12:02 PM, Monday, December 5th, 2016:
Ripping up carpet. Ripping up nails. Ripping up your heart. It seems construction under duress will also fit somewhere in my life...
12 years ago I made the guesthouse while going through the divorce. It was an emotional roller coaster as I suddenly had to save my house by renting it out while living in the garage. I knew nothing of constructing anything but I had no time to worry about that, nor the money to hire anyone so... I just started building. I was in a haze, Jess was leaving and when the entire thing was done I stood in the room with Shizzle looking out the window all alone. It was one helluva video now that I think about it:
Jeeeeeeeeeeeeezus. It seems Adam forgot how intesne divorce is. Man, I haven't perused that lifetime for quite awhile. Of course the irnoy is it's those very creatures that gives me the heavy heart this time. I have to give up my dogs. In fact, that transfer happened yesterday and it was as surreal as anything about this week. The focus is ALL on Cameron and making sure this house is as free of dog hair/dander as possible that moving the dogs to Karen's house was just another step. It'll sink in later. Talya, Vienna and Cam moved back home yesterday when the dogs moved out AND my father and Kenny got here for a vacation so the whirlwind just continues. So we're just monitoring Cam as he readjusts. Still coughing but breathing better. And of course we're cleaning and trying to piece together the house. We took nearly every object out to clean it as well as move every piece of furniture into the living room while I redid the floors. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
There was of course a lot of caffeine which lead to singing and some enjoyment in the process. Gotta stay sane. Of course I started singing Hale Bopp, the parody song from 20 years ago at WTVN. Wow, I can actually LINK to that entry... christ this is a massive project. Anywhere, here's a few clips of the floor stuff...
Man am I tired. Next we see some more allergists I guess and go to Children's Hospital to see if he needs to have he may have a more serious condition. It's gonna be a long couple of months I'm afraid. But it feels good to know that we've done everything we possibly could to help him. I hope the dogs work out at Karen's and the kids can visit them every week... just gotta hope and hope and continue to work on everything ahead of us.