10:53 PM, Tuesday, January 20th, 2015:
It has been a few years since I was part of a company. I can honestly say, I'm not missing it at the moment. ;-)
I just spent 6 hours? Doing nothing. Well let me take that back. For roughly 2 minutes (in 5 second increments), I held a wheel in place as the Delorean was pushed to the stage - then I put my foot on the brake.
That's it. I arrived last night for this... and we do the entrance tomorrow morning. An entrance. Some people push the car on stage, the president of the company gets out... ANNNNNNNNND scene. But the truth is? I'm enjoying being the weird guy with the Time Machine. I've always been that guy. Even doing video work for realtors, I'm the alien from LA - wow remember that entry? Almost 7 years to the day. I jump around these walks of life and I always seem to so bizarre. Hell I did the same thing as a loan officer in 2004-2005. I dressed up and acted the part... I liked dipping my foot in that world, but it was always temporary. And 2015? Is a massive whirlwind of experiences I will never see again. You know, like sucking down mouthful after mouthful of gasoline to get in the building. Lemme get the video up here..
Crazy. But a good crazy. In fact, I feel more for the event planning crew who will simply move onto the next event trying to make their clients happy and reminding them about "United States Laws about driving a car indoors" (a guy from Germany was ready to send me home for good when he heard we weren't allowed to start the car inside the convention center). It's tough trying to put things together for businesses who aren't in the business of putting things together. And the gas thing was really my fault for not having a working gas gauge. Though that dude still owes me a beer since he HAD THE OTHER END OF THE HOSE BENT SO IT WOULDN'T SIPHON. I didn't swallow too much, but holy fuck that was rough.
But it's done. Tomorrow we push out the president, then at the lunch break I'm back home to LA. Wish I had a bit more time to sleep in but they gave me a 7am call-time even though I'm not needed until 9am. Seriously. Completely unnecessary, I will do absolutely nothing - my hotel room DOOR is 3 minutes from the convention door... but in the scheme of things? That's what this is all about. Enjoying this crazy chapter of my life just long enough to where I no longer want to do it. I figure about mid-2016 is when that will happen at which point this will all die-down and I'll get maybe 10 gigs a year as opposed to what's looking like close to 75 in 2015.
Crazy. Here's hoping it all goes well tomorrow.