10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Monday - Tuesday, March 24th - 25th, 1997:
So before the show I’m walking around looking on peope’s desks and on the one desk that is really nobody’s I see a cart that says Darryl you suck, and Munch you suck. Had to hear these. They were calls to The Sheik. Darryl calling up and saying "I know I hired you, but you suck..." Munch doing the same type of thing. The Sheik is the new Nite Talk guy? ?????? I’m totally confused, but this sure seemed like good evidence. Maybe it’s just temporary. Steve’s show was so-so tonight. I’m really just in a daze. I don’t want to be here. I’m not too happy about the changes. I’m just tired. At 21 I’m just really tired. If they hired this goof ball.... (sigh) I’m sure he’s a very nice guy. No really.
10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Tuesday - Wednesday, March 25th - 26th, 1997:
10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Wednesday - Thursday, March 26th - 27th, 1997:
I got back tracked and really in all honesty can’t even make up what happened these 2 days. How ‘bout this: Steve’s show sucked. Art Bell was boring, and I freakin’ hate working here. Good enough?
3:30 PM, Thursday, March 27th, 1997:
Meeting #10. Absolutely unbeliveable. Steve and I got reamed. Screamed at. I truly couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My first reaction was that he was screaming at Steve, which is fine, but he kept saying both of us. Fuckin’ fire me already. Let me slow down, I might as well start from the beginning. I got there and I asked Joel Riley if ‘TVN had made it into the Other Paper again this week. We have a streak of about 8 weeks straight. He said yep. "Really, we did?"
I opened it up and there was a letter to the editor about my Darryl changing my show to more talk driven. It was one of my onliners:

Kind of hard on Darryl, but great nonetheless. Went in and talked with Mary Jo for awhile like I usually do. She said Darryl was in his office talking to Steve. The door was closed, and I said to Mary Jo I felt kind of bad. Steve doesn’t really deserve too much shit, he just has to get with the program and the last couple of nights he’s been pretty good. Why do I defend him? And Then the Sheik came in. AAAHHH this is one scary lookin’ dude. And extremely annoying at this particular moment. I say that just because he interrupted us and every time he spoke it just seemed like both Mary Jo and I would do the polite laugh thing. And CHRIST this man’s scary as hell. ANYWAY. Ha, givin’ Steve a run for his money. Here’s radio for ya. Tom (shiek) was askin’ for directions to get to these apartments and I was trying to explain it to him as Darryl walked in and said we’re going to the conference room. So we get in there. First thing out of Darryl’s mouth was: "So Adam do you watch TV when you’re running the board?" At this point I’m fucking livid already. This is what they were talking about alone? Piddly ass Steve goes in there and bitches about the TV Screen being on. For fuck’s sake Steve. I said yes, with the sound down and he said fuck a couple of times and to turn it off. Somethin’ like "I’ll rip that fuckin thing out of there if you all don’t stop watching it." And another fuck in there as well. Great. I then turned to Steve and said: "You can always say ‘hey adam, turn off the tv’" Then I got reamed for that, and Darryl said he did the right thing by coming to him. Ok. Yeah much better to alert the boss when you want your producer to hit the OFF BUTTON. I don’t mind that he wants the TV off, the fuckin’ sensitive old bag, but just tell me, I’d turn it off. ANYWAY. "So did you leave the board for 5 minutes to let a friend into the studio?" More like 30 seconds and it was aaron to tape a bit for my show. I told him to come at 2, but he was early and it was freezin’ out. BUT on this point, they got me. Not very cool to do to Cannon, just leavin’ him like that (even though it was during a commercial break) is wrong. So, this was all on me and I just laid down and took it. Alrighty then. Then Darryl went to bring up the guests problem and I said, for some stupid rason, that Cannon had been better about it and stuck up for him. So Cannon was safe there. Just me getting screamed at. He said that we were both telling half-truths. WHAT? He said that we both said the same thing about the other person in our seperate meeting. So Cannon told Darryl I was an old fuckin’ boring ugly cocksucker? Wow. How ironic we would both use the same language. HAHAHA. I make myself laugh. But no, Cannon must have made up some fuckin story to Darryl and because of that, now we both look like we’re lying. How’s that for shitty.

