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2:52 PM, Tuesday, September 18th, 2001:
Did you think it would be this difficult? I honestly didn't think this would effect me so much. You add in the fact that the past 7 weeks have been some of the most depressing days of my life for my lack of anything productive to do, and the attack just magnifies my depression even more. Throw in a missing J-Dog, a long distance wife, and no word from "Bob" - and it's a wonder I even get up anymore. So I'll now let you in on EVERYTHING, and move on.
Bob Saget. Full House, America's Funniest Videos, damn funny scene in Half-Baked - Bob Saget. That's the man. The man who has held up my life for 7 weeks. LOL. There's good news and bad news. Charlotte finally called his house 2 weeks ago and left a message. He called his manager that night, and his manager called Charlotte the following day. It was amazingly positive. Charlotte couriered over the tapes and Bob's manager said he likes helping up and coming comics and would get back to her in 2-3 days. Well finally after 6 days - Charlotte was about to call back and the attack happened. Kind've tough to call and ask Bob to be funny for me after all that. We have since called last Thursday, Friday, Monday and today...with absolutely no word. It is a jewish holiday but it's now been 2 weeks and I'm finally done waiting. I will be performing The Trinitrons on Sunday, September 30th here at the complex. I will tape it, super-impose the tvs and have copies in Columbus when I come home October 3rd-12th. Thank GOD. I cannot tell you how depressing it was thiking I'd have nothing to show for this ENTIRE year when I came home. Hell, I thought I could be done in APRIL. And now in October, I'm BARELY gonna make it. That's certainly helped my attitude a bit. I now have a goal, a deadline - and a BUNCH of work to do to make this badboy complete in only 12 days.
Please be aware that we are still pursuing Bob, and I still feel it's likely he'll want to help. It's just been a REALLY bad case of timing, and I can't afford to wait anymore. Though putting his ending together after the alternative version is complete will be AMAZINGLY difficult...it will be worth it. So SWEET JESUS it's over. This STUPID-LONG-EPIC-MOVIES-DONT-TAKE-THIS-LONG-TO-PRODUCE-development for The Trinitrons will be complete by the end of this month. April 2001. LOL.
Feelings on the attack and upcoming war are all over the place. I really wonder how leaders in Israel feel. Imagine being told for DECADES to be peaceful and not retaliate to terrorist attacks in which you see your women and children killed CONSTANTLY, yet we take one on the chin and we're ready for WWIII. How incredibly arrogant it's been for us to act "better" than the Israelites who wanted to fight... Can you imagine say the United Kingdom telling us we need to be peaceful right about now? It's a wonder more noses weren't punched during the peace talks.
And I still don't honestly believe we can stop someone who is willing to die for their cause, though I dare some mo-fo to hijack MY plane now. Before I would've just shut up and waited until we landed in the country of his choosing. Now that this is a possible outcome... I would have no trouble pulling a vigilante with a few of my fellow passengers. I have a feeling though that future attacks will come in ways we've never even dreamt of. Which also makes a war somewhat futile. Do you really think these people care if we destroy their homes? When we hit something they care about...they'll bomb an office building in LA. We take out their leader? They strap on explosives and walk into a stadium. Of course we can't "do nothing" - but I sure would like someone to tell me how they plan on stopping terrorism. Probably getting the hell OUT of the middle east is the only thing that would end it HERE, but it would still continue THERE. It sure has been interesting watching our leaders talk about the subject...
First, that Tim Russert interview with Cheney was AMAZING. I'm not sure I've ever seen a politician that seemed more trustworthy than him. You just DON'T believe he's lying -EVER. He's straight forward, and when he can't comment he SAYS so. Very fair, very intelligent, and very fat. That heart ain't gonna make it for this entire war. No way. But I sure hope it does, I love to hear him speak. Realize I say this knowing he's as crooked as the rest of them - but during that interview Cheney had presence.
Colin Powell is another bad-ass. Same with Tony Blair... ya know - maybe it's just in comparison to Bush. I'm afraid it is. What I used to love about Bush, his ability to make me LAUGH while he speaks, is now very very difficult to watch. You see that phone call with Pataki and Guliani? Oh dear GOD. They should NEVER have shown that on TV. LOL. He just can't speak. I'm not saying he's stupid, it's just that...well...damnit - yeah, he just NEVER strikes me as bright. Then again, the thought of Gore in this situation is just as pathetic. I really can't believe those 2 were all we had to choose from. You miss Clinton at all? At least for TV's sake? Even republicans have to cringe a bit a Dubya. Anyway, I do feel bad for him...he's in one helluva situation - and it's gotta be tearing him apart at times. When he teared up last Wednesday my heart went out to him. I'd like to buy him a beer and talk about football.
And oh shit - don't get me started on professional athletes right now. As if they weren't WHINY enough, they way they've acted about this has PISSED ME OFF. Lemme ask you - how many of you missed a day of work because of this? Exaclty. If anything, some people went home early on Tuesday - but were back on the horse the following day. And to hear these pansy-ass brats say:  "How can we think of football when they're still pulling bodies out of the wreckage?" made me livid. THE SAME WAY every other american had to think about pumping gas, making furniture, writing commercials, driving cabs, teaching children, and paying BILLS. That's real life. Now I understand that on Tuesday and most likely Wednesday nobody wanted to CHEER for sports, but by Saturday, I think we all would've enjoyed a break from 100 straight hours of death and carnage. But more than anything, the attitude of "How can we think of football when they're still pulling bodies out of the wreckage?" just killed me. Hate to tell you this, but they're gonna be "pulling bodies" for weeks. And that rubble which harbors the ashes of thousands will be there for months. It's nice that the athletes realized that there are more important things than sports, but they once again showed their true colors. And as well, how AMAZINGLY out of touch they are with the working class. I know, I stand completely alone here...and you al think I'm an insensitive cock. Well I'm sure my next paragraph will piss you off too.
Friday night we had a candlelight vigil outside in remembrance of the victims. You may have gotten an email telling of this nationwide event. I remember walking out and getting chills seeing so many people outside my complex with candles. They were also waving flags, which struck me as odd - but I understood the sense of patriotism we all have right now. What this did though, was make many cars going by honk and shout pro-USA comments out the window. A lot of WOO HOOs! Much in the way someone yells for their football team. As well later - there was a HUGE "vigil" on Ventura Blvd. a block away - that was supposedly like Mardi-Gras. People hangin' out windows - yellin' "USA-USA!" chicks flashin' their tits... all sorts of fun.
(sigh). There's a "frat-boy" mentality with patriotism that I have always felt is just way out of place. First of all, in my mind...you don't speak during a vigil. You remember. I understood some of the honking cars showing the support...but the cheering and flag waving just pissed me off. I stayed far away from the Ventura Blvd. Bullshit because that sight would've really irked me. I love the hell out of my country. I understand and appreciate the freedoms we have, and am so thankful I was born in here. Some things however, shouldn't mix. Vigils and rallys should be two completely different events - and mixing them is insulting to the victims. Then again, it was mostly young people reacting this way, and at least they're erring on the side of patriotism I guess.
Anyway, I gotta get back to editing. God I can't wait to get this put together so I can practice Live Adam!! It's about time...
Oh, almost forgot the video...a small slideshow of some of the less graphic images from this past week...
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