12:01 AM, Saturday, December 25th, 2021:
Dude, I just barely got this done in the 10 minutes the family went out to get pizza for Christmas Eve. I had one take. But the result is funny as I once again just delay the fuck out of the ending so the kids can't open their gifts.
Reading last year's letter to you is pretty frustrating. Back when we were certain 2021 would be so much better. Listen, it most certainly has, but having to start the new school year with independent study was such a kick in the face... and it was HARD. However, we got through those 3 months and you are BACK, IN, SCHOOL...
...except for now - now it's all things Christmas and I'm so damned excited for you and Vienna to open your gifts. And I'm so damned excited for you guys to get to fly back to Ohio... and going to the Lakers game and AHHH!!! Life is opening up. It's so needed. Going to Dave & Buster's? SO needed. The year is finally ending without the constant disappointment of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Cannot wait for 2022 and hopefully a school year sans masks in the fall.
But anyway - this is about you turning 8. I just love this age and the fact that although I can see the mini-adult you starting to push through... you're still a kid. You still want to cuddle. You still wear your heart on your sleeve (that probably won't go away - lol) and you still battle with your head and heart. Also like me come to think of it. You get angry and say what you mean and then immediately feel bad and try to make up for it with apologies. It's an interesting phase to watch you genuinely have compassion and feel bad for hurting people's feelings when all you were doing was just blurting out how you felt and being honest. That's a tough balance kid. It's very hard to maintain your spirit while also not pissing off everyone around you with every thought in your head.
You're also always singing and making noises and being funny which is driving your sister bonkers and, well, that's just you - man. I can only imagine how crazy I would've driven a sister if I had one.
This past year you've jumped into reading like a madman and are SO INTO DIARY OF A WHIMPY KID. Like holy shit. I think you actually like that series more than you like video games at the moment which is crazy for me to even type. If they ever release a Diary of a Whimpy Kid video game you just might have an aneurysm. Heh.
But you're my favorite 8 year old boy and I can see how much you love me and your family. After you watched The Journey movie you hugged me and said "Dad, I'm so sorry your life was so difficult before you met mama." Dude, it crushed me (in a good way). You're just the sweetest boy and your heart is going to be a valuable asset. It will also assure you heartbreak... but thankfully I can help you get past that, as I'm a pro at dealing with that shit. ;-)
Love you man, can't wait for you to open your presents!!