5:09 PM, Thursday, July 31st, 2017:
Whew. I really tried. I did the right thing (kinda) and tried to be a good citizen and take these kitties in. Here's the video:
Now, in the video I was sly enough to make you forget the mother but I can't do that in the written portion. Honesty man... I can't lie about this in the sacred confines of The Journey. I caught the 4 kitties first, and the mother was last. This was all over a 6 hour period in the middle of the night and I took the mother to a field and let her go. I had no way of housing her and getting her to either get used to our house or get her to the shelter. I just made the decision to MOVE her off our property. I obviously feel a little bad about this. I didn't stop the spread of this issue which is feral cats having tons of babies for FUCKING EVER. The responsible thing to do is to find a home or euthanize them. Although awful, it would've been better for our community had I SHOT THE CAT. Because now? That cat will fuck another can and more babies without homes will annoy some other neighborhood. Sorry. However. With 4/5ths of the problem I did the right thing. Give me that.
However - guess what? EVEN TRAPPING THEM IS ILLEGAL. Get this: THEY GAVE ME SHIT for TRAPPING WITHOUT A PERMIT. They wouldn't give me my $50 cage back unless I got the paperwork to be a TRAPPER. What the fuck. Apparently? In order to catch FERAL CATS in your OWN FUCKING YARD that have NO TAGS you have to flyer the neighborhood 5 days before and DURING the time you have the trap open.
I took the paperwork and if I do have another family of cats in nmy yard I guess I will compy here - but the reality is? After all THIS SHIT? And because they took my license as an ILLEGAL TRAPPER when I brought them the kittens? I will probably trap the new cats - and just take 'em to a fucking field and be done with it. Because our local government thinks I AM SOMEHOW THE PROBLEM. I could also SHOOT THEM, put them IN A GARBAGE CAN and move on. But no, I decided to try and be a good citizen and get them homes. WHAT A SHITTY IDEA THAT WAS.
Ugh. Anyway - as I said in the video, we will own cats at some point, but trying to help out feral cats just ain't gonna work with kids. Cats are already skiddish enough - feral cats aren't remotely prepared for young kids.
C'est La Vie.