10:54 AM, Sunday, December 30th, 2018:
So we're now at Jess & Jeff's and having a blast. I still have a moment in my head from last night that I have a feeling will kinda stick with me forever. Throw in the sad piano music and voila, a journey video:
I know it's a dramatic. It's a truth I've known for 20 years. I would repeat the same actions if given the chance. It doesn't lessen the WEIGHT of it however. You're not an adult until you have to make a choice you know will always stick with you no matter how "right" it was. I, did not, belong, in Columbus Ohio. That was a universal truth that looking at my few adult years there SCREAM REPEATEDLY. I was bursting at the seams with everything I did, so again - I had to leave. And it was never temporary. I could have very well stayed in NY from 2006 on, or hell given it all up and traveled the world after 2009, but I wasn't living in Columbus.
I'm still sad my kids won't know my family the way I did.
It just is. man. There was no 100% perfect outcome. This was the best it could be. That's what videos are for. That's what telling stories is all about. I have a lot of videos and a lot of stories. But moments like this entry's video will always tug at me.