Entry #2011
9:45 PM - March 12th, 2020
This went from 0-60 awfully quick. It was a concern last week, we felt weird at birthday parties this past weekend because we just weren't certain what was really happening with this virus. We stocked up on some caned food "just in case". We almost cancelled my mom coming out on Tuesday but decided it was ok - and then yesterday happened.
I've never seen a major sport just suspend the whole season indefinitely. I remember after 9/11 they didn't play NFL games that weekend (which I thought was kind of bullshit - See Entry #142) but we all knew that was just a one-time deal. This is spooky. They say it's for 30 days, but do we know that?
Of course my mom is out here with us and we're going to self-quarantine from now until the cases start going down. We kept Vienna and Cam out of school today because it seems like foregone conclusion they will be calling off school next week right before Spring Break and doing a full 14-day attempt at a self-quarantine. The only thing we can all do is just stay home. And seeing the head of the NBA have more pro-active courage than a fucking president is jaw-dropping.
I've refrained from political commentary for most of The Journey during Trump because I feel like I spent my capital during the Bush years and Trump is so fucking obvious it bores me. Bottom line. Pointing out Trump's corruptness and ineptness doesn't have the same drive as it did with Bush. I felt like I NEEDED to say something with Bush. Leaderless State could be remade for today, right? Actually, why not show what I used to do:
The thing is? That was for one city. One event. That was him being a few days late at a response and letting people drown for no reason. Man, come to think of it - fuck that asshole AGAIN. What was my point? OH, why it doesn't really work with Trump.
BECAUSE IT'S TOO OBVIOUS. He said this shit ON TV. He CLEARLY GAVE NO FUCKS. He said it! It's no big deal. It's gonna be gone in a few days. It's another Democratic hoax to make me look bad. Then last night he gets on TV to act presidential and it scares everyone so bad we crash the stock market. What a fucking disaster this guy is.
I'm sure I'll get into that later, for now we enjoy Day 01 of this quarantine and at GolfKon? That's pretty good.
Remember when the 20s started wondering what they would hold? Jesus.