2:05 PM, Tuesday, February 1st, 2022:
Since I've never been religious, will never be buried and I've known that for decades... I have always viewed funerals and burials like I'm in some foreign land and I'm just a fly on the wall. When you view it this way, it's almost an honor being allowed to be part of it. That being said...
...Greek Orthodox is intense. Now, as I said, I don't subscribe to any of it - but having been to certain rituals in the last 15 years (since the last Greek Orthodox funeral) the sheer pagentry of it. It really feels like I was in Africa and sitting in on some tribe who adorned their elders with colorful costumes and chanted to the heavens. I mean, that's exactly what it was. But since I used to go to a catholic high school I grew pretty accostomed to it. I am so far removed now I had to remember to close my jaw.
AND AGAIN, THIS ISN'T A JUDGEMENT. I'm sure everyone wonders why the hell I do The Journey as therapy, ya know? I am in NO WAY saying what is right and wrong here... but for whatever reason this realllllllly struck me. I am an alien. I am so out of touch with so many people. It's jarring.
I was happy to support their process. I hope my presence was seen in that light. Loved that man, heartbroken my children couldn't know him. Something I talked of the last time I saw him:
Fuck COVID man. Lost a pretty crucial couple of years. As I said before, Goodnight, Papou. You were a legend.