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12:24 AM, Saturday, February 9th 2008:
In the short time I spent as a loan officer, I proved one thing: I was a very good actor. I dressed up in my shirt and tie, played the part well, and was successful. Only my license plate (4tvs.com) ever gave away that it was all a facade and I had no business being there. Because of that my "role" I never got a real sense of how different I was just being me. That's what I find so fun about things like this in the midst of "The Journey". As I've mentioned before I'm following this goofy character of "Adam" the same way you are, and the entertainment stuff actually tends to bore me after awhile. Hanging out in the business world with Dubya Drones is a good reality check. And this time, I did it as me. I was a complete alien and this video is funny as hell to me.
To everyone there (I was introduced to 'em), I was the artsy guy from Hollywood. The backwards hat and long hair helped further cement I was from a different planet (LA), and once we really got to talk it became quite clear just how different I was. They were all certain I was A, B, and C and it was an absolute joy to interract with them. The funny thing? I didn't even know who "me" was after awhile. I started to enjoy playing the little LA freak. Ha.
The cool thing was, everyone was awesome. I was roomin' with Tim's brother, Jonathan and they grew up in Worthington Ohio (a Columbus suburb). We all instantly knew each other our whole lives. We were giving each other shit by the end of the first day and none more ridiculous than the prank they pulled on Jonathan the first night. For a full month previous they told the man he was to room with "Veronica" the Brazillian Realtor that also dabbled in Yoga. He shows up, and it's me. He plays it relatively cool when out of the blue he asks: "Do you know Veronica?". I laughed at the randomness of the question and he explained that she's staying at the hotel and he thought he was gonna room with her. The next morning at the hotel breakfast of course we're both looking around to see who Veronica could be - thinking we might as well carpool (oh and they booked us at the wrong hotel, which is why it seemed so far away. It was. LOL). Finally when we get to the seminar they tell me the joke. What a dick move that only a brother could pull off right? I was bummed though - they should've let me in on it. I would've gotten Donna's underwear, laid it all out in the room - set up a camera. Sheeeeit. That could've been AWESOME.

The seminar itself was a 2-Day thingee and actually had some great techniques to get through, and actually thrive, in a difficult market. Tim & Julie Harris run "Harris Real Estate University" and help teach and coach realtors on everything you could think of. And their pitch is pretty dead on. I'm the video guy and I was even shaking my head a few times at how good some of the info was.


But I kept that to myself of course. What could the man from La-La land ever do with all those crazy numbers! Ha. It wasn't that bad actually. I'll tell you what it was more than anything. At dinner tonight Tim was asking about the business and telling me he knew a friend who had beenin LA for awhile and he was amazed at how hard it was to make money as an actor. He just coudn't believe how hard it was.

So I jump in with:  "Yeah it took me 6 1/2 years before I got a break". And he looked at me like I was... well from another planet. They just couldn't conceive of that. Then the kicker of all kickers, my idea of a "break had nothing to do with money. That was the holy shit moment of the night man. I might as well have spit my kidneys out of my mouth at that moment. LOL. I really realized that many people think of Hollywood as another avenue to the real goal - which must be wealth. People see the world as "We all want to be wealthy, so we all take our different talents and pursue that common goal." It makes perfect sense. Tim & Julie wanted a better life, they have an immense amount of talent in this area and they have pursued it to an incredible level and are acquiring their goals. They look at the players in Hollywood and there are certainly comparable stories. Huge movie stars that took comprable risks and truly treated their skills like a business and achieved wealth beyond their wildest dreams.
Well then I come along and they realize - we don't have a common goal. Money literally has nothing to do with why I continue this Journey. I continue it, because it's what I do. It's the only thing that completes me. Making songs, making videos, making comedy, making any type of art I can think of... it's what I will do until the day I die and money has zero to do with why. I don't feel I have a choice in the matter, it's inside me and has to come out. Now I do think what I do is good enough to actually hit a jackpot at some point, so I do all this art in the biggest pond I can find, Hollywood, but I do it because it feels good. If I had all the money in the world, I would simply build a bigger house, with more studios, to create more art. And, uhm, that's it. The Journey would look cooler 'cause I would have other people deal with all the busy-work and I would just make better quality stuff.
The cool thing is, I don't think differently about the peeps in that world at ALL. Especially Tim & Julie - how ridiculously successful have they been? I want to surround myself with successful people...but I want them to know me. I want them to understand that the world is full of different people and that your personal experience is always limited. Always. Impossible for it not to be. I mean when I told him that it really has nothing to do with money and that I'm creating all this art simply because it feels good and makes me happy there was a moment where I think he looked at me and processed it... then thought I was completely full of shit. LOL. Like, "Yeah whatever Hollywood." And the cool thing is, he'll know the more we hang out and talk. He actually lives in Laguna Beach and we're planning on getting together later. Everyone I met was cool as hell actually and I feel very lucky that I met up with them. I miss the east coast mentality sometimes so bad it actually hurts. An innate trust with the person you're standing there with that we'd be having the same conversation whether or not either of us had any talent or could "help" the other person get something. That is a difficult thing to come by in LA. And it eats at your sould after awhile.
So I'm gonna be filling up with some soul at the Martin Luther King memorial tomorrow so there'll be a final entry from Atlanta. Unfortunately the video won't be up for awhile since my laptop can't pull off high-def video. Grrrr. Every three years man. Your shit becomes outdated every three years. I can't even update my website on the road now.