There’s nothing I can do at this point. Cannon played his hand perfectly. Instead of me looking honest and Cannon looking like the paranoid STUPID fuck that he is, he whines about the same things I did makes us both look untrustworthy, and makes me just look YOUNG, and now I’m fucked. I never lied to Darryl, in fact I didn’t tell him everything just so it wouldn’t seem like I was lying! Now all that’s ruined. Then Darryl went off. He bitched about our attitudes and was really mad about the inside stuff on the air. Thank God he was finally getting to that. Cannon who kept saying: "I’m the King Of Trivia, though they won’t let me play it...." That shit. But Darryl kept yelling at both of us. After about 5 fucks I said, "How am I possibly in on this? What have I said?" Christ, all I ever do is stick up for him screwin’ me up the ass to all my friends. No, he likes me more, that’s why I’m on 5 hours a week, really. (sigh). But he said I said shit too. Then Cannon, and I willl never forget this as it was the only high point of the entire meeting... "Well I really don’t say much on the air when it comes to you..." I just looked straight forward, if Cannon gets away with this lie, I give up... "BULLSHIT Cannon, I fuckin’ listen to your show all the time, and that’s all you do. Hey I don’t really care if you make me out to be the bad guy, but constantly talking about meetings and the inside politics at the station is going to stop." It was actually much worse than that, but I can’t remember everything he said. It was pretty awesome. He just kept yelling at both of us. He ended by asking us if he thought we could work to gether, and we both said yes. He also said the "if I didn’t want you here I would’ve fired you the second I got here." line... "weekend help and overnights are the first to go." I guess that’s a compliment. Tough to find though. Then Mary Jo says something about The Sheik to Darryl, and he says to us, "and NOTHING about the Sheik on the air." Holy shit, they actually did hire him for Nite Talk. Great. Yet another reason to make this a great day for me. So I walk out of there totally pissed. To this second I still am. I got lumped in the same boat with Cannon because he’s an asshole. Oh, this oughta make our working relationship a whole helluva lot better. And they totally dissed me for Nite Talk. Darryl shook my hand as we walked out, but I wanted some sign that he was yelling at both of us for Cannon’s sake. He can’t really think I was lying all these times I talked about him, can he? Oh well. I got out of there quick, and went home. Called people to tell them about the Other Paper letter and played video games. Anything to forget the hell that is now my job.
10:30 PM - 5:00 AM, Thrusday - Friday, March 27th - 28th, 1997:
Jesus. Cannon was all nice and shit. It was so freakin’ fake, and he had a shitty show. I am so fuckin’ depressed. Totally not looking forward to tomorrow now. I mean christ Darryl just totally demoralized me. All that time sticking up for him and because of Cannon I get lumped into the same shit pot? Fuck. That on top of the Other Paper letter just makes me feel EXTREMELY unappreciated. I want out. I have outgrown the station, and it’s pretty obvious now that there really is no room for me there.
7:30 PM - 2:30 AM, Saturday - Sunday, March 29th - 30th, 1997: SHOW 240
This was the big night. Darryl was there, and I was a bit nervous. Now he didn’t come until midnight, which believe it or not helped quite a bit. I was on a roll going into the midnight hour. Everything was clicking. Show was quick, good callers and funny. I brought Dr. Dick back!!! He now has a Medical Minute. It will be pretty cool. Nice and to the point. I also put Dr. Dean Edell’s music behind it. Very nice touch. Also did a new song "Hale Bop" I quite dig it. AND POT BOY CALLED IN!!! HE’S ALIVE!!! HE’S ALIVE!!! Darryl got there and told me great show. That was cool. He was all buddy-buddy with everybody. That drives me nuts. So the next hour was good. And I watched Darryl’s reaction to the bits, and it was great to see him laughing. Things were rolling along and many laughs. Then comes the 1:00 hour. Holy fuckin' shit. Eddie went into the producer's room and TALKED TO DARRYL UNTIL THE END OF MY SHOW. My one shot to show Darryl what I had and Eddie’s fuckin’ auditioning. I was fuckin’ livid. So I struggled the whole hour with no one to play off of when I REALLY needed it and Jesus, Eddie’s freakin’ auditioning. After the show Darryl asked me if I like working with him and I said when he’s in the studio. Darryl said he thought he was done with the show, and apologized. So we started talking for awhile and I said, "Man you were pretty pissed at the meeting, let me say once again, I..." And he interrupted me and said that was more for Cannon than you. Thank God he said that. And then the bombshell: I was thinking of switching you and Steve. What? "For Nitetalk?" I asked. I thought he wanted me to be on the air, and then I caught what he meant. He wants me to be The Sheik’s PRODUCER. HOLY SHIT WOULD THAT ROCK. Wow. On the air stuff. Doin’ crazy stuff. Darryl said it would only make sense that I worked with him rather than Cannon. And really it does. Once he said that, I finally started feeling good about 'TVN again. On the verge of quiting, and now I can see some light. We talked a bit online after the show when I was at home and I ended by saying PLEASE try to find a way that I can work with Sheik. And he said "I will." :-)
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM, Sunday, March 30th, 1997: SHOW 241
Man was I there late. I did all my production on Saturday so I just went in, did my shift and left. I haven’t done that since I was playing music. It was really nice. The show was strange. Not too many callers but a great show. The 9:30-10:00 half-hour was PACKED. 9 calls I think. Everything else was just smooth, I had listener Shawn in and he called his fiancee’s roomate and asked her to act like a lesbian ‘cause we were trying to get one to call. She sounded REALLY good, and I sat there and just asked perverted questions to her. It was pretty funny. Well KP asks me to ask her if lesbians taste like chicken. Ha. I did, she said no. Then, at the end of the show, Eric from Downtown (Black dude) says good thing she said no on the chicken questions because the brothers would be eatin’ like crazy. It was the funniest thing I had heard in a long time. Especially because the whole show previous to the lesbian was about racist stereotypes. God it was funny. It ended the show great and strong. Poor Cannon. Actually Cannon was a prick. I said have a good show, and that I’d see him tomorrow and he just looked at me and walked in the studio. He seemed really edgy. What the hell? Fuck him, he’s just bummed he had to follow the lesbian. You can’t beat that. Not possible.