" to help keep the peace. I put that in quotes because you just sing all day. I was the SAME WAY. It is absolutely annoying, but it's 'cause you're happy. But man when other people aren't? You do have to dim your light a bit - or shine it in a different direction. That's just the way the world works, man. The good news is? We're a pretty happy family so the overwhelming majority of the time, we're ALL loud and dancing and singing. Keep boundin' and finding the lines. I know I'm supposed to be annoyed at you pushing every boundary but I secretly love it. It's why you're good at skateboarding. It's why you'll be good at life. It's a personality trait that if directed correctly will give you the greatest adventures of all-time.
Take it from the dude who is about to release the craziest 20 years ever: sometimes ya gotta just jump without looking down.

Love you man,