3:15 PM, Tuesday, March 15th, 2022:
Man, I just opened my mouth and this came out...
I never think of my singing voice as that higher raspy voice, but it's legit there. To give you an example, I sang this song nearly 30 years ago for Burgundie:
That little boyband voice, what the fuck is that? I sounded like that? I don't want to listen to that. When you compare the two, it's, well, it's age. Age ain't bad, it just is... and in this context? It's oh so needed. Desperately needed. I am SO glad I don't sound like that. I mean, I can do still the breathy-voice stuff and enjoy some songs like that but even my "breathy" voice has a fuckton more BALLS now. Goddamn.
It honestly wasn't until I sat down and sang this today that it hit me: that's my voice now. That painful... been through some SHIT, raspy angsty voice is now me. It's lines on my face. It's not forced. It's pain just coming out even if I ain't sad!
And that's the other thing - I'm writing this album but what do you write about when you're fat and happy? When you're content? Super happy with a new love - I can do that... but contentment? Man, that's hard. LOL.
Oh well. I'll write what I write. That was the point of the project, right? See what happens...