8:49 PM, Wednesday, December 28th, 2016:
"Let's. Make. Babies."
With those three words I ended my wedding vows. What made me type that that morning?
<rereads the entry>
I did it to make Talya giggle. Heh. It seems so much more substantial 5 years later. Oh christ look at this picture of the moment I said that in the vows. Does it get more precious than this?
Tears to the eyes. I really was stunned at the reaction. You write the vows thinking you're writing directly to her... and then you say them directly to her. I'm so accustomed at blocking out people and cameras I remember being truly embarassed at the laughter because as you can see from the picture it killed with every single person. Wow. It really does feel like a good deal of time has passed, I can tell you that.
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnyway, I bring that up because 5 years after I uttered that sentence it's the focus of our lives. In the best way possible, mind you. We have the same day-to-day issues every family has but goddamn if it doesn't seem like a fairy tale when you step back and look at how things worked out. Lest we not forget, my friends and family got this version of our wedding invite:
I had gotten to a place where I couldn't truly express to people why this was special so I just said "fuck it" let's laugh. I said we'd have a big 5-year-anniversary party in Columbus (yeah, that ain't happening with a 3 and 4 year old) when just MAYBE you'll believe this is going to work out. I was the 3 time loser going for #4. I was the joke. She was the punchline. Her "friend" was awful to us... there just wasn't a whole lot of support except for my mom and dad and her mother. That's it! So 5 years later? Yeah, this is a pretty wonderful feeling to look up and see our two kids running around and being in the midst of so much love.
As is tradition, Talya and I went out to a restaurant we've never been to before tonight. For record-keeping purposes:
2012 - Maximillian's (no longer in business - incredible Hungarian Food)
2013 - Tasty Burger (take out, the day we brought Cam home from the hospital)
2014 - Kahuna Tiki (Awesome Hawaiin place)
2015 - The Sushi House (start of a diet, had to go light)
2016 - Kishi-Ya (same reasoning, but we love sushi so - yay)
It was great sushi, but so overpriced and tiny we ended up leaving and going to our favorite sushi place for actual DINNER after our $80 appetizer. LMAO. However, today will be remembered for one moment. Talya grabbed some pretty priceless video of me and the kids kind of writing a song that clearly will live on forever...
It's the little things. It's always been the little things, but in a year like this (are you FUCKING serious with Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds on back to back days?!?!?!?) you have to accentuate the little magical moments you usually let slip by. I don't mean this to be alarmist, but we're more in danger as a planet than we've ever been. This is not politics talking, it's historical precedence talking: if that man isn't impeached, a nuclear world war is a distinct possibility. Sure, Pence is awful domestically, but at the end of the day nuclear holocaust and gay people getting a certificate of marriage aren't exactly on the same page. So these are the days where you hug your loved ones. Enjoy every single moment like it's your last and you appreciate the little things. I wish I were being dramatic right now, but at 41 - much of that flair has subsided. I'm being a realist.
And I reallllllllllllllllly love you, Talya. Happy Aniversary, hon.