9:15 PM, Sunday, June 23rd, 2019:
I'd like to just point out that the entry number that is 19 years and 6 months in the making... happens to be Paul McCartney's birth year. I didn't pull any crazy ass shenaningans to make that so, it was simply meant to be that entry #1942, my family would go see sir Sir Paul McCartney.
Now, although I usually pride myself on the videos I can pull off (and I did manage to sneak in a really good camera), these were indeed the cheapseats and half the time I was HOLDING a child while attempting to hold the camera. So it's a little off pacing-wise, but it's a good little souvenir from the night...
Now. How nuts are we, right? You don't take 5 and 6 year olds to a concert this expensive when it starts past their bedtime and Paul is infamous for 3 hours shows. It's a complete and utter waste. However I offer you this:
1) We painstakingly kept them up and let them sleep in for like 3 weeks preparing them for this (Cam still fell asleep 30 minutes in because music and sitting is just his special place).
2) He's a Beatle. He's alive. And he actually still rocks quite well. My kids saw a Beatle perform with their own eyes.
3) This video. Whether we care to admit it or not? This video will be on our memories longer than the actual memories. Take it from someone doing this for 20 years: memories fade, these videos don't. There's good and bad there.
Now although Cam missed the middle he woke up (and Vienna fell asleep) for the end which was spectacular and he loved it. We did skip out on the encore, but I mean sweet fuck the man does a 40 song concert. The kids did incredible considering.
Now as long-time Journey fans know, I've seen Paul now 3 times. And thanks to this handy project I can do this:
That's the entry I wrote (1720 entries ago, jesus) when I first saw him. I didn't however do this back then:
...and a second entry and video for a friend because I was literally FRONT ROW CENTER at a Paul McCartney concert and I snuck in a flip camera.
And I will admit that what gobsmacked me about seeing him when he was 60 is no longer there. In 2002 I was stunned at how good he sounded, how amazing the band was (that still holds) and just, again, how good he sounded live. I mean MAYBE one or two moments when something was a bit off in a 3 hour show but he was ON HIS GAME. And in 2009, front row center... who the fuck cares you're front row center...
...but last night, his age clearly crept in nearly every song. I mean, he's 77. Like - pushing 80 and still rocking out is just unreal. And his playing and a good deal of his songs are fine. He can absolutely pull them off. But there were more than a few times where you could envision this all beoming super sad if he doesn't call it a day on the stadium tours. We're about ready for the acoustic theater tour while sipping tea (which I was honestly ready for 10 years ago). I mean, "Live and Let Die" is still a blast with the fireworks and awesome instrumentals but we're to a point where is band outshines him in several places. I actually adore the band and wish he'd just form a new band with them already, but I guess that's a foolish endeavor. The show is already 3 hours and he doesn't play SO many songs he could... but either way, it was an amazing night.
One the kids will remember from the video more than anything I'm sure. But that's life: collecting memories!