1:18 PM, Saturday, October 6th, 2018:
Sigh x2.
I'm sighing because this is the result of the most FUCKED UP laws out here that won't allow me to give these kitties to a shelter. Ahem, I refer you to LAST year's entry:
From the above after I attempted to take 4 feral kitties to the shelter:
"However - guess what? EVEN TRAPPING THEM IS ILLEGAL. Get this: THEY GAVE ME SHIT for TRAPPING WITHOUT A PERMIT. They wouldn't give me my $50 cage back unless I got the paperwork to be a TRAPPER. What the fuck. Apparently? In order to catch FERAL CATS in your OWN FUCKING YARD that have NO TAGS you have to flyer the neighborhood 5 days before and DURING the time you have the trap open.
I took the paperwork and if I do have another family of cats in nmy yard I guess I will compy here - but the reality is? After all THIS SHIT? And because they took my license as an ILLEGAL TRAPPER when I brought them the kittens? I will probably trap the new cats - and just take 'em to a fucking field and be done with it. Because our local government thinks I AM SOMEHOW THE PROBLEM. I could also SHOOT THEM, put them IN A GARBAGE CAN and move on. But no, I decided to try and be a good citizen and get them homes. WHAT A SHITTY IDEA THAT WAS."
And yes, since that entry we've now caught a total of FOURTEEN cats and they're, ahem, in a different neighborhood. They've destroyed several greens and this most recent batch? Fleas. AND I MEAN TONS of 'em. You can't even walk around the back of GolfKon right now. So I had to trap these cats as soon as possible. And then I trapped "Moo".
(sigh) I've caught a lot of cats and kittens before. They are the furthest thing from "chill". It's a scary scene. Moo however was just hanging out in that cage. I came out with my cup of coffee, sat down next to the cage and just shook my head. This was the cat that could finally handle two little kids yelling and running about. We actually tried last year with the 4 kittens but after a few days it was clear that shit wasn't happening...
...but Moo was the one. So in the kitty came and dear LORD the fleas. Lots of baths lots of love and then the next night? While setting another trap? I hear a tiny little cry and "Boo" is just sitting on the deck probably trying to find his brother. She ran, I followed him into the front yard and caught him.
So then there was two. The next morning? Caught the mama. Who honestly was more chill than most grown cats but no, we can't risk an adult feral cat with as small of a space as we have so yes, that kitty is in a different neighborhood.
Still fucking stunned this is what I'm forced to do. And in the future? When more cats come? I can't take care of them. I can't take them to a shelter... there's a few places that will "fix" them for you but I can't just take care of them during that process. The whole point is to GET RID OF THESE FLEAS which also means these are ABSOLUTELY inside cats. Now I can spread Diatomaceous Earth all over and hopefully knock the fleas out. Man you don't realize how valuable GolfKon is until you have celebrities coming over and you're worried about FLEAS. FUCK. Can't have that shit.
The good result is, of course, these kitties are awesome. In only a couple days it's clear they're home. Lots more baths to go, but their disposition is very rare for feral kittens (even for this young - around 6 weeks). So they're officially a part of our family and I'm about to run for city council just to get that FUCKING LAW CHANGED so I can legally catch animals IN MY FUCKING YARD and take them some place.