4:39 PM, Sunday, April 19th, 2009:
This all starts with one of my favorite songs I wrote last year, Tape & Sticky. For the first time ever, someone liked it enough to record a cover and posted a video response. It was such a cool honor. I post the original version here so... well, so you can see... uhm. He's having a helluva good time singing it. It's contagious...
...and very sweet. (sigh). Christ, I feel like I'm trying to compliment someone with Down Syndrome. LOL. Only because we are now friends can I rib him, but he apparently decided I fucked up the melody something awful - so he just redid the entire thing.
I believe you would call this more of a re-imagining right? I kid, I kid. Anyway - I bring it up because we struck up a friendship after this and it ends up he's one helluva programmer. And simply put, he has changed The Journey forever.
From the outside, you may not realize this - but this entry is being made on software from 1998. It's always worked, so I've never felt the need to upgrade. Little did I realize however that web software from the 20th Century adds so much "junk" coding that it makes you nearly invisible to search engines. So Gordon P. Hemsley, singer extraordinaire, started cleaining up my code. Pretty soon he was able to make it extremely accessible with a new template (which I will be implementing as soon as shit dies down and I can learn it) and then he went to the next level.
-An RSS (Atom) Feed that updates automatically. Sound confusing? It completely is and I'll leave it for another entry. But it's something every other blog in the world has, but because I started mine in the late 90s I pretty much designed myself OUT of having one. He figured away around it that's just awesome. Again, more when I launch it officially and explain the benefits etc.
-Automatic month pages! Have you any idea how awesome this is. I do the entire site by hand meaning I insert all the entry bars in the month page - put hotspots on them so you can link to the entry or the video, then do it again for the "current" page. It's a process that when it's all said and done - adds another good... 30 minutes to every entry. Now? I do absolutely nothing. He wrote a program that automatically updates the month and current page whenever I upload an entry. It pulls all the information, creates the hotpsots - instantly. It's an absolute dream for me.
-Going through the site, finding where search engines are pointing people, and directing those links to other parts of the site we would rather then go to. A time consuming process that he has done on his own time - just to help.
His reason for doing this? 'Cause he can. He has never asked for a dime, and all I can tell him is that when I can - he's my first hire. And I put that in writing as clear as possible. I believe I will get to a point where I'm so busy that I will need an "on-call" tech-geek like me that can do the site work I can't. Believe me, the site is so gigantic - it needs a LOT of work, because it really is stuck in the 90s. He isn't. And I couldn't be more grateful.
He is also a HUGE Beatles fan. Knows all the ridiculously stupid bits of trivia that no one should know, etc. Basically he is me at 20. Little known fact, I was the "King of Beatle trivia" when I was 19/20 on WTVN. A lot has faded from memory as I'm not tested on a weekly basis... but he would have given me a run for my money. So, the only thing I could think to give him was a Part Two of "Front and Center"...
YOU MUST HIT THE "HQ" BUTTON WHEN IT STARTS!!!! (the low quality is nearly unwatchable)
And I'm sure many of you are happy he's a Beatles fan... I'm also making him a DVD of the entire hour of footage I have. It's the least I can do, and I'm fairly certain no one on the planet would be more appreciative of it than him.
It's also very clear from the reviews/reactions to this night... that this needed a 2nd video/entry. It was a bigger night than I even realized.

Looking over the footage that I got, I noticed Paul wiping tears from his eyes quite often, and I really wanted to show you the "Give Peace a Chance" video... and of course, one of my favorite songs of Paul's "Here Today" which is just gut-wrenching as a Beatles fan. Paul & John were well aware of their own stereotypes. Paul is the sappy melody guy, John is harder, wry 'caustic one. Paul embraces that difference in the song and it's just such an incredibly raw and open song... that John would totally have made fun of. :-)

As well, it turns out I actually did capture the very first "Beatles Rockband" footage. PaulMcCartney.com confirmed that it was an unannounced premiere and so I wanted to make sure I got all the footage I had up and included some of the earlier stuff in the video where they show the Beatles in black and white:
This game is going to cost me dearly. I will take the day off work. I will play it until I can't move my wrist - and I will be the sucker that pays $100 for a freaking plastic version of Paul's Hoffner Bass (this is without the game mind you). But it's the first Beatles videogame ever. I mean... come on. I've only waited for this my entire life. Seriously - when I was playing the original NES in 1988, I remember listening to Sgt. Pepper and thinking: "If the Beatles were around today, I bet they'd be producing video games... how trippy would those be?". Not exactly expecting a mind-altering experience, but I will have an absolute blast with it.
Oh and I included the "Obama" song which is entitled "Sing the Changes". Just an awesome new song. Which I have to admit... is why this man continues to inspire me. He doesn't stop. I relate so much to how he operates. He sings/writes/records because there is no other option. And it's why I cannot understand what the hell is up with Billy Joel. One of the next generation's premiere songwriters and he just STOPPED in 1993. How does he do it? I could never, ever, ever stop writing music - it's like breathing to me. I have to get the songs/words out or I'd be a crazy man. I guess Billy has another release, but it's too bad it isn't more productive. How many goddamn times can you play Piano Man without wanting to write another, freaking, song!?!?!
Alrighty... time to put this weekend to a close. I'm beat. Thank you so, so, so much Gordon for adopting this site like it's your own. It's going to allow so many more people to find it and your changes could very well open the door to greater opportunities for me. I will do all I can to repay the favor.
...I hope the video was a good start. :-